TITLE: Vacation Swap
LOCATION: Anna & Roger - USA
AGE: 51+
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My husband and I are your typical white, middle class 50-somethings. A little extra here and there but overall, we keep ourselves in good condition and well groomed.

With pale skin and red hair (yes, the carpet matches the curtains!), I was often teased about being Wendy of the hamburger chain growing up. I have natural 38Ds with very sensitive pink nipples.

James is about 3 inches taller than my 5'5" frame. He's kept most of his hair, now salt and pepper including his carpet. His 6.5" dick has always satisfied me even though he's not the thickest. He's an attentive and amazing lover with oral skills that can't be touched.

We have an assortment of sex toys from vibrators to a couple of large dildos. I'd say we integrate them into about half of our sexual encounters.

As our 20th anniversary approached, we decided to revisit our original honeymoon destination: Jamaica. We told everyone that we were going to stay at a family resort even though we were really booking at Hedonism. It was going to be our naughty secret and something we've been arousing each other for years about having sex in public and being on a nude beach.

We would get incredibly turned on about me riding James at the side of the pool while others watched. I guess we were voyeurs at heart.

To be a bitch, I teased James all week leading up to our trip. I would make out with him or grind into his crotch but then leave him hanging and telling him that he'd have to wait for Jamaica. This drove him mad with lust and I caught him a couple of times masturbating after I teased him. Each time I scolded him and made him stop. He was loving it as much as I was.

I surprised James the day before our flight with a professional waxing for both of us. I like my man as clean as he likes me! He later told me that he had a boner the whole time which kind of turned me on.

We were frisky the whole plane ride down and on the bus to the resort. I was constantly wet and I could tell James was excited when I would "accidentally" brush against his crotch.

I was expecting lots of naked people all over but the lobby was fairly tame with the exception of a number of thonged bikinis, both men and women. We were told that the wilder side was once you got to the pool, beach, and hot tubs in the nude area.

It was nice to see that there weren't all perfect Barbies and Kens. There were definitely some very attractive folks and lots of average Americans.

We checked in and went to our room on the nude side of the resort where James promptly attacked me (in a good way). He was so pent up that he was more aggressive than ever, which turned me on like crazy. Before I knew it, I was lying on my back, skirt hiked up, thong panties on the floor, and my husband eating me out until I came all over his face.

He slid up my body and easily penetrated my wet pussy with his erect penis. I moaned as his familiar rhythm increased. I could tell this wasn't going to be a long session. Before I could even build my orgasm, I felt James tense up and erupt inside me. He's usually not a minute-man but this time was different and it excited me that much more.

We cuddled and fell asleep for a short nap. The travel and intense sex wore us old folks out!

Waking up around dinner, we decided to start off the trip on a naughty note and head to the nude bar and grill. To be honest, I was practically dripping wet with anticipation of being naked in front of people as well as checking them out. James's erection, as we talked about the dining experience, showed where his head was at, too.

It was surreal walking out of the room in just sandals and a smile. My husband's cock led the way towards the least women can hide some of their arousal except my hard nipples. If anyone felt my pussy, they would have known how excited I was.

We passed lots of naked people and the bar was even more erotic. This was the first time I saw a truly big cock in person - both black and white. There were a couple of fellas that were hung like horses.

You could easily tell the women with fake breasts but that didn't seem to matter to James. He was getting an eye full of titties everywhere he looked. His erection never subsided, and I did notice a few other guys with similar conditions.

We found a hightop table and sat down on two of the four small chairs. Towels were provided so we made ourselves comfortable ordering some drinks and appetizers. It was fairly packed in there, especially as the night progressed. In fact, many times an errant breast, dick, or ass would rub up against us as people would pass.

After a couple of hours, and more than a few cocktails, the place was quite lively and noisy. We were just about to get up to leave when a couple in their 30s asked if they could sit down at the empty chairs since there was nothing else available. They were both naked like us.

The wife, Anna, was an average looking brunette with green eyes. Her best feature were her amazing breasts. My god, any woman would kill for those perky, pre-baby bosoms. She had to be a natural DD with large, erect nipples, something not lost on James.

Anna's husband, Roger, was tall and charming. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice body with a sexy six pack. Like Anna, he wasn't a model in the looks department but after a quick glance to his crotch, it was clear that Roger made up for it in other ways. He may have just been a shower and not a grower, but at the moment, he was larger than James when hard.

They were a fun couple and our conversation flowed from one topic to another over the next hour. The whole time, James was catching glances at Anna's body and Roger was doing the same with me.

Eventually, the topic turned to all the naked people and the fact this was our first time. This couple was fairly experienced at Hedonism and other adult resorts so it was great to pick their brains. They went into great detail about the dos and don'ts.

Anna was particularly graphic on what kind of sexual contact is allowed publicly and where to have such contact. All of this was having quite an effect on James and me as we hung on every word. She talked about handjobs, blowjobs, eating out, swapping partners, and more.

I snuck my foot to my husband's lap and felt his hard cock. He was as turned on as me. I was glad to have a towel as my juices were all over. At this point, I really needed a good fucking from my hubby so I said that maybe we should head back to the room. However, the way I said it made it seem like an offer to Anna and Roger. It caught all of us off guard.

"Sure, I think we'd love to come back with you," Anna said and winked at her husband. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that they misunderstood my intention. Before I knew it, Anna and Roger stood up to leave and James, a bit confused but going along, did as well. The men sported erect penises with shiny heads from pre-cum, clearly showing their state of arousal.

Not knowing what to say or do, I went along with everyone else. My husband and I held hands and our new friends friskily played with and kissed each other as we walked toward our room. Both gentlemen's hard-ons stayed proudly at attention. I could see Anna occasionally grabbed her husband's big dick, especially as we waited at the room's door while James found the card key.

Piling in, I offered drinks that everyone readily accepted. James sat on the bed and our friends sat on the love seat. I kept the lights low and turned on some music. Giving out the drinks, I rested next to James on the bed and turned to Anna and Roger.

They were engaged in a deep makeout session. Roger was grabbing her breasts while french kissing his wife. Her hand was stroking his large member. It was as shocking as erotic watching the scene.

I reached my hand over to James's cock and found it pleasantly hard. We turned to each other and started to make out, as well. We openly fondled our spouse's genitals. Anna and I both had our legs spread with our husband's fingers working us towards an orgasm.

We must have been kindred spirits as Anna and I came loudly together. As our breathing returned to normal, we made eye contact and smiled. "Here. Stand up, Roger," Anna ordered.

Roger stood up and his big white cock bounced in the air. I have a 9" dildo and he was pretty close in length and girth. Anna got on her knees and we watched as she performed oral sex on him. She knew how to please her husband and he moaned appreciatively.

I turned to James and motioned for him to stand. He didn't have to be asked twice and soon both women were sucking and slobbering over their husband's penis. When I looked over at Anna, our eyes connected and we teased each other by trying to give a dirty show. We'd lick the shaft and tongue the pre-cum, all in an attempt to turn us on even more.

Breaking the erotic tension, Anna caught me off guard. "Wanna have a lick, sweetie?" I knew what she meant but I didn't know how to respond. All I did know was that James's cock jumped in my hand and my pussy practically gushed. James moaned and turned slightly towards Anna as if encouraging me to go. "You can have a lick, if I get one, too." Anna said seductively as she licked up and down Roger's shaft. Her eyes bouncing between me to my husband's penis.

Having little resistance and being overly stimulated, I found myself moving towards Anna. She stood up as did I. We took a step and were face to face and breast to breast. Unexpectedly, Anna went in for a full on tongue kiss. At first I jumped, but then I quickly settled into my first woman-on-woman encounter. Our hands explored each other's asses, breasts, and pussies as we moaned into each other's mouths. I never thought I would be so turned on by that but a woman's touch, feel, and scent are just so different from a man's.

After a minute or two, we broke apart with a final moan and headed to our original destination. I got to Roger and his impressive cock was a sight to behold. Wasting no time, I dropped to my knees to greedily started orally servicing this man I just met. His penis was thick and gave me trouble taking it all in. My finger playfully teased his asshole. He seemed to like it with all of the grunting coming from him.

I looked over and Anna was pleasuring my husband. She was easily able to deep throat James, which he was enjoying immensely. Her finger had also found my husband's ass. He made eye contact with me and I teased him by licking Roger's balls all the way to his cock head.

We must have spent ten minutes blowing the guys before they pulled us up on the loveseat and bed. In a flash, they were both between our legs and I enjoyed feeling a stranger's tongue on my sex. Roger was quite good and he licked my ass and properly stimulated my clit until I was cumming all over his face. We could hear Anna and James in a similar embrace.

At this point, it was inevitable that I was going to be fucked by Roger and my husband was going to fuck Anna. James has had a vasectomy and I'm in menopause so we knew that as long as our friends were clean, we'd be able to have a really fun night. And, that's exactly what we did.

It was amazing to feel Roger's big cock as he penetrated me. He filled me up and stretched me like I only got from my dildos. Roger fucked me in several positions and each time, I could see my husband with Anna. He was having a good time penetrating this young woman.

At one point, us girls were lying on our backs on the bed side by side with each other's husband's between our legs. We were encouraging them with lots of dirty talk until they came inside us. Roger's dick pulsated and grew even thicker as he ejaculated inside me, making me cum one last time. James came hard, too, and all of us had to catch our breaths.

We talked a bit and had another drink or two until our friends left for the night. As soon as the door shut, James and I attacked each other like high school lovers. He fucked me hard in my sloppy sex asking about Roger and how it all felt. I asked him all about Anna's body and pussy. It was quite erotic to have such a candid conversation. We masturbated each other throughout the night reliving the sensual events.

Being in a secure relationship, we knew that the week in Jamaica was going to be a turning point for us.

I do have a few more stories from that week and after, if you are interested!

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