TITLE: Natasha's Journey Part 4
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Several months had gone by since I first met Natasha. Her sex life with Mike was totally different. They fucked daily. She liked to ride him and he liked his blowjobs best of all. On weekends they went out to the clubs. Natasha’s wardrobe had changed. The outfits were skimpy. Plunging necklines, tight shorts and form fitting dresses were the norm. The exhibitionist in her was raging. Mike would drive up beside a semi and Natasha would flash the driver. On a recent visit to buy some shoes she intentionally wore no panties. She asked the young guy working the department if he could help her with the buckles. Her dress rode high as she set down. The guy tried his best not to look. After trying on several pair, she thanked him as she left. He went to the bathroom and finished himself off. In a much bolder move she was purchasing some clothing as the store was closing. The announcement was made as people quickly paid and left. The man working the store came back to tell her it was closing time. Natasha was in the changing booth and wanted his opinion. She stepped out of the booth. He said she was a knockout. “Let me try on one more then I’m done”. She stepped back in the booth without closing the door and dropped the dress to the floor. There she stood totally naked as the man could not believe this experience. She slipped on the next dress and said: “What do you think of this one”? “Beautiful” he said still in shock at what just happened.

One of Natasha’s most crazy encounters came unexpectedly. She had left the business world in her 30’s and became a hair dresser. She had a large clientele. She always kept a wall between business and pleasure. Professional boundaries had to exist. She had gone to the nude resort one day to relax. As she lay by the pool soaking in the sun a male voice said: “Hi Natasha”. “Fancy seeing you here”. She opened her eyes to see one of her regular clients named Tim. Blushing she said: “Hi Tim”.” I didn’t know you came here”. He told her that he and his girl Tina had purchased a condo in here. They loved the lifestyle and became regulars a year ago. They chatted a bit before Tim walked away.

Mike had experienced exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies for decades. He had arrived home late one evening when he noticed a light on at Ms. Bozeman’s house next door. The blinds had been left open and Mike walked to the shrubs to see what was going on. Lois Bozeman was naked and appeared to be looking for something in her dresser. Lois was in her 70’s and had been divorced several years. She had a boyfriend. Mike helped her out with minor repairs but never gave her a second thought. She had been a swimming instructor for years. She was slender and not a wrinkle in sight. She pulled a cloth bag from the dresser and turned out the light. He heard her back door open to the screen porch. He crept along the shrub by their privacy fence and was astonished at what transpired next. Lois had laid back in an outdoor recliner and began to massage her clit with a vibrator. She did this for the next 30 minutes. She kept her moans low so the neighbors would not hear. Mike eventually went inside. Natasha asked him why he was outside so long. He said he was looking for something in the car. Several months later Mike was helping Ms. Bozeman change some bulbs. Out of the blue she said “Did you enjoy the show”? Mike looked at her with confusion. Several weeks ago I was outside and thought I heard a noise. I checked my security camera the next day and found you peeping at me. Mike, deeply embarrassed for being busted, apologized. Ms. Bozeman said not to worry. A girl has to take care of her own needs sometimes. We know you boys like to watch.

Natasha continued her workouts with Kristen. Kristen asked how things were going between Mike and her. Natasha spared no detail about their bedroom adventures. Kristen enjoyed the stories and was comparing what Natasha was getting to what Mike and she had been doing. Natasha was unaware that Kristen and Mike fucked several times a week. The anal fucking sent her over the top. Natasha asked if she wanted her to set up another meeting with Mike. Kristen said no. I have enough on her plate for now.

Mike had started a construction business 15 years ago and was doing well. Good help was hard to find which left him working long hours. Several clients hadn’t paid their bill and he tried to avoid sending them to collections. One lady, Denise, was 32 years old and fallen on hard times. During the remodel she found out her husband was fucking her sister and she threw him out. She owed $500 dollars and needed more time. Mike would stop that afternoon and discuss her options. Mike called and said he was running late and would be there by 8. Denise was desperate. Her 10 year old daughter was draining what little money she had left over for entertainment. Denise’s daughter was at her moms for the weekend while Denise worked some overtime. When Mike arrived, Denise answered the door and invited him in. She was wearing a long flannel shirt that went to her knees with panties underneath and nothing else. It was only buttoned halfway. She had purposely left a porn video on the kitchen table. Her cell phone screen was a nude selfie placed on the bar in plain site. Mike had noticed the cellphone as he sat down to discuss her situation. She told Mike the events that lead her to miss the payments. She started to cry and Mike put his arms around her for comfort. As she unbuttoned the shirt the rest of the way a beautiful set of breast appeared. She said she would pay the bill anyway she could. Mike slipped off her shirt and she lead him to the bedroom. Mike fucked this chick as she screamed in ecstasy. Her pussy was tight and wet. Mike agreed to cancel the debt after several more sessions. Bill collecting was not so bad Mike thought.

To be continued...