TITLE: Fuck Yes!
AGE: 31 - 40
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When I came too after much needed sleep. I was struck by an overwhelming senation. I looked around batting my eyes and then rubbing them and then again. Pinching myself as though I needed to woke up again, no I'm not sleeping maybe I'm dreaming. No not dreaming, as I shake myself silly. Where the fuck am I, I ask myself. How did I get here and where is here. Where am I. What am I feeling? What am I not seeing. No distinct smells or sounds, none recognizable either. Not really! Though this is somewhat familiar I still don't know where I am. Realizing my repeating the question would probably not provide me an answer! Not knowing that I would not be able to move, I am shocked when my mind is unable to signal to my body that I'm now getting up, but I am not moving. A feeling of being in my body and no where I recognize, is bad enough! Not being able to move or see my body and having no clue as to how I arrived here gets my heart racing. This is the most panicking feeling when my mind tells me from what I feel, no think but can't see, that my heart should be pumping and fast. As I feel a feeling of asphyxiation coming over me, I wonder why I am not actually panicking or breathing.

Feeling a sense of gratification and an unbelievable sensation my mind is only able to describe as euphoric! Or at least what I think its trying to tell me or me telling myself. His is all, way to confusing! Almost surreal and only the feeling of amazement or so I believe it to be but not actually knowing for sure, not really. I don't think! Have I, am I now crazy! My mind racing as if trying to tell me that I should be either running or moving and doing something fast. Not knowing what it is my mind is trying to say or tell me, I attempt to close my eyes! Well that doesn't help me one bit as I open my eyes and not anything is seen. It's as if my eyes Oh FUCK! What was that, that feeling and why did it make say what I did. Oh yes fuck! I can't see shit when I open my eyes and it's the same darkness as when I close my eyes! Eyes open or shut, why am I saying the word fuck! I'm not sure if I am dead or alive but if I'm dead, I feel a euphoric surprising feeling over taking me. Is this me panicking or is this me dead! Is this me, is what I am feeling for real or am I fast asleep. Am I really feeling anything.

Well, wait. I must be feeling something as my mind is racing and confused or I am confusing my mind by what I can't see. Am I blind and deaf! Why the fuck did that just feel so fucking amazing and why the fuck am I so wet! Am I wet am a dually feeling this feeling that I think I can feel? Oh God yes! Shhhhh what's that, what am I now hearing? I here mumbling, almost distorted. I feel some sort of motion as if riding on a boat. My mind racing, I feel very wet with not being able to see or feel much of anything but euphoric and great and kind of hear a mumbling sound of someone something but can't make it out. I am rocking or swaying or bouncing, I'm not sure! I feel tingles throughout my body and I just want to scream! I'm soaked, moving, feel like screaming hearing something but not dreaming! I want to know what the fuck, yes oh my God fuck yes. I want to know, I want to see. Oh my God. I want to see, I want to know oh God please tell me why am I cumming! Yes! What the fuck! I wake to see! Oh it's you. Good morning my love, how'd you sleep? I just got fucked, I've been getting fucked. I came, I was fucked. I was fucked and I came still soaking wet from my lover on me, fucking me while I slept! Fuck yes!