TITLE: Lunch Date
LOCATION: 65tech - USA
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The days have been busy at work, Jo is a beautiful woman that men want! She can't go anywhere without men hitting on her. Jo enjoys the attention but they all only want is one thing her sexy body. They don't do anything else. There is one man that never hits on her, he tells Jo how nice she looks and compliments her but nothing ever vulgar. The man she is talking about is a very handsome, very quiet middle age man at work Jay is his name

The way Jo's day has by going she wants some quiet and don't want to be bothered by men at lunch but don't want to eat alone. She decides she is going to ask Jay to lunch. Jo walks over to Jay's desk and says "hey what you doing for lunch". Jay says "just going to eat at my desk. Oh and by the way you look very nice today," "Thank you tell him. Jay I really don't want to eat alone today would you go to lunch with me". Jay says "I would love to are you sure you would like me to go."

"Yes I would love for you to join me!" Jay smiles real big when he heard Jo say that! "Let's go" Jo says and they head to her car, Jo takes him to one of her favorite places it a little dive but great food! She stops and Jay gets out of the car and walks over to open her door. "Why thank you Jay been a long time since someone has done that." When they walk in he holds the door for her. They walk to the back of the little dive and sit in a booth. They order there food and Jo ask "Jay why he has never made a pass at you?" Jay seems really nervous and finally answers "I have been making passes at you everyday" he says.

Jo says "Jay you have never made a pass", "Yes I do you just aren't use to mine" he answers. "What do you mean" Jo ask him, "when I tell you how nice you look or you perfume smells great. Open the door for you" Jay says. "no Jay that's you being nice" Jo tells him . Jay says "no I have been flirting with you it's just my way" "oh Jay you are just to nice" Jo says. Jay ask "would you rather me say hey why don't you bring that fine ass over here and let me tap it." "Why no" Jo tells him he says "Im sorry". Jay asks "Jo if he told her something she wouldn't laugh". "Yea you can" and "I want you to promise" he says, "yes I promise" Jo tells him.

"Ok "Jay says "I'm in love with you!" Jo smiles and say "Jay you can't be" "Yes I am but it's ok I will keep it to myself"Jay says. When there food comes they stop talking and eat. When they are finished Jay goes pays the bill. "Jay I was taking you" Jo says "No I always pay for a ladies meal" he says "Well thank you Jay. Well we better go" Jo tells him. After opening and closing the door Jay gets in the car and says "you can just forget what I told you, I shouldn't have. I apologise and shouldn't be hitting on you." Jay says. Jo just bends over to him and kiss him on the cheek his face lights up like a Christmas tree!

They get back to the office Jo ask Jay "if he could help her with something that needs taken care of today?" "Yes anything for you" he answers! "Ok meet me in my office in 15 min" Jo says "I will be there" he says. When Jo gets to her office she can't believe how wet he had made her. When Jo reaches under her dress her panties are soaked, she takes them off and puts them on her desk.

Jo hears a knock on her door "Come in Jay" . He enters and says "What can I help you with" and with out saying a word Jo walks up to him grab his hand and place it up her dress to touch her hot wet hairy mound. Jo then kisses him and he kisses her back and starts to rub her hair pie. Jo breaks the kiss and ask him "Do you think you can handle this project with out a word" he picks her up, carries Jo to her desk, sits her down and pulls Jo's red dress off of her!

"Dam Jay you are a different man" Jo says he kisses her and undoes her bra he looks at Jo's beautiful tits, he kisses each one. He kisses her again and tells Jo "I am going to eat your pussy better than anyone ever has". "Oh yeah" Jo says "Yes" he says and bends down and sees her hairy pussy lips for the first time. Jo feels his tongue licking every part of her wet juicy pussy. The outer lips the inner part of them he licks her hole then her clit down to Jo's little dirty hole.

There isn't a spot where he hasn't touched. Oh shit he is going to make her cum Jo grabs his head and forces his tongue deep into her as she says "Oh fuck I'm Cu-mm-ing," Jay licks her harder as she cum on his face as soon as her body stops shaking he stops licking Jo. He stands up bites both of her nipples and she feels his very thick cock slide into her very wet pussy, he kisses her. Jay start to fuck Jo hard and she is ready to cum again when he feels her pussy grab his cock he kisses Jo so she can't scream when she is cu-mm-ing he never slows down fucking her and when her pussy stops contracting around his cock. He pulls out of her and turns Jo around and bends her over he licks her asshole and rubs his cock around it then forces it in.

He sees her panties and shoves them in her mouth as he rams his cock into Jo's ass to muffle her screams. Jay fucks her ass good and hard he pinches Jo's nipples while he is pounding her ass he feels her ass tighten around his cock indicating she is cu-mm-ing. Jo feels Jay's cock swell and he unloads his cum into her asshole. Jo feels all his hot cum, Jay stops cu-mm-ing and so does Jo. Her ass loosens and he pulls out of her. He turns Jo back around uses his teeth to remove the panties out of her mouth kisses you. Tells her "Thanks for lunch and he would love to fuck her again" and leaves. Jo stands there naked and cum oozing out of her ass but so satisfied and he was right nobody has ever eating her pussy that good.