TITLE: Watching Jessie
LOCATION: Rmoayi83 - Georgia, USA
AGE: 31 - 40
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My girlfriend Jessie is a very reserved person sexually. At 25 she has never been with another person sexually save for her prom night. We were dating for almost three months before we had sex for the first time. We had been dating for six months where this story begins. Jessie is 5’2” tall with large breasts for her size and a beautiful round ass. Jessie could get the attention of any man if she so desired. Instead Jessie tries to blend into the crowd.

At least until last weekend Jessie had been successful at going unnoticed. We were out at a club with a couple of her girlfriends. Jessie was quite content sitting at the table with me while her girlfriends flaunted themselves on the dance floor. Jessie danced a couple of slow dances with me but nothing else. I'd had a decent amount to drink when one of Jessie's friends grabbed me and pulled me out of my chair to dance with her. I was doing my best to refuse but Jessie told me to go on and dance with her. It was crowded on the floor as everyone seemed to want to dance to the song. I finally noticed that Jessie wasn't at the table anymore. I couldn't see where she had gone for a while. The songs changed but Amy who had dragged me to the dance floor wouldn't let me go. I finally saw Jessie on the other side of the dance floor with Sarah her other friend. At first I thought nothing of it but then something seemed odd why hadn't they come dance with Amy and me. By the end of the second song Amy didn't want me to leave still so I danced one more but before it ended I told Amy I had to let some beer out and headed to the bathroom.

I did actually need to relieve myself so I waited my turn to pick. When I came out of the bathroom I didn't see Amy or Jessie. Another group of people were standing around the table we had been sitting at. I finally moved over to the bar and got another beer and sent Jessie a text where you at. I wondered around the club starting to get pissed off that they had ditched me, but I knew that it Jessie wouldn't have ditched me. Ten minutes passed but no sign of Jessie or Amy and Sarah. I checked my phone Jessie had sent me a message outside. So I finished my beer and went out the door. I walked across the parking lot towards where we had parked.

I was almost to the car when I heard a scuffle. I couldn't see anyone though in the dark. I got to the car but no sign of Jessie the doors were still locked. I leaned against the car. Now that my eyes were adjusted to the dark I could see some people a few cars away. I moved cautiously in their direction not wanting to get in a fight in the club parking lot. As I got closer I was pretty sure that it was Amy that I was seeing but no one else was visible now. I walked toward her it was Amy. Amy seeing me told me that I needed to leave. That made no sense, where was Jessie. Amy said not here. That's when I noticed the car was bouncing. I walked up close to the bouncing car scared that I would see Jessie. Instead I saw Sarah in the backseat with some guy fucking. Amy knew what was going on but wasn't telling. I decided to go in the direction that Amy had been looking when I approached.

I walked farther down the row of cars. I couldn't see anyone. I finally turned around and headed back when I heard a bang against the hood of a car. I walked between the cars. Then I saw Jessie two cars over laid on her back on the hood of a car. I started towards Jessie but before I got to her I saw that Jessie was naked from the waist down. Then I made out the top of a guys head between Jessie's legs. I moved slowly now not sure of myself. The guy had his hands under Jessie's shirt obviously squeezing her breasts. I could hear the slurping as the guy sucked Jessie's pussy. I could hear Jessie's breathing as she moaned softly. Was Jessie really enjoying this guy? Jessie and I had never done anything oral and when we had sex it was always missionary. I could barge in and break this up but then I realized that I was getting turned on watching Jessie with this strange guy. I decided I better watch and make sure Jessie didn't get hurt.

Jessie's soft moans were getting much louder now. The guy still had his face buried in Jessie's pussy but he had pushed Jessie's shirt up above her breasts. I heard him make an mmmmm sound as he tongued Jessie's pussy his hands had now pushed her bra up off her breasts. His hands worked Jessie's breasts as he ate her pussy. Jessie was cumming now or about to as she moaned loudly her hands grabbing the guy's head and pulling him to her pussy. Jessie let go of his head as her moans faded away.

The guy stood up. I had seen him dancing with Amy and Sarah in the club. I watched as he slid his pants down exposing his hard cock. He then helped Jessie down from the hood of the car. As soon as Jessie's feet touched the ground he turned her around and pushed her face down onto the hood of the car. I realized he was going to fuck Jessie right now bent over the hood of the car just a few feet away from me. My own cock was hard at the thought. He moved closer to Jessie his cock disappearing beneath her ass. I could hear Jessie grunting as she tried to get free. Jessie was trying to protest as he pushed her feet apart. The guy guided his cock between Jessie's legs and apparently into her pussy. He was stroking slowly into Jessie's pussy. He reached around and grabbed Jessie's breasts in his hands as he pushed his cock fully into her and held it there. He was whispering something in Jessie's ear. Jessie cried out no…you'll get me pregnant. It was then that I realized that he hadn't put a condom on his cock before burying it in Jessie. The guy must have been turned on hearing Jessie tell him that he would get her pregnant. He started ramming hard into Jessie. I thought I heard Jessie sob but from the pounding the guy was giving her I couldn't be sure. I heard the guy grunting as he continued pounding against Jessie's ass. I heard Jessie gasping as the guy slowed down. He grunted loudly as he thrust fully into Jessie and shot his cum. Jessie stopped gasping and moaned loudly as he shot his cum inside of her. The guy gave Jessie's breasts a final good squeeze then pulled his cock out of her and pulled up his pants.

He walked by me and loudly asked if I enjoyed the show. I went to Jessie who was just getting up from the hood of the car. Jessie hugged me at first, then she pushed me away saying you watched? I asked Jessie where her clothes were. Jessie pointed toward the bushes in front of the car. I looked in the bushes but found no clothes. I told Jessie that I couldn't find them. Jessie said that she had tried to get away from Jake. It had all started down farther from here. Jessie walked with me as we made out way in front of the parked cars. Jessie wasn't sure where she had been. We found Jessie's shoes by a car the same one I'd seen Sarah getting fucked in. In front of the car I found Jessie's pants and panties.