TITLE: Weekend Card Game
AGE: 51+
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Like most young men growing up we have had a crush on an aunty or one of mums friends and I am no exception, our mums best friend Eve has been part of my whole life, her husband deserted her after a couple of years into the marriage, she never bad mouths him and did not know him.
Eve spoilt me as she had no children, being the oldest child in the family I got my foot in the door first, she loved my brother and sister as much as myself but I always said I was the favourite.

As the years passed, I soon started to get feeling for her, my fantasies I enjoyed I would wank most days maybe one day I had seen down her cleavage or some stocking top. At times even when with girl friends I would think of Eve whilst having sex with them not always but maybe more than I should.

It was not uncommon for me to stay over on a weekend joining the card group, enjoying a few beers and the company of older ladies; I was the only male within the group. Friends would have a dig saying I was a member of the old girls club at 18. The oldest was Fay she was 48 she lived a good distance from Eve and stayed over, we often played more cards when the others had left, I was often tormented by them asking about my girl friends the comments getting more racy.

This particular weekend things changed, the others had left Fay asked if we were going to have a few more hands as we always did, this time she said let’s make it interesting let’s play for items of clothing to be removed instead of cash, I looked at Eve to see her reaction, well what do you think David a nervous laugh okay I am game.
This was in 1968 ladies of their age dressed up for social groups, I lost the first three hands off came my socks, shirt and trousers, Fay lost the next two and her skirt and blouse was off leaving her in her underwear black bra, pants, suspender belt and stockings. I asked if it is okay can you two leave on your stockings and suspender belts it can be counted as items removed, of course said Eve she lost the next hand and off came her dress, it was then I noticed Eve and Fay looking at my cock which was trying to break free of my shorts, I apologised no need it is fine and it looks very nice or what we can see of it.
I lost the next hand, it was time to get my shorts off, I was making out I was shy, Fay asked would you like me to take them off for you, no I can manage as I slid them down and off, standing with a hard on in front of two of my mum’s dearest friends. My cock was already dripping with pre cum, Eve lost the next hand she removed her bra, this was my dream come true so many years I had fantasized about seeing them now there they are in front of me amazing 38 dds, she lost the next hand off came her pants, she was a true red head amazing bush and pussy lips.
I lost the next hand, I pointed out I was naked, Eve said okay it is a dare as I won the hand I dare you to play with Fays tits, she smiled saying do not be scared, would you like me to get rid of my bra first I nodded my approval, I went behind her cupping her amazing 36 Ds as I did this my cock was against her butt between us was a thin fabric of her pants.
Fay lost the next hand she removed her pants dear lord I had two sexy mature women naked in front of me in stockings and suspender. I had won the hand; it was my turn to give a dare, Fay you have to let me suck on your nipples for one minute. The next hand Fay won Eve lost, Eve you have to suck his cock for one minute, my thoughts were I might cum. As it happened I did not.

Eve said to Fay, we will cut cards to see who fucks David first, Eve won, she said okay now lay on the floor I did as I was told, she took my cock as she straddled me lowering in herself down on to my cock, this was so fantastic as Eve rode me at best I lasted about 2 minutes as I yelled I am cumming, Fay said go one lad fill her cunt up, Eve was fucking me hard and fast no point in trying to hold back as I shot my load into her, she lifted herself off as my spunk dripped onto my chest. I hope you are good to go soon I want fucking announced Fay. That was the how the rest of the weekend went and for many more for some years to follow.
I had many new experiences over the next few weeks, Eve and Fay having sex, I was sucked off whilst my butt was being fingered also watching the pee.

I meet my wife to be, that I thought would be an end to it but not at all she joined the trio to make it a quartet.