TITLE: Surprise In The Shower
AGE: 22 - 30
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So let me tell you about one of the most strangest, yet satisfying encounters I have ever experienced.

My father and mother are always saying they never see their two sons and beautiful daughter in law. They insisted that we all take a vacation together. So we all headed down to Florida for some fun and sun. We had rented a house on the water. The house came with the use of a sailboat docked in the back yard and there was a swimming pool too.

Now this encounter happened on the morning of the second day we were there. The day before I spent drinking beer most of the day while sailing and lounging by the pool. Then later that night, I went to a couple of my favorite bars and the local titty bar. I didn’t return back to the house till after 3 a.m. I was able to stumble to the room I was in and passed out on the bed.

The next morning around 7, but felt like only 5 minutes later, my father came in the the room to let me know there was breakfast and then they would be going out sailing after. I’m not exactly sure what I said but most like was that I would catch up with them later.

So about 9:30 a.m. I got up and made my way to shower, which wasn’t attached to the room but right outside though the hallway on the left. Straight across the from my room was another room where my brother and his wife were staying and we were sharing this bathroom . I go to the large walk in shower,turn it on and get in. the shower had a built in seat, so I sat down and just let the water pour down on me. I was half asleep, half drunk from last night (which was only a few hours earlier), and half erect. A combo of morning wood and thoughts of the titty bar.

About 5 minutes into my shower the bathroom door opened. I thought, “what the hell? I believed everyone had gone sailing.” Through the steam I saw it was my brother’s wife. Let us call her Meghan.

“I’ll be out in 5.” I said.

She replied, “I was at the beach and got sand all over me.”

I heard the door close and I stood up and got to the business of actually showering. The next thing I know I feel a soft hand on my back. It’s was Meghan. I thought she went to find a different shower. Now before we go farther let me describe her. Meghan is about 5’2”, 115 lbs, 36DD, a narrow waist and nice tight round ass. Oh, blonde hair and green eyes too. She is completely shaven. She is also 4 years older than me. What do I look like? If you’re reading this, you don’t care about my looks but I’m 6’, 160lbs, 6.5” long and pretty decent girth. Red hair and blue eyes.

“What are you…” I manage to get out while trying to not stare at her gorgeous body.

“I hope you don’t mind.” she said.

“But you are brother’s wif..” I said.

“Sister in law? It’s not a problem for me. We’re just two adults sharing a shower. Would you pass the soap?” She replied.

“Ok. Fine with me but this stays between us.” I said as I gave her the soap.

“Of course!” She said with a smile.

She started lathering up her fantastic body. First her large breast. The bubbles and water made them glisten in the well lit shower. Her nipples becoming as hard diamonds. She had the most suckable puffy nipples I had ever seen. Then her legs, which for a woman who is 5’2” look to be nice and long. With all this my half hard friend was now fully erect and pulsing.

“That looks uncomfortable.” She commented after noticing me looking and my fleshy member.

“Shit. Sorry, I’ll…” I stammered.

“Want some help with that?” She asked.

“Wha…” I barely got out before her soft, soapy had was on my cock.

She started stroking my cock long and slow and she’d positioned her thumb so that it would rub that sensitive spot under the head. After about 60 seconds of this, I was nearly on my knees. I was ready to cum and she knew it. Obviously she had done this before and she was a pro. So she took the soap and went behind me and started washing my back.

“How’s that feel?” She asked?

“Fucking wonderful.” I replied.

Then she dropped the bar of soap.

“Oops” she stated, “I’ll get it.”

She squatted down to pick it up but instead of grabbing the soap she did something that nearly sent me cumming through the roof. I felt her spread butt cheeks and start licking my asshole. It was so unexpected that I nearly blew my load and collapsed right there and then. Fortunately for me there was a grab bar to hold myself up and she had anticipated this. She took her hand and squeezed my ball sack a few times which stopped my urge to cum like a fountain.

“You like this I see just like your brother.” She practically squealed.

“No one has ever tossed my salad before. It feels amazing!” I exclaimed.

She went back at it. Swirling her tongue round in circles. First one way then the other . then poking her tongue at my asshole. Repeating this over and over. Then she stood up.

“If you liked that you are going to love this!” She squealed.

She started jerking me off again but it was different this time. It was rough and fast with a twisting motion. You can tell she was building up to big finale but what would it be? Then I found out.

“Here we go.” She whispered in my ear with hot breath.

Then she took two fingers and jammed them in my ass! There was a very sharp pain, to my surprise made my already hard cock even harder. She was jerking my cock and massaging my prostate.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Don’t stop! Faster! Harder!” I cried out.

That is just what she did but with one extra. She started licking my nipple. That sent me over the edge.

“I’m cummmmiiinnnggg!” I exclaimed!

Out shot the thickest ropes of cum that had ever spewed from my cock. Rope after rope. The more I came the harder she worked her hands and fingers. When the last drop of jizz expelled from the tip of my dick, she removed her fingers and released my cock and slapped my ass.

“This is going to be a great vacation. I am not done with you. Now get the fuck out, so I can shower.” She told me and slapped my ass again.

“Yes ma’am” I said as grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and walked out wondering what she meant by her not being down with me.

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