TITLE: Vacation Fantasy Completed
AGE: 51+
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James and I had done quite the naughty deed in Jamaica: swapping partners on our 20 year anniversary. It was one of the most erotic experiences I've ever had and it was still early into our trip.

We spent most of the day after swinging at the nude area of Hedonism. We drank, went to the pool, hot tub, and walked on the beach. Being naked with my husband and seeing all the other naked people kept both of us in a heightened state of arousal.

Around 2pm, we headed back to the room to relax and start some drinking from the mini-bar. James had a constant semi-hardon all day and when we got to the room, it quickly went to full erection. We didn't waste much time and soon were a couple of drinks in, naked on the bed, playing with each other's aroused genitals.

"So, babe. We've checked off one bucket list fantasy. What...what, do you propose we check off next?" James asked while his finger stimulated my clit and penetrated my womanhood. I moaned in response, my eyes tightly shut thinking about what fantasy I would want to fulfill.

"I think I maybe up for anything you want..." I trailed off in pleasure as my husband continue touching me. Dirty thoughts bounced in my head. Ideas involving men, women, and couples flashed through my mind. When it came down to it, I had a lot of fantasies and a few fetishes that I wanted to fulfill.

"Anything? Hmmm..." He inserted two fingers, then waited a moment, and inserted a third finger.

"Oh god! YES!! ANYTHING!!" I came hard from his expert touch. God, was James good at making my cum.

He waited for me to calm down before pulling out his fingers but immediately continued touching my sensitive clit. At first, I jumped but my body slowly started to respond to him again.

James moved close to me and got on top. My legs spread for my spouse as his erection touched the outside of my lips. He teased me by sliding his cock along the length of my lips. "I do have one fantasy that I want to check off," James whispered into my ear. I could feel his cock getting harder with what was to come next. My body responded by grinding into his pelvis. "Remember how your football stories turn me on?"

We both moaned and picked up our rhythm as our arousal rose knowing what that meant.

You see, early on in our marriage to stimulate our sex, we ended up talking about past lovers. Because we are secure in our relationship, it was a turn on to swap stories about previous sexual experiences, including ones that were extremely erotic. I got to find out that James had a hot threesome with another student and a teacher's assistant during his junior year in college. Though, his dirtiest story was sleeping with his friend's mom...but that's for another time!

My husband found out about lots of my experiences (but not all...a girl has got to have some secrets!) including the time I dated, well, we more like more fuck buddies, with a black football player named Jamal. He was the only black man I had been with before or after but not because of any preference, just because of life's circumstances.

While not into humiliation or cuckold lifestyle, James does like to be teased by hearing how I liked my short time with Jamal.

I was Jamal's tutor for a semester. The football team all were assigned extra help, given their schedules, and as luck would have it, we got each other. He wasn't very tall, only about 5'8" but he was stocky with really solid muscle.

Without getting into too many details, within a month or so, we ended up fucking. While he wasn't great at sex overall - quick and not looking for mutual pleasure - he did have a big penis. Jamal lived up to the stereotype and, I have to say, it did feel good to be stretched and filled like that. I did "go back" from black so I guess that stereotype isn't true. BBC does feel good, no circumventing that, but it's not like I would ever leave James over a cock.

Speaking of James and BBC, he was really into my stories and it was the reason he bought a black dildo. The realistic fake cock was part of our occasional roleplaying and he'd sometimes refer to it as "Jamal" as he moved it in and out of me, which got both of us off.

And, sometimes we'd pretend that it was "Al", who was my former boss. Al was always hitting on the married women at work, both black and white. One of my work friends slept with him and told me about his BBC during a drunk happy hour. Apparently, he was hung like a horse. When she told me about it, I ended up getting wet especially when I was probing her with questions. She was quite open about how aggressive he was (in a good way!) and how he felt. Al hit on me a lot and every time, and after I found out about his member, I would sometimes get aroused around him, especially if we were alone.

Al came up one time with James during sex. James was asking about guys that have flirted with me and Al was first to my mind. I could feel my husband cock engorge more as we went back and forth while he penetrated me. We both came extremely hard. Al continues to pop up every once in awhile when we roleplay. Again, it's not all the time but it's fun to spice up our love life.

" want me to fuck a black guy next?" I whispered back. My panting breath was hot in his ear. Our fucking pace increased and soon we both came hard. James ejaculated inside me and my pussy pulsed with pleasure.

He rolled off of me and I went to rest my head on his chest. We snuggled for a bit until I broke the silence. "So, how do we go about checking that off?" My hand slid down to James's cock which immediately started to respond.

"I don't know. Maybe we can ask Anna?" he questioned. Anna was one half of the couple from my previous story. She had lots of great advice on getting the best experience out of Hedonism. I agreed with James and made a mental note to track them down.

As it so happened, that night after dinner, we went to the beach for a night walk when we saw the naked couple we swung with, Anna and Roger. It was funny to see how both of our husbands immediately got semi-hard when we stood together. They were definitely thinking about the last time we met.

We agreed to grab some drinks and figured we could pick her brain. After a few cocktails, James said that he had to use the restroom and was looking around. "Here, I'll show you. I gotta hit the head, as well," Roger replied helpfully.

The guys got up and as James leaned in to kiss my cheek, he whispered, "Ask her." My pussy moistened knowing what he meant.

No sooner had they left, I turned to Anna and said, "So, with all of your experience, I was wondering if I could ask you something personal."

That caught her attention. "Do ask anything!" she exclaimed gleefully. Her exposed large, perky breasts bounced up and down.

"Well, James and I have a little fantasy for adding another guy. A black guy. You know, having a threesome with someone like that. Do you know the best way down here?" I asked nervously.

"Oooo!! Awww! I know exactly what you want, girlfriend!" She leaned in and her breasts rested on the table. "Roger and I first fulfilled that same little fantasy years ago. If I recall, it was Hedonism, too!" She smiled widely and gave me a wink. "The best way, to be honest, is to hang around the bar or hot tub with one of these." Anna turned so her back was to me. On the right shoulder blade was a queen of spades tattoo. She went on to explain what her temporary tattoo meant. Apparently, a lot of black guys look for these, especially on married women in vacation spots. My pussy was getting aroused.

I obviously didn't have one of these on me so I asked if Anna had another. She said no but Anna had something even better. "If you want, I can introduce you to Jimmy. He's a tall, handsome Jamaican we met about 5 days ago. He definitely could be what you are looking for, if you know what I mean." We giggled knowingly. She went on to tell me about how Roger watched her and Jimmy on their second night at the resort. I continued to get turned on by the whole situation.

The boys came back and we drank some more while chatting away like nothing had happened. It was oddly comfortable to do all of this in the nude. We must have stayed another hour or two.

We decided to walk along the beach again since it was such an amazing night. The sky is so clear in Jamaica and the number of stars, especially over the ocean, is surreal.

As we were leaving the bar, someone caught Anna's attention and she headed off in another direction. The three of us craned our necks to see where she was. Apparently, she was talking with a black guy.

"Oh, that's Jimmy. We met him earlier in the week," Roger said. My stomach dropped and I could feel moisture building up as Anna led her friend back towards us.

The three of us were outside of the bar in a quieter area when Anna and Jimmy came towards us. It was impossible not to catch a view of this hot Jamaica guy. He was about 6'4", nice abs, and a big ol' swinging cock. With long dread locks and beard, he could have passed as a reggae star.

"Hey Roger, I found our friend, Jimmy!" Anna gleefully exclaimed. "This is James and Melinda." James reached out to shake his hand and Jimmy did the same with me. His hand was huge and my juices were definitely flowing. If hand size is any way linked to penis size, Jimmy was a good example. "Melinda, this is THE Jimmy I mentioned. What timing, huh?!" She giggled and hugged me, our breasts touching. James looked perplexed but he caught on quickly and we exchanged a knowing smile. "I hope you don't mind but I told him about your little request."

"What request?" Roger asked innocently.

"Don't worry about it honey, Anna and Roger were just wondering how to meet someone. I'll tell you more later," Anna replied with a grin and gently patted his ass.

My pussy was terribly moist at this point and my nipples couldn't have gotten any harder. Even poor James started to get an erection knowing where all of this maybe going. Jimmy smiled and brazenly looked me up and down, his eyes consuming my naked body. I could see his penis engorging with blood, too. We were all being aroused at the same moment, thinking about the same thing.

"Roger and I are going to retire but why don't you three go for a walk along the beach," Anna offered with a devilish grin.

"That would be great," Jimmy replied and pointed towards the beach. We said our goodbyes and James, Jimmy, and me headed towards the ocean in the buff. Both gentlemen's cocks were about half-mast which was a big turn on for me knowing that I was exciting them.

We made small talk as we strolled along the beach. Jimmy was funny and very personable. I could see why Anna liked him. The three of us had nice conversations about different non-sexual topics, though the looming sexual tension never left.

"Would you like to come back to our room for a nightcap?" Roger offered after about 45 minutes of getting to know each other. My pussy got moister knowing what that meant. I noticed both guys started quickly to get erections again.

Jimmy agreed and I walked back between the boys intertwining our arms. I felt so slutty and powerful walking with two men who wanted to fuck me. The few people we passed gave me a knowing smile when their eyes went to these gentleman's semi-erect cocks and then back to me.

Getting to our room, Jimmy almost immediately pulled me to him. He towered over me but bent down to give me a deep french kiss and squeeze my breasts. I returned his kiss and felt his large tongue in my mouth. His penis pressed into me and I instinctively reached for it. Jimmy's cock was huge, no question about that. He was definitely bigger than anyone I had been with before and I moaned wildly as I jerked his cock, and we made out.

After several minutes of foreplay, I needed that cock in me. This whole vacation had been an epic sexual experience and I wanted nothing more than to feel Jimmy's dick stretching my pussy. "Lay down," I ordered Jimmy while breaking our embrace.

He went to the bed and I smiled at James who was sitting on the love seat. His incredible erection was proof that my husband was ok with the ongoing situation.

Jimmy's large penis stood almost straight up as I straddled him. I reached for his cock and positioned it at the entrance to my sex. I slowly sank down, trying to adjust to the sheer girth of this big black dick. My eyes closed, I moaned loudly as his member reached my cervix. There were still a couple of inches of his dick not in me. I had never felt that full.

I rode my new lover as he sucked on my tits and we panted together in pleasure. It was only a minute or so before my first orgasm hit. With all of these new sensations, my pussy reacted faster than I had though possible and I came on his cock.

Jimmy was affectionate during our sex. He wasn't a dominate person and took care of my pleasure with his cock and tongue. I must say his fat long tongue was a surprise highlight. I had never felt my insides being licked like that and I came twice, once laying on my back and the other time riding Jimmy's face, per his request.

As for my husband, James enjoyed every moment. I would regularly look over at him and he was almost always masturbating watching his wife and her new lover.

At one point, Jimmy had put me on all fours on the bed facing James. His large penis pistoned in and out of me and I motioned for my spouse to join us. James came over and stuck his steel hard cock in my face. I opened my mouth and experienced my first spit roast. I felt dirty and slutty as I sucked my husband's dick while being fucked from behind.

Like many women, I've fantasized about being taken this way. This was truly a fantasy come true and my pussy was literally dripping down my leg. Jimmy pushed his finger slightly into my ass so I was now triple penetrated.

The position got so overwhelming that I could no longer suck James and simply put my head down to enjoy the sex from behind as I climaxed hard on my ebony lover's big cock. James was happy again on the couch to watching us.

We must have fucked in 4-5 positions until Jimmy was ready to cum. I felt his cock getting even thicker as he reached the point of no return. Instead of cumming in me, he pulled out and jerked off all over my tits. I rubbed his ejaculation into my skin while he grunted over me until the last drop of cum hit my skin. Once again, I felt dirty and slutty...just the way I liked it!

Jimmy and I kissed a bit and then we all ended up having a drink before he left.

I don't think the door had even closed before James attacked me. He threw me on the bed and dove into my used womanhood. I can't remember the last time he so aggressively ate me out but it was wild and amazing. It didn't take long for me to cum on his talented tongue. My husband knows his way around my lady bits!

He then slid up my body and I welcomed his familiar dick into my wanting pussy. "Oh god... Your pussy feels so open..." James whispered in my ear. Our hips thrusted into each other. We both were mentally recounting what had just happened. We continued fucking in silence as my husband grabbed my ass and slammed harder and harder into me. He would occasionally tell me how slutty I was and how much he loved me.

I could tell he was almost there and wanted to put him over the edge. I knew just what to say to get my husband off. "Cum in my pussy, baby. Reclaim what's yours." With that, James came deep into my womb and reclaimed his slutty wife. My pussy was pretty sore at this point so it was not possible for me to cum again, though I was very close.

We passed out and woke up to another round of incredible love making. In fact, we had more sex that week in Jamaica probably since when we first met and humped like rabbits every day.

While we didn't check off any more from our sex bucket list during that trip, nor played with Anna, Roger, or Jimmy again, it did spark more adventures once we got back.

One of my favorites was fulfilling every young man's fantasy: being seduced by a MILF. I love being the older seductress teaching a sexy, inexperienced young man how to please a woman. I was able to check this off during a trip to NYC. It was quite the hot, fun time!

Another fantasy fulfilled that was incredible (most of them are any way!) was one of James's. He always had wanted to get an oriental massage with a happy ending. So, I arranged a fun time with a masseuse in the next town over. It was fun to join her touching my husband and the three of us ended up naked covered in oil.

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