TITLE: Helping A Young Single Mom Pt 2
AGE: 51+
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A few weeks after the young single mom came over to my place for some intense oral sex (see part 1 of my story) she came over late one morning so we could fuck. As I mentioned before, I am 60 and she is but 22, about 5'3", slender build, with shoulder length brown hair, sexy eyes and full pouty lips.
Upon arriving, we made small talk on the couch before kissing passionately. She climbed on my lap straddling me and we kissed with my hands cupping her firm tight ass. After just a few minutes of this we made our way to the bedroom where we both stripped naked before climbing into bed. I admit that I was slightly trembling in anticipation. After some cuddling and more passionate kissing she reached down and slowly stroked my cock. I had to stop her though as I didn't want to cum too quickly...why rush a good thing right? Still in bed, I got up on my knees and she got on all fours facing me and slowly took my cock in her mouth as I gently stroked her hair. Just about 30 seconds of that was all I could take before I stopped her again.
I asked her to lay back on the bed as I wanted to taste that sweet young pussy. I gently kissed and licked her juicy honey pot as she draped her legs over my shoulders. I got so turned on by her moaning I knew it was time to fuck.
With her still on her back, I pulled her to the edge of the bed as I stood by the side of the bed. After rolling a condom onto my rock hard cock, I slowly pushed my way inside. With slow but deep strokes we began to fuck. For some reason I can normally last much longer in this position, but her pussy was gripping my cock so tightly I knew I would not last long. I picked up the pace and started to fuck her nice and hard the bed began to shake. Seeing her reaction...mouth open and crying out was too much to handle. With wild abandon I fucked her very hard for several more strokes before throbbing and filling the condom deep inside her.
Quite a pleasurable experience for a 60 year old like me!!!