TITLE: More Cortney
AGE: 41 - 50
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Note: This could be considered Part Two of "First time with another couple," But you don't have to have read it first. But hey, don't let me stop you…enjoy!

Cortney leaned in, arms around her husband's neck as they kissed. Nice sure; but really it was just a calculatingly deliberate way for her to show-off the wetly glistening pink inner folds of her shaved pussy. It had taken three of us, three of her husband Alex's old college buddies, and we sure hadn't planned it. Anyway, me, Roger, and Chuck had been sharing a sofa in Alex and Cortney's den as we feasted on that delectable vision of eye-candy. At the time, I'm sure Chuck and Roger thought it had been an innocent invitation to a Saturday afternoon of baseball and beer. I knew better.

It had been Cortney who got the ball rolling. I know, because I'd been there. So had Alex, which means he knew what his sexy young wife was actually suggesting when she'd asked "Hey, I know; how about we invite a few of the boys over to watch the game Saturday?" Sure it was just another meaningless mid-season game. Only, neither of us figured Cortney gave a hoot about any silly old baseball game. Hell no; the woman had undergone a sexual revolution. So, Alex and I knew-sort of anyway-what Cortney had in mind. And no, it sure wasn't baseball.

It was only the third inning and we hadn't even killed a six-pack when Cortney moseyed in to the den. All of five foot two the curvaceous hottie looked positively collegial, barefoot and with her hair pulled back in to a ponytail. The cut-off belly baring sweatshirt she wore left a skimpy pair of black bikini panties exposed. I didn't; but if either Roger or Chuck needed a hint, that unambiguously suggestive outfit should have done the trick.

Cortney removed any lingering doubts when she danced over, wrapped her arms around Roger's neck and kissed him. And, when she finally spun away whooping an exultant woohoo, her breasts were bared. And then, it was Chuck's turn. He got kissed and Cortney got groped. Then, when she danced away from Chuck's lunging grab she left her sweatshirt behind.

It was my turn, and I had a plan. That plan had been in place even before she approached me slowly, hips swaying suggestively, her expression practically daring me. So, I got kissed and Cortney got pantsed. That left the shameless imp Naked and whooping another woohoo as she danced off.

The three of us had been kissed. Cortney was naked and presenting a vision of things to come when she dropped in to Alex's lap. Right away she began to whisper in to his ear. Of course, that meant she wasn't receiving instructions. Knowing Cortney, I expected she was outlining a game plan, and most likely in salacious detail too. Then, when Alex responded, all we heard was part of his "Uh-huh, but…" Whatever, it had Cortney bouncing to her feet, arms in the air as she whooped one more of those woohoo's. Alex turned the volume down on the game; yup, just another subtle hint.

"Nasty old Alex says I can only stay if I promise not to say no, well to anything," she gleefully declared. Her "Yeah, like as if I'd even want to say no," was punctuated with another loud whoop.

"OK, so I don't have to ask Alex," Chuck asked. "I mean, like all I have to do is ask you to trot on over here and blow me?"

"Huh, well let's see now," Cortney teasingly mocked. That would be a big old yes Chuck!" Then, like it had just occurred to her she blurted "No; wait! Oops, Chuck's first of course; but hey, anyone getting naked qualifies for a blowjob!"

"Hot damn girl, you're going to wind-up swallowing a whole lot of cum," Roger said, already working frantically on his Nike's laces. Roger was one of the guys Jodie and I had done a three-way with so his eagerness wasn't a surprise.

It actually took a glowering scowl and an imperious "Well," from Cortney to get Chuck busy stripping down. But, he was naked and standing center stage so to speak when Cortney wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Naturally enough, he quickly had her ass cupped in his hands. I think,-no, I'm dead sure- that if Cortney hadn't dropped to her knees Chuck would have picked her up, passing on a blowjob in favor of an opening round fuck. And, I suppose it could have been his idea of a compromise; anyway, he did cum fucking her mouth. He'd held out, letting her use her tongue, her lips, and then her throat as she slid those lips all the way down his dicks saliva slicked shaft. His balls were in her mouth when he reached for her head. She let go of his balls, but he held tight to her head anyway. So, that's right where they were when he took her mouth with a rapid-fire flurry of balls deep thrusts. Then, the fool was bellowing "Take it," when she obviously already was. She swallowed every drop too. She wasn't so lucky with Roger.

Roger had been waiting patiently, perched up on a sofa arm. The guy is kind of big, at least if we're talking dick, he's bigger than me anyway. It's not as if he's huge, and he isn't all that much longer, but the damn thing is lot's thicker for sure. But, I wasn't thinking about that when I heard Cortney order him to park his butt back down on the sofa. It's a fact that Cortney down on her knees is a Cortney more accessible than a Cortney up on her knees. Just then, and because I was thinking ahead, having her accessible worked. Anyway, big didn't bother Cortney any, and it sure didn't slow her down. She started off by deep-throating the guy; taking him deep just a microsecond after the bulbous head of his dick cleared her lips. It continued to clear her lips too, every time just ahead of her bobbing head diving down to send it rocketing back in to her throat. It was the sight of that cock's big head repeatedly pushing back in through Cortney's lips that did it. Whatever, it had me wanting to fuck her.

Not seeing any reason to wait, I went for it. And, I sure wasn't expecting to hear a complaint from Roger. As for Cortney; well, she was the girl who couldn't say no, not that doing so would have ever crossed her mind.

It could have been my fault; after all, I was aggressively slamming thrusts in to Cortney when it happened. Roger was gargling; at least that's what it sounded like. So, I suppose I should have slowed it down some. And really, Roger did manage to splash most of his load in to her mouth. And, isn't half a face full of cum better than a full face full of the stuff? Anyway, no one complained. Still, it's kind of hard to pound out a good hard fuck when you're snickering. I managed; but, I'm sure only because Cortney insisted, loudly squealing "Do it-do it, ooh yeah hard, come on Bob, fuck me-fuck me-fuck me!"

Alex asked, actually practically demanded "Splash it across her ass Bob!" So, being center stage and all, and of course eager to please my audience, I glazed Cortney's curvaceous young ass with a massive load of the white stuff. Nobody applauded. Did I care? Well, I might have, but by then Chuck was up, and not just up on his feet either.

It was like déjà vu, well almost. Chuck was getting kissed. Cortney's arms were around his neck. Only difference, this time around he picked her up. He didn't even seem to mind that the ass he held was generously smeared with cum, that's if he even noticed. That manly move might just have deserved a quick round of applause. He didn't get it of course. Oh well, it didn't stop him from backing her up against a wall. And, it sure didn't stop him from pounding a fuck in to her that must have damn near banged her brains loose. Unbelievably- at least I had trouble believing it- She came, and she didn't even have to scream "Harder" or anything. Oh sure, she screamed alright, just nothing quite that intelligible. Chuck stuck to manly grunts; but then, he did deliver them loudly.

Cortney stood in the middle of the den looking defiant, and drop dead sexy, cum smeared across her ass, more drying on her cheeks and chin, and still more, a rivulet of white trickling down an inner thigh. Her fists were planted on her hips and she was eyeing Alex questioningly. I figured the unasked question had to be, well? "Ahh, well you might want to clean-up; I mean, you're kind of a mess," a tentative Alex cautiously suggested. And when Cortney didn't do more than blast him with a ferocious glare he dared to propose "Hey, then maybe you'd like to show the guys what you bought for, well that thing you picked up at that sex toy place!"

Cortney's glare faded, replaced by a mischievous grin. "Yeah, I could do that," she said, her voice a dangerous sounding purr as she challenged "Who knows; it just might give you boys something more than baseball to think about. Anyway, it better!"

Not that anyone called her on it, but I didn't see any way Cortney could have possibly thought anyone was paying attention to the ball game still playing soundlessly. But then, no one dared a relieved sigh as she stalked from the room either.

Maybe it wasn't a miracle, not that any of us guys would have bet on it. But, Cortney made it back; and, we hadn't even had time for a second round of brews. No one complained.

Cortney came strutting in, and oh Hell yes, strutting is exactly the right word for it. She was still naked, or nearly so anyway. Well, there was this chrome studded gleaming black leather harness belted around her waist. And jutting from that harness was what I instantly pegged as ten inches of ultra-realistic black rubber penis. It swayed as she walked, no droop, just a rigid upward curve. And, besides being impressively big, it was dauntingly thick. Weird sure, but Cortney's jutting phallus actually had me thinking, well, it's nowhere near big or thick as a twenty-for ounce beer can.

Even if Chuck and Roger hadn't worked it out, at least I knew that baseball game had been Alex's idea of a teaser. His audience loving and sexually uninhibited wife was fated to be the afternoon's surprise main event. But then, Cortney's voracious sexual appetite was something new. For sure it was something new in Chuck and Roger's world. They didn't know Cortney's transformation had been sparked by a surprise three-way Alex had orchestrated with his Brother. Jodi and I did; but, only because of an evening out, sharing pizza and beer with a couple of friends. Later, back at our apartment we'd found ourselves smack in the middle of this absolutely unanticipated four-way. It wasn't as if we hadn't talked about it, even teased one another about the possibilities. Still, we had been blindsided by Alex and Cortney, friends sure, but a couple we had figured for boringly straight-laced. Well, we had been wrong, as that wild night and a couple others had rather convincingly proven. Anyway, the way I figured it, Cortney had discovered that like a rock n' roller stepping out for a spotlighted solo, she couldn't resist a need to let her newly discovered sexuality shine. For damn sure the lady liked to strut her stuff, performing with an undeniable erotic abandon. My wife Jodie says it's true; I say it takes one to know one.

"Damn girl, what are you gonna do with Godzilla there," an unintimidated sounding Chuck asked.

"Gosh Chuckie, I sort of thought I'd introduce my pet to Jodie," was Cortney's snippy retort.

"Nice, but what's the point of a dick so freaking big that neither one of you can even begin to take it all," Roger questioned.

"Well, I bet Jodie could handle it," Cortney snippily replied. And then, about to put her foot in it, she opened her mouth and said "Yeah, and I've been practicing! And besides, there are all sorts of other things a girl wearing a big dick can get up to!"

Echoing my own thoughts, Chuck called "Hey Bob," what do you think will happen if she gives that thing to Jodie?"

Even if I'd believed it, which OK I did, I probably shouldn't have dared to answer with a smartass "Seriously, Jodi would strap that bad boy on, order Cortney to grab her ankles; and I'm pretty damn sure she'd be shouting woohoo as she drilled it right up her ass! Hey, just saying!"

"Yeah, and what makes you think I wouldn't like that," Cortney fired back, barely restraining a giggle as she added "which of course, I would!"

"Ooh baby, I'd like to see that," Roger enthusiastically declared.

"Fuck yes, count me in for that," Chuck answered just as eagerly.

Alex who had finally deigned to strip down asked "Hey Bob, but what do you think Jodie would do if Cortney delivered the goods used?"

Cortney's shrieked "Oh God," pretty much summed up her feelings. Anyway, she was frantically working to get the thing unbuckled as she started a dash for the bedroom. Good move, I thought; because yeah, Jodi would have been seriously pissed. Things might easily have gotten downright dangerous.

"Come on," a laughing Alex called as he started after Cortney. We hit the bedroom in time to see her drop dildo and harness in a bag, and then the bag in to the closet. "Honey, I'm thinking I'm do for a blowjob," Alex said before flopping on to the bedroom's king-size bed.

Alex was kicked back, on his back a pillow under his head when Cortney crawled up between his legs. So, she had a mouthful of cock when Roger groused "Well Hell, I've got plans for later and have to hit the road; only, well shit Alex, I was sort of hoping to take a run at Cortney's ass before I did!"

Cortney's head popped up and she practically whooped "Go for it Roger! Woohoo, come on, fuck my ass!"

"Yo Bob, grab the lube, you know where it is," Alex called.

"You get it dude," I retorted. "I've got to go too, and seeing as how Roger beat me to it, guess I'll have to settle for a quickie BJ! I mean, like company first…right?"

When Alex didn't move fast enough, Cortney pushed up on to her knees a growl accompanying her absolutely ferocious scowl. Alex wisely didn't wait for Cortney's "Move it buster," he was already digging around in what I knew was their sex toy drawer. And, before he could change his mind, I settled in to his vacated spot. And just before her lips closed around my cock, Cortney murmured a quiet "You won't tell Jodie will you?"

"No baby," I cooed, already reaching for her head.

For a guy in a hurry Roger sure as Hell took his time. Anyway, I was done, and listening to Cortney hamming it up as she hurled shrieked encouragement at Roger. Funny though, there weren't any faster's in her pleadings; oh no, but there were plenty of more's and harder's. But then, with Roger sputtering out guttural ooh's, she was squalling "Cum in me-cum in me, yeah-yeah, cum in me!"

Roger and I got dressed in the den where we'd left our clothes. And, as we headed back to say our good-by's Roger asked "Want to bet Chuck's already banging her ass?"

"Fuck no," I sneered. "Hell, if I know Alex, he'll be bellowing hurry it the fuck up dude!"

"What, you think she'd go for three in a row doing her up the ass," Roger shot back, not sounding much like he actually doubted it. Anyway, he was muttering "Never mind, dumb question," as we barged back in to the bedroom.

A sharp yank on Cortney's ponytail brought her head up freeing her mouth of cock long enough for me to snatch a kiss. And, while not exactly living dangerous, Roger cracked a ringing swat off her ass. We called good-by's, got ignored and left Cortney to suck Alex's cock while Roger pounded more cock in to her ass. And, as we left Roger quipped "Fuck, bet she could have done four easy!"

"No doubt," I fired back. "Yeah, and seeing as how she just can't say no, I'd be betting on five!" Hey, when you're right, you're right!