TITLE: Victoria ... To Be Part Of This.
LOCATION: Bottles12 - USA
AGE: 51+
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Victoria’s eyes closed as I pushed my hard cock deep into her smooth bald pussy. Moments before she had climbed onto her desk and pulled her mid-thigh pencil skirt around her waist. She slowly lied back and opened her pussy with her manicured fingers inviting me to enter her. Her pussy was so smooth and shiny pulled open by her stretched out legs that shone in the lights of her office. I kissed her tight lips and stroked her flavorful clit with my flat tongue as I pulled my cock out to fuck her.
Victoria’s assistant and favorite cuke-cake Terri Lynn asked me to go to her office and help Victoria with something. I knew that Terri Lynn had just entertained Rick in Victoria’s office. Rick had just left so I was pretty sure that Victoria had set up a quick fuck for her husband with Terri Lynn.
When I entered Victoria was standing by her desk in her 5 inch heels and was twisting her erect nipples under her see through white blouse. I closed the door quickly locking it behind me.
“Very good boy.” She said as she unbuttoned the blouse and pulled her naked tits out for me enjoy.
“Watching people fuck right in front of you and have them under your command is such a turn on Bruce, I now need your hard cock to very slowly fuck me and fill me with your cum. I want Rick to eat it out of me when I get home later, for my next fuck.”
She quivered as I hit the bottom of her cunt on my first long slow thrust into her wet slit. A heeled foot grabbed my ass and held me deep in her as she pushed and humped the hard cock she was impaled on. Our bald pubis’s rubbed together and began to slide easily as her juices flowed. I pulled back slowly and let the head of my cock slip out of her. I grabbed it and masturbated her erect clit with her juices that clung to my cock. A small orgasm escaped her lips as I slowly fucked her again setting a nice slow rhythm for her to enjoy. She smiled as the rhythm obviously agreed with her needs. I man handled her smooth silky legs as I stroked into her building my orgasm.
She began to ask for my cum to fill her. To cum with her. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed down on my cock in a full blown orgasm. I filled her eager slit pumping her full of my slippery cum as she thrashed her body around her desk. I kept my hard cock in her as deeply as I could watching in admiration of her sensuality.

“Tonight Rick has asked me to take another man’s cock for my pleasures. He says that it’s someone who can really, really please me with a thick hard cock, lots of stamina and a big juicy dump of cum. He wants to watch, he wants to masturbate over us and flow his sticky cum all over the big fat cock as it fucks my shiny bald cunt.” Victoria stated to me as she reclined on her office sofa; her fingers stroking her silken pussy underneath a see thru thong of silk. Her heels and nylons straining as her body moved to the erotic pleasures rolling through her.
“Is it you Bruce?” She asked while closing her eyes as her fingers fucked her cunt. “I’ve had your gorgeous cock in me before, ahh ohhh, I remember it fucking me as my nipples got massaged by Terri Lynn and my ass was getting fucked at the same time, ohhhh ummm. I remember squirting on you as you masturbatered your cum onto my aching cunt and then Ricks cock slipping out of my ass and into my pussy, oh god fuck, to keep me flowing all over his erection. Ahhh Ahhh oh fuck oh fuck.”
Her cries filled the office, sexy wanton pleasure seeped out of her. Her heels hung in the air as she massaged her horny clit and let the waves of orgasm rush through her. I stood obedient as I was summoned to do. I watched; aching to have her again but knowing my place in her business I stood my ground and let the pre cum drip from cock.
“Fetch my dress Bruce and drive me home darling.” She said as she licked her ruby lips and straightened out her thong.
It wasn’t going to be me tonight. I hoped for an invite at the door.

Terri Lynn breezed by my desk with a knowing smile on her face, as she strode away I admired the fitted blouse pilling at her buttons paired with a pencil skirt with the sexy slit up the back. Her 5 inch heels let me know that there was going to be some sexual demands placed on a portion of her day. She left me in her fragrant bloom and paged me a few seconds later to attend her privately in her office.
I locked her door and stood.
“Victoria needs us to do something for her at closing today. Listen carefully: you will change into your leather butler coat, wear your black leather chaps and boots for an event at 5:30 PM. Don’t be late Bruce. You can go.” She held her chin on the back of her elegant freshly manicured hand and smiled as I turned around and walked back to work with a raging cock in my pants.
She paged me at 5 letting me go home and get ready. I love the leather outfit that she bought for me the last time I serviced her needs. Its butter smooth and shiny, the latex black thong shows off my stringing cock perfectly. The tailed coat is open from ankle to the waist in front so it stays on during a fuck session. The chaps match the coat to complete the outfit.
I arrived back with my long trench coat over the whole ensemble. Terri Lynn was at the door waiting in her yellow satin blouse and shiny black pencil skirt. She had added nude hose and garters to her outfit, the buttons were undone showing off her lacy bra and she was glowing from a recent orgasm.
“Victoria put that glow on your face darling?” I asked as she pushed the trench coat off of my shoulders and stood back to inspect me.
“Maybe I fucked myself thinking of having you here in my favorite outfit. Fucking her.”
“So that’s my role tonight mistress.” I asked with a bowed head.
“Follow me Bruce.” She clicked off down the hallway to Victoria’s office.
We arrived in the candle lite room and stood before the majestic Victoria. She was outfitted entirely in silk high neck floor length shimmering silk. Her hair was done her nails manicured and made up to look dark and mysterious. She stood there no saying anything, rolling her hands over her body in front of us, incredibly horny and aroused. Her nipples pierced the fabric and showed their delight in the dress. Terri Lynnn stripped out of the blouse and skirt and stood in her waist cincher hose and heels. Victoria draped her neck in pearls and began to kiss and fondle her tits as I stood getting hard and harder.
Soon they were pushing each other to the big soft sofa, Victoria settled into the cushions and pulled the dress to her waist and spread open her long slender legs. Her pussy was wet and shiny as Terri Lyn knelt before her and began to suck swollen cunt lapping up her juices.
Victoria pointed at me. “Fetch those.” and directed me to a silver tray full of dildos. I picked up the tray and brought them to the two lovers and knelt down on one knee presenting them to Terri Lynn as she finger fucked Victoria while pulling out a 9 inch vibrating dido and slipped it into her lover.
Victoria began to fuck herself, moaning and twisting as the desire rose in her body. Terri Lynn selected a big red curving cock and strapped in on her elegant body.
“You will work your cock to orgasm as I fuck our mistress, when she orgasms She wants your load of cum on this big red cock so I can fuck your cum into her for her date with Rick tonight. He wants to eat your cum from his wife’s pussy at their sex party tonight. And he want to taste your cum after you fuck me later tonight.” She said with a delicious smile on her face.
I watched and masturbated while she fucked Victoria to a crashing orgasm. The first for our mistress be continued

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