TITLE: Ex Wife - Deep Throat Queen
LOCATION: Wild_Bill1958 - USA
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20 Years after the fact I'm still not over it. My ex-wife could deep throat me for hours no problem. And she got off doing it. She use to come after work and ask me to take a shower she wanted to suck my cock. I would watch her and porno at the same time and she would masturbate cumming and cumming at the same time. She was the best blow job Queen ever. 10.0 I suppose not only did my cock fit her mouth and throat perfectly it was about attitude as well. Once she blew me all night for 8 hours. True story! She never seemed to get tired of it. I also used big toys on her which made her cum. But she often siad she really didn't like it. I was like what are you talking about didn't you just came over and over?!? No answer. I think many women like a huge cock but like to act like they don't like. Case in point: I was gone every week driving OTR truck. I knew she was doing something so I set up the big dildos in the night stand so I could see if she had moved them or not. She is very sexual and horny and every weekend I would come home and I could see that the dildos had been moved and placed back "almost" in the same position. For fun I would ask her sometimes if she used them while I was gone while we were having sex. Always a no! But I knew better. Gradually over some years I bought her bigger and bigger dildos and always she would protest but she always cam on then and then later I would find that they had been moved every week while I was gone. And always she would say no she had not used them. I suppose she would be embarrassed by this. That is the type of person she was. Kind of weird she would openly ask to suck my cock and do it all night long and very obviously enjoyed it but then deny she was banging herself with giant dildos while I was gone. I guess she wanted that to herself. But I wanted to share that it turned me on still does. Call it a fetish. I knew for sure what she was doing because I got home early one day. I had been gone all week. I went inside our two story house. Her car was there but she didn't seem to be there. It was the middle of the afternoon. I went up stairs and as I went I could hear her. At first I thought some other guy was fucking her and I got kind of mad. She was moaning a breathing very very hard. I though this guy must be hung like a horse! But then I slowly crept to the top of the stairs and peered into the bedroom where she was. The door was cracked not quite closed and I could see her fucking herself with a giant dildo that I had not seen before. It was huge like three beer cans end to end. She was cowgirl then on her back and slamming it home hard over and over. At first I laughed to myself what had I started? But then I was memorized at the scene which went on and on. She would cum one way then catch her breath then turn over and start again and several minutes later cum again over and over. Back then there were no cell phones and no internet. She had obviously been to an adult bookstore and bought this monster. I later found she hind it under the chest of drawers. How hypocritical to tell me she didn't like the ones I had bought and then fuck that monster like she did. I never told her that I had seen her. I went back outside and waited a while then came in. She acted surprised to see me. We later divorced. I have never gotten over her incredible deepthroat blow jobs and watching her fuck her monster. Later on after I had moved away I stopped by and told her that I wanted to throw away our private life sex toys as that was between me and her. What could she say after telling me she didn't like them but to agree. I thought that maybe she had thrown them away herself. But no... they were carefully staged in her nightstand (not mine) ready to go with several bottles of lube and a hot pad to warm them up. Curious there were some I hadn't seen before all much bigger than the one's I bought! But I knew that already...