TITLE: The Ski Trip
AGE: 51+
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My first group sex was when I was 18. I had gone to school in the state of Maine, and graduated the year before and was working in Ky. I had had two close friends one my roommate Jack and the other Dan. Dan called just after Christmas and said we all should meet at his dads ski condo in New Hampshire for a weekend. Said he had talked to Jack and he and his g/f were going and Dan would be there with his. I at the time had no regular but just the day before I had meet a woman about 25 who worked for a client of my boss. Umm she was fine, the longest hair I had ever seen, Crystal Gayle looking, named Jill. I tracked down her number and reached her, explaining it was short notice, I asked if she would like to take a road trip, to my surprise she agreed with out much thought.

I picked her up the next morn. And started a 14-hour drive to New England and obviously talked a lot. Finding other than her looks we had not much in common, she was an indoor girl, not into animals, loved fashion, and would never camp...seemed a bit old fashioned and prudish. I kinda wondered why she agreed to come. Surely she understood I was going to try and fuck her. She was very sweet and pleasant and very easy to look at on the long drive.

We got to Dans early in the morning the next day and of course this was the 70’s, there were drugs to substitute sleep and to my surprise Jill jumped all over it. We did a few lines and headed to the slopes. I rode a few runs with both of my buddies catching up on the previous year and of course discussing the women. Jack was with a girl named Heather. She was a tall blonde just knock out beauty. The kind you see and know there would be no point in asking her out. She was to become a fairly famous model for a few years. She skied in skintight pants that just made everything stand out. Dan was with Sandy, a very cute short dark haired gal, very much the opposite of the other two. Quite, hippie type, quick to smile and under her lumpy ski coats you could see a fine tight 18 yo bod.

By Mid afternoon it had begun snowing so hard as to make skiing no fun and we had all worn our selves out so we headed back to the condo. Now this place was pretty dang nice, I think it had about 5 bedrooms, right off the slopes, big Jacuzzi that was one half inside and the other half out with a wall that slid out of the way making it all one tub, it was a seventies pad that was owned by Dans divorced dad, so it was really just a fuck nest. All around the Jacuzzi were cushions and close by connected to the same area was a freestanding fireplace.

We all ate some lunch and did more drugs, smoked some pot and had some wine. Jill was getting into the party scene saying she felt like she was in Hollywood. It was quiet a trip for a little Ky girl. It was suggested that we all take a soak so it was next discussed as to who had suits; most agreed they were not really required. It was with much grinning and eyes all around that we six teenagers got out of our clothes. I was loving it. I watched as Heather pulled hers off, full round breasts, long blonde hair and a close trimmed pussy that gave just a peek of her lips. Sandy had heavy firm breasts cute and short bod, under arms, pussy was thick soft hair, an awesome ass.

Jill Had real nice small breasts just a handful, she was hesitant to take off her panties and finally after some coaxing she did. When she did every one was enthralled. Her pussy was totally shaved, something not seen in the mid seventies. All the guys were staring at her pussy and when Jack dropped his pants all eyes went to him, I heard Jill whisper oh my god as she saw his huge cock. and it was only half hard. I had seen it when we were roommates and knew all the gals were crazy for him. Nice big good-looking guy with a fat, long cock. The tub was just the right size for the 6 of us, almost shoulder to shoulder but wide enough to stretch out. It was heaven after the cold slopes. We chatted told tales smoked a few more joints. After a while the heat was getting a little too much and everyone got out and sat on the cushioned benches around the tub, feet dangling in the water and everyone staring at everyone trying not to be obvious. Dan got another bottle of wine and we all were getting pretty comfortable, a few slipping back in the tub and out again as the afternoon wore on the snow continued and so did the good feelings.
Sandy was on my right, Jill on my left, Jack and Heather were across. Heather asked Jill about her shaved pussy and as you can imagine she turned red as she explained how it felt, and yes she had done it herself, but would love for some one to do it for her. Heather commented that she was not sure she could do it because her pussy lips get so long and would really show. She explained this as she spread her legs and she said watch> We all watched in awe as her lips literally dropped out of her pussy and hung an inch below her pussy. We were all commenting on how cool it was when Dan passed right out on to one of the benches. We all laughed about how much he must have like them.

We convinced Heather she should shave her pussy sometime and show those lips off. Sandy slid into the tub and started massaging my feet as they dangled in the water. The conversation then went to men shaving. The girls all thought we should, I agreed and it was decided that at a later time, Heather and I would shave. The talk was getting everyone hot as being told by the body language. The 3 girls were squirming around a bit more than seemed normal and my cock was a bout half hard. Jacks was the same way. Jill was pretty wasted and I was seeing her become very open and got me thinking she was gonna be a hot little fuck after all. There was a lot of contact going on. Jill and I touching as we sat next to each other, Sandy was now massaging both my and Heathers feet as she sat in the tub. When Jill got up for a pitcher of water I saw the cushion was wet. She went and sat next to jack and heather when she came back and just simply asked “Jack how big does your cock get?”

A little shocked but everyone laughed. “ I’ll show you,” said Heather and she took it in her hand and started stroking it. She kissed jack as she did, and Jill was horny watching. I saw her eyes start to get a far away look in them. Sandy stopped the foot massage as she stared at Jacks cock too, it was getting harder and harder. It was an impressive sight, a porn star size fatheaded cock. Finally Heather announced that was about as big as it got. And the other two said it was plenty big enough. Heather asked them both if they wanted to touch it. Both said they did with no hesitation; Heather pushed the cock towards Jill who wrapped her hand around it, smiling as she did. Sandy moved across the tub still in it and reached for it. Jill gave it to her and she too smiled as it filled her hands, both were saying how incredible it was. Jill was stroking it and Sandy joined her, both hands fit on the shaft. Jack was loving it, they were giving him a great hand job. Heather was kissing him and his chest as he moaned his pleasure, my cock got hard watching.

As she stroked Jill legs parted and I gazed at her smooth pussy. I could see the light reflect off the moisture on it. Her eyes glazed as she stared at the massive cock in her hand. Sandy too was pretty turned on and she was the first to decide to use something other than her hand. She was in the tub between Jacks legs and started licking his balls. His balls were large to keep up with his cock and this she really seemed to enjoy the added area to swirl her tongue around. I was totally hard watching this across the tub, and not ashamed to take my cock in my hand. Heather moved over Jacks face and lowered her pussy onto it just as Jill took the head of his cock in her mouth. Not that I really expected it but she never looked to see what I was thinking of her, my so called date sucking my friends cock before she ever looked at mine. She was just hot for that cock.

Heather was looking at me as she rode Jacks face, watching me masturbate and giving me the sweetest smile. She then made a licking motion and pointed to Jill who was spread legged on the edge of the tub sucking jacks cock. I slid in and crossed the tub and did not touch her except to slide my tongue right into her pussy. She had been oblivious to my approach and when I made contact she moaned and ground her pussy into my mouth. I then reached around and grabbed her tiny little ass and tongue fucked her deeply as she let me know she liked it that way. She was really hot and wet as her pussy just flowed. We later found out she had only been with one guy a few times but was obsessed with sex and was very ready for it wild. Well she got it. Before I knew it her pussy and her whole body slid away from my mouth as Jack turned her to face him and move between her legs, we all watched as he lowered his cock to her pussy and pressed the head against her hole. Heather put her hand up and guided Jacks cock as he eased into Jill. Jill was holding her breath for the first minute but then when the head disappeared she let out her breath and with a groan pulled him into her. He slid steady in till he was buried and Jill made a sound like I had never heard but from a cat. She was loving it as he started to stroke her. She started to fuck him back and they started rocking, Heather was licking and biting jacks ass and rubbing his balls as he fucked Jill’s smooth little pussy. Jill was in heaven, she was out of her head as she thrust back to his strokes, it was apparent she was going to cum. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned and cried as his cock continued to plunge deep into her pussy. Sandy and I had been left side by side in the tub holding the edge watching Jill get the first real fucking of her life. But she suddenly slid between me and the tub and with one arm wrapped it around my neck and pulled me into a hot wet kiss, and with the other reached down and wrapped it around my cock as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled me to her and holding my cock rubbed it against her hairy pussy. I could feel the hard nip of her clit as she rubbed my cock head on it.

I opened my eyes to see jack still plowing Jill just a few feet away. Heather was within touching distance with her legs spread as she masturbated. We all watched Jill cum, she was frantic as Jack kept up the tempo and rode her threw her bucking orgasm. She got her mind back and rolled out from under jack. Sandy and I were real hot; she was slipping the head of my cock in and out of her pussy teasing us both. It was then that heather asked “Sandy you want a turn with jacks cock?” “Yes” she panted letting go of my cock and climbing out of the tub. Jack was on his back, his wet, hard cock lying along his stomach. Sandy straddled him and again Heather held Jacks cock and guided it as Sandy lowered herself with a moan down on the hot stiff flesh. She took her time working her way down but not too much before she had it buried in her and was riding him in long strokes. She was saying how much she loved it, how good it felt. She was really pretty hot and nasty, as she got long dicked. Dan was out cold while a new cock a few feet away was filling his girlfriend. Jill was lounging in the glow and soothing her stretched pussy with oil as she watched Sandy enjoy the cock she just had. Heather was again watching and masturbating and she looked overt and smiled and curled her finger to me. I rose out of the tub and went to her; she rolled on her back and spread her legs. “ Eat me” she asked or rather demanded which I did eagerly. Her cunt lips got longer with every tug and lick. Jack and Sandy were really going at it; Sandy was getting really nasty, finally asking Jack to do her from behind. As they got into position heather pulled me up away from her pussy and then guided my cock into her pussy. We fucked slowly as we watched jack slid into sandy from behind. They soon were pounding hard really fucking like crazy. Both exclaiming their nearness to cumming and finally seeing jack stiffen as he sent a load deep into sandy. As sandy felt his cock throb out jet after jet she too came hard and loud. Dan never stirred on the sofa. This got heather and I going and we increased our pace and were soon rockin along and came together ending in a pile around the tub.

We were all spent, the sun had long since gone down, the snow continued to fall. Dan got up and staggered to a bedroom saying he was going to bed. He did not seem to notice anything unusual that we were all lying around wasted. Finally we got it together and everyone pitched in and cooked a bite to eat. It was decided for the rest of the night that no clothes were allowed. Sandy also announced that what ever went on, she was in but it was not to be talked about in the morning saying Dan would be mad he was not involved. It was not long after dinner that everyone crashed out planning on a big day skiing.

Dan telling me to get up and go skiing wakened me in the am. I wandered down stairs and found Jill, Jack and heather scattered over the sofas asleep and nude. I had heard Jill head down hours before and it seemed she had needed more big jack cock. Dan tried to get everyone motivated but with no luck other than heather and myself who said she would join us in awhile. Sandy, Dan said was feeling poor.

We had done a few runs when heather showed up. We rode the lift together and I asked what was up back to the condo. She told me as soon as we were out the door Sandy had come down looking for jack and found him on the sofa, she went and knelt next to him and started sucking him. When he was hard she slid down on his cock and really started riding him. Heather said she was really hot and wild. This of course woke Jill up and she said Jill and Sandy were taking turns getting fucked when she left.

The snow fell harder that day and forced us off the slopes in mid afternoon. We sat around and decided we should now go somewhere warm and that we should head to the Keys. Jack and Heather were for it but Dan and Sandy could not take off. We left the next am. It was decided Heather would ride for a while in my van and Jill would travel with Jack. It was a two-day drive and we would drop Jill off in Ky as she had a real job. I knew she wanted as much big Jack cock as she could get. We traveled together down the road. Heather was fun to be with, she loved talking about sex and that’s all we did. She had no inhibitions and for hours sat in the van seat next to me with it facing me as she masturbated with no bottom on. She had a really pretty pussy and I watched her cum dozens of time thru the day. We stopped for dinner and Jill told us she had sucked and handled jacks cock most of the day. We got spilt up during the night and heather and I stopped in Ky where we were to drop off Jill. While we were waiting we went in back and heather sucked me till I was hard and then guided it into her hot wet pussy. We fucked for a long time and went to sleep; finally we were wakened by knock on the door as it was getting light. Jack and Jill standing there. They cam in the van and told us they had to stop for a fuck on the way. We let Jill off at her house and headed on to the keys leaving jacks car at her house. We got to the keys and spent the next five days enjoying the sun and surf. We all slept together in the huge van bed. Heather in the middle. Every morning jack would watch, take pics and j/o as heather and I fucked...then he would do her after. We did this every day till it was time to head north again