TITLE: The Dinner Party
LOCATION: 65tech - USA
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Vicky takes Jo into seat her for supper after she got her off. She told Jo that she is going panty less and Vicky sets Jo next to her husband. And she set next to Jo's. She gave Jo's husband a kiss on the cheek and he smells Jo's pussy on her lips. He looks at Jo and she smiles. When Jo sits the dinner is served and as Jo sits there enjoying the conversation she feels a hand on her thigh and it's Dave's hand and he moves it closer to your hot wet pussy he starts to rub it and Jo make a noise and her husband ask if she is ok. Then Jo feels a foot rubbing her pussy right at the hole.

Jo feels a toe go inside her and the hand starts to rub her clit. She closes her eyes she is very close to cumming Dave rubs Jo a little faster and she cums as she bites her lips to keep from Screaming. Jo feels Vicky's foot pull out of her pussy and Dave runs his finger through it and then she sees him lick his fingers. Vicky gets up from the table and tells the men that they can talk business and us girls are going to have a drink. She takes Jo downstairs where they have a bar and then Jo looks around and sees a sex swing and shackles on the walls. She said this is my playpen Dave's is on the other side of the house. Vicky says "I want you and I want you to eat my pussy I want to cum on your face," Jo tells Vicky to get on to the sex swing and she walks up to her Jo kisses her and starts to take her black dress off of her Jo sees a riding crop on the wall and walks over to it and picks it up. Jo smacks her hand with it and gives Vicki a look.

Jo tells her to ,"get that dress off and leave her stockings on, get that sexy black bra off and them black lace panties off". She tells her to lay on the swing face down and Jo walks up to her and she smacks her ass with the crop. Vicky lets out a yelp and Jo touches Vicky's pussy it's starting to get wet she smacks her again and checks her she is very wet. Jo puts 2 fingers in her and fucks her for a couple of minutes to where she almost cums and Jo stops. Jo smacks her ass again she says "Yes" you like that Jo ask her she says "Yes smack me some more please". Jo hits her ass again she lets out a yelp Jo hits her 4 more times and on the next swat she screams out she is "FUCKING CUMMING YES SMACK MY ASS,!!" Vicky finally stops shaking and Jo taste her pussy it still had that pungent taste with a little salty sweet taste. Jo starts to eat her it's taste is something that's is just addiciting and Jo keeps licking it her tongue is buried in Vicky and Jo wants her to cum again she licks her clit and Jo hears "OH FUCK YOU WHORE I'M CU-MM-ING" as her ass shakes.

Jo licks her till she calms down and then she helps her out of the swing. Vicky tells Jo she is a dirty whore treating her that way Jo ask "didn't you like it " yes I loved it" Vicky says. She says "I want you to get on the shackle table" Jo says "ok,but I have never done that" "it's ok I won't hurt you and your safe word is banana" " ok" Jo tells her. She shackles Jo's feet and then her hands and then she presses a button and Jo's legs spread apart and the table tilts so someone can get right to her pussy and ass. Jo can't move and she hears a door open and Jo hears Dave say to Jo's husband your wife is just a little slut isn't she. Jo's husband says what and Dave tells him how he fingered her at the table and how his wife licked her pussy before hand and now she is ready for anyone to fuck her . Jo's husband sees her spread out on this table and she sees his cock getting hard Dave says my wife will take care of that for you. Jo sees Vicky walk over to her husband and get on her knees Andrew take his cock out and Vicky start to suck him off. Dave tells Jo's husband that he is going to fuck his little slut wife if he don't care. her husband tells him to fuck her good and hard she likes it that way. Dave pulls his cock out and comes up between Jo's legs he rubs his cock on her pussy lips and then pushes into her hot wet pussy.

His cock is thick and her pussy is filled he grabs her tits and pinches her nipples while he starts to fuck Jo at a steady pace. Oh fuck does his cock feel good and Jo looks over at her husband and he has Vicky bent over taken his cock in her ass. Oh how she wishes he was fucking her like that. Dave says how do you like my cock Jo tels him it's great but her husband's is better. This kinds pisses Dave off and he start to fuck her hard and pinches Jo's nipples even harder. Jo is so close to cumming from this it won't take much more and she feels his thick cock pulse and his hot cum flowing into her then Jo sees Vicky get off your husband's cock and he shoots all over her face and this sets Jo's climax off as she Cums on Dave's cock.

Jo milks his cock she gets it all out of him then he pulls out of her and. Vicky takes his place and licks every bit of his cum out of Jo. She licks Jo till she cums again and then let's her go. Jo's husband dresses her and they start to drive home he tells her how hot it was seeing her get fucked and shr felt the same about watching him we should do it again he says Jo says ok only ever now and then. Jo says honey I could sure use your hard cock in me right now he pulls over and they fuck like teenagers!