TITLE: Natasha's Journey Pt 6
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Cindy was Natasha’s lifelong friend. They had known each other since their high school days. Natasha had not had much contact with Cindy since her change even though they lived in the same city. “We need to talk” was the text that Natasha received one morning while she was getting ready for work. They spoke briefly on the phone and agreed to meet that afternoon for a drink.

“What’s wrong” was the first thing that Cindy said when they met face to face. “What are you talking about”: said Natasha. “We’ve been friends a long time and I know when something’s not right”. “Are you and Mike having problems”? “No” was Natasha’s reply. They had always shared each other’s secrets. When Cindy had an affair two years ago, she confessed to Natasha one day. Cindy and her husband Ted where not getting along, and Cindy found comfort in another’s arms.
Ted was the total opposite of Mike. He, like most men, looked at other women but would never actually do anything to betray his marriage. He enjoyed his drinks but that was the limit of his vices. He worked hard as an accountant to take care of his family. Cindy was a good wife and mother. She too was watching life pass by and needed some excitement. Ted was a good husband, but sex was boring and their marriage was in a rut. Warren worked in the same office as Cindy. He had been divorced several years. They started talking at lunch then meeting for drinks. They ended up in bed at his house. Cindy felt alive again. She felt guilty and ended the affair several times before stopping completely.

Natasha dropped her eyes as she and Cindy talked. She confessed some, but not all of her life change. She thought this would be the end of a great friendship. To her surprise it came as a relief to Cindy. Cindy hung on every word and thirsted to hear more. She had long wanted to break out of her prison and be crazy. As her best friend opened up this new life, a spark ignited in Cindy. Natasha showed her the pictures Mike had posted. She smiled at her longtime friend and was jealous. “Help me Natasha” was her plea.” I need to feel alive or I wills go nuts”. Ted would divorce me if I ever did something like this.

Cindy was a beautiful woman. Long red hair with a pair of never-ending legs. She looked stunning in dark colors to contrast with her white skin. Regular manis and pedis accessorized this 150 lb frame. She wanted to shave her pussy but never did until the affair. Ted never questioned the sudden change. She had cute freckles on her chest and sky-blue eyes. She had been homecoming queen and the lust of many high school guys. A virgin at marriage, she had not known another man until Warren.

Warren and Cindy fucked several times a week. He liked his dick sucked and she consumed his cock like water to a thirsty man. He fucked her doggie style, 69 and she rode him like a country cowgirl. Warren licked her clit. She had more orgasms in those few months than her whole time with Ted. Fucking in all these new positions left her wanting more. Missionary sex was all Ted ever did.

Cindy was either going to have a change or she and Ted were done. Natasha had already fallen over the edge and she proposed a crazy idea. Ted had to be seduced to bring him around.

Accounting was a stressful job and Ted like to do photography. He found peace in photographing landscapes, animals and architecture. Cindy told Ted that Natasha and Mike had an anniversary soon and Natasha wanted to have some pictures taken of her to give to Mike. Ted agreed and met with Natasha to discuss some ideas. He would take some photos of her and make some nice prints. Natasha said she had several places she wanted as pictures. They could meet on several occasions at the specific site. Natasha started the first session in regular dress but soon escalated.

Men are visual and Natasha knew this was to her advantage. Men are seduced by their eyes if they are exposed to the right stimulus. Mike’s porn was all geared toward men. The post about her own pictures showed this to be true. Natasha’s outfits got smaller as several shoots were done. Natasha knew she was drawing Ted into her web. His look told the story. The last session was to be bathing suit shots. She had picked a secluded place by the lake. They rode together. Natasha pulled out all stops. On the trip she wore her Daisy Duke shorts and skin-tight shirt. She wore no bra. Her prominent nipples screamed for attention. She asked Ted about the shoots and what more she could do to create the best pictures. She wanted his mind to be prepared for her suggestions. At the lake she pulled her bag from the car to get her bathing suit. “Damn” said Natasha. She grabbed the wrong bag. “This is the only one I have”. She held up a navy-blue string bikini. Ted said he would shoot whatever she wanted. She changed behind a tree. They headed for some rocks by the lake. Ted was becoming consumed with lust. The late afternoon breeze blew Natasha’s golden hair. She giggled as the wind increased and the waves soaked her bikini. She went for the kill by removing the top. Ted was burning with desire as Natasha let her bottom fall to the ground. Poses became racy and unopposed. To finish her deed, she posed with legs wide open. After a few more shots, Natasha made no effort to dress. She walked to the car with Ted trailing close. She faked a fall in the grass. Reaching out a hand, Ted was pulled to the ground. He knew it was wrong, but he could not bridle his desire. Natasha rolled him on his back and smothered his face with her dripping wet tits. Ted could not strip fast enough. He abandoned all reason. Forbidden fruit had dangled and he was eating. His conservative upbringing had stifled true passion. He was the lion and she was the prey.

Ted and Natasha fucked on the grass, against the car and in the water. The sun was fading but passion was rising. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years” said Natasha. She knew the words to capture a man’s ego. “Your cock is the best I’ve ever had”. She spoke these lines as they fucked knowing it was fuel to the fire. They rode back to town exhausted. “Mission accomplished” was the text to Cindy.
Prints were never made and Natasha never asked for them. They fucked several more times at the lake to make sure Ted was hooked. He kept the pictures in a hidden file on his computer.
To be continued...