TITLE: Private Pilot Duties
LOCATION: SB - Southern Europe
AGE: 51+
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I retired in my mid 50’s and expanded on a lifelong hobby as a private pilot by getting the training needed to work as pilot on a private jet.

We catered to the rich and famous in a region of Europe known for rich and famous people and I have enough crazy sexually fueled experiences to write about for months. If you like this story let me know!

While taking a couple days off in Barcelona we received a dispatch to fly three passengers to NCE the Cote d'Azur airport. I spoke with the client who told me I was flying his daughters and a friend to Nice and asked that I make sure they get on a helicopter going to some remote location along the beach. He said the girls have tendency to get into trouble and boss people around. I assured him I would take no backtalk from any of them and it was my job to be sure all passengers get to their destination safely.

I was expecting another batch of arrogant spoiled rich loud mouths so when the black Bentley arrived dropping off the girls I was not paying much attention. Our ground crew took care of getting the girls on board and it was not until I walked back in the cabin I realized there were three absolutely gorgeous girls on board.

The two sisters were petite blond girls around 18 years old with long straight hair and tight schoolgirl figures. I guess they could have been twins but I am not sure on that. The other girl was about the same age, an exotic looking little French girl with curly red hair and big real boobs. I gave them a safety briefing and explained how to get the refreshments and food we had brought onboard.

We started the engines and everything looked good but before even making it out to the taxiway we got a warning light on an engine. Those old Learjets were not only difficult to fly but mechanical problems were frequent, I let the girls know we had to park for a while and call for service.

The girls had already found the booze on board and were not upset about a maintenance hold. The pilot I was flying with set out to locate someone who was qualified to look at the problem which involved driving out to pick someone up. I decided to go back into the terminal for a while leaving the girls on the plane with the door open. When I got back to the plane and stepped up into the cabin I was impressed!

All three girls were totally naked, one of two blond girls was licking the French girl’s pussy while the other was videoing on her cell phone.

When I came in they stopped, laughed and covered up somewhat. We sat in the cabin and talked for a while, the girls had covered up but one of the blond girls was giving me a perfect view of her pussy. I was not really trying to charm or seduce any of them but I did tell a few stories of sexual adventures I had when I was their age and how I had been to many nude beaches and to swingers resorts with my wife.

The little curly French girl spoke very little English so my stories had to be translated by one of the blond sisters. I do not know what the translation was but the French girl got naked again lying on the cabin floor showing us all her pussy and letting the blond girls finger her ass and pussy. She said something in French and one of the blond girls said she wants me to fuck her.

I got on the phone to see where the other pilot was and he told me he was at least an hour out with parts and a technician so I decided to fuck that little beauty.

She was sitting on a long couch with a blond girl on either side and I started pushing my nine inch cock into her pussy. I was teasing a little starting to push it in and backing out while I fingered her ass. With both of the blond girls only inches away and licking around her pussy I slid my cock all the way in and started fucking the French girl who’s tight pussy was a challenge to get all the way inside.

I did not want to cum too soon so I pulled out a few times to let one of the blond girls suck my cock and the other licked the French girl’s slit. I had just started fucking her again when one of the blond girls got a call from her dad. We got super quiet while she explained the delay and told him she was bored.

Immediately after the phone call from her dad one of the blond girls asked to get fucked. That girl was incredible, I remember her pussy strip was blond and I enjoyed looking down her tan body at my cock going in and out of that wondering if I was going to pull out and cum all over that blond little bush. Then my phone rang and it was their dad checking with me. I pulled out of blondie’s little hole and let her dad know we were delayed but I would be sure the girls got food before we left.

I was still on the phone with him when the French girl stuffed my cock in her mouth, I assured the dad all was good and hung up just seconds before shooting a huge load in her mouth. She said something in French and then showed the load of cum to her friends who told her to swallow it. I had not done anything with the second blond girl so she gave me some head while her friends licked her pussy, I really wanted to cum on her perfect little boobs but once I started fucking her I pulled out and we all fingered the cum into her asshole.

The maintenance people and my partner pilot arrived a little later and we made the short flight to Nice. Unfortunately it was not my aircraft who picked the girls up from their vacation but I did get all their phone numbers should we happen to be in the same cities again.