TITLE: Wife Takes Charge Creampie
LOCATION: 425olds - USA
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Beth lay back in the warm soapy water relaxing after a hectic week at work. The water gently swirled round her soft breasts as she lay back to soak and clean her body. She had been thinking that her sex life with her husband had been a little mundane lately and had decided to liven it up a little. After much thought she had decided that to spice things up a bit she was going to try something new and be a bit more dominant and take charge of things in the bedroom for her own pleasure. However before things could proceed further she had some preparation to do. Beth leisurely lathered soap over her hairy pussy and slowly started to shave the hairs away. Taking her time she meticulously removed all her hair from the bottom part of her pussy until her lips were totally smooth and hairless. Beth wasn't too happy about doing this and didn't do it that often, but she knew that when she did she would get some great attention from her husbands tongue... and that is certainly what she wanted later on that night.

After her bath Beth dressed sexily and provocatively in her favourite stockings, suspenders, tiny slut pants and bra. She put her dressing gown on over the top and went down stairs to find her husband and start proceedings. Finding her husband in the lounge watching football on the television she stood in front of him and let the dressing gown fall open exposing her sexily dressed body in all its hot horny glory.

'You can have me if you like' Beth said, 'but only if you do exactly as I say!'

'Wow' Richard said 'dressed like that I'll do anything you want.'

'Right then' Beth said 'Turn the television off and come here on the floor and kiss my feet'

Beth stood with her legs slightly apart and as she had commanded Richard moved down to the floor and started to kiss her feet through the stockings.

'Higher' said Beth as he started to kiss upwards towards her thighs 'Lick here' she said indicating her sensitive white thighs above the stocking tops. 'Now lick my pussy through my tight slut pants' she said.

Beth was enjoying the attentions of her Husband's tongue on her pussy through the skimpy slutpants and she could feel herself becoming aroused and wet. However she wasn't very comfortable standing in the living room so she said:

'Go and have a quick bath and when you have finished go to the bedroom and lie on the bed and wait for me'

Beth sat in the chair in the living room and poured herself a glass of wine whilst she listened to her Husband upstairs taking a bath. She resisted all temptation to slip a hand inside her panties and stroke her clitty as she wanted to save it for her Husbands tongue, but she was certainly feeling hot and getting wet with the anticipation of what was to come. She heard the water running out of the bath and her husband entering the bedroom She gave him a minute to get comfortable then went upstairs to complete the next part of her plan.

Her husband was lying naked on the bed waiting for her to come up with his cock hard and erect pointing up to the ceiling. Beth entered the bedroom, closed the door and reached under the bed for the old stockings she had placed there earlier. She quickly tied his hands to the corners of the headboard then moved to the bottom of the bed and loosely tied his feet to the end of the bed. Beth now had him exactly where she wanted for her total pleasure!

Still wearing her sexy clothes Beth got on the bed and straddled her husband she spent a couple of minutes slowly kissing him. She could feel his hard cock pressing on her clit through her skimpy pants which she loved and she was starting to get quite aroused and wet. After the heavy kissing she sat up and unclipped her bra finally letting her large gorgeous tits spring free. Leaning forward she moved her tit over his face and brushed his lips with the hardening nipple and commanded

'Lick it' Beth moved each of her tits over his mouth and said 'suck them.' She continued doing this for some time until her nipples were rock hard, sensitive and engorged. As he was tied down Richard had no choice but to lick and suck each one as it was offered. After her tits had had enough attention Beth got off the bed and stood next to her husband.

'I think its about time that these came down don't you?' she said as she slowly and seductively peeled her slut pants down only inches away from his face. Slowly revealing her freshly shaved smooth moist pussy. 'Do you like it' she said as she pressed the wet slut pants to his nose forcing him to breathe in and savor the damp scent from her wet juices in the gusset.

Beth would have liked to lick his nipples or suck his hard cock but she did not want to turn him on even more and make him come. She wanted him to last so that she could get the maximum pleasure after all the preparations she had made, and anyway the whole point in tying him down was for her benefit.

Now that apart from the stockings and suspenders she was still wearing Beth was naked. She got on the bed and stood above her Husband. She was so turned on her pussy lips were gaping wide open and she could feel her outer lips glistening with wetness as her juices leaked out. Holding on to the headboard she slowly lowered herself down until her spread pussy was only inches away from his face.

'Eat me' she said 'lick my clit and make me come' she said as she lowered herself sexily and slowly down on to his waiting mouth and tongue.

She shuddered and gave a little groan as his tongue licked up and down her soaking wet slit and started circling her clit.

After a couple of minutes of her Husbands fantastic tongue licking on her slippery pussy and clit Beth wanted to feel his cock deep inside her smooth wet pussy. She moved backwards from his mouth and positioned her hungry pussy above his cock, as one hand spread her lips she slowly lowered herself down on it. Feeling full up she slowly stared at her husband and rocked back and forth on his cock enjoying the full up sensations as his cock probed deep inside her. As Beth was in charge she could control the speed of movement for her maximum pleasure. She gently moved faster and cupped one of her tits with her hand gently pinching the nipple. As she moved she arched backwards and her other hand gently played with her clit enjoying the sensations as she gently worked herself toward orgasm.

Not wanting her husband to come inside her just yet she pulled off his shiny hard cock and once again moved forward over his mouth.

'Lick me again' she said as she lowered herself down on to his mouth covering his chin with her sexy wetness. She held on to the headboard as he passionately licked her soaking wet slit. She allowed her hands to wander down and gently circle and caress her own clit as her husbands tongue made it wet. Beth was close to coming now as she rode her husbands tongue and circled her clit with her fingers. She let out a long moan as she finally had a marvelous powerful orgasm. Shuddering deliciously as his tongue lapped up and down her juicy wet slit.

'I want you to come now' she said in a husky sexy voice, as once again she moved backwards. She gently licked each of his nipples and then slowly traced her tongue down over his belly towards his hard straining cock. She gently kissed the tip and said

'I want you to come inside me so I won't suck you' then once again she straddled him and again lowered her slippery juicy smooth pussy on to his cock. She leant forward and kissed him and whispered sexily in his ear 'I want you to come loads deep inside me.' She sat up and rode him, gently at first then gradually faster and faster until as his body tensed and he moaned she could feel him pumping jets of his sticky sperm deep inside her smooth pussy as he came.

As his cock grew soft inside her Beth got off it and in one quick movement she moved forward and once again lowered herself down over his mouth. She commanded:

'Eat me up now and lick me totally clean' she knew he wasn't keen on doing this but as he was tied down he had no options.

'Lick me' she said, 'lick my juicy pussy out' she said as she lowered her sex over his mouth.

Slowly he opened his mouth and for the very first time licked up the slippery juice from their combined lovemaking that was sexily dribbling out from the bottom of her pussy. Beth used her fingers to open up her pussy lips and stayed over his mouth until all the wet sticky spermy juices had run out into his mouth and he had swallowed them all. When he had finished she got up from his mouth and had the satisfaction of seeing his lips and chin all shiny with her juices and his come. She untied his wrists and ankles looked into his eyes and said

'Thanks honey you better use to this from now on.'