TITLE: The Hotel Manager
LOCATION: Coulsdongirl - UK
AGE: 41 - 50
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A few years back in between marriages to Number1 and Number2 my friend Tracy and I went on holiday to Spain.

It was only for a week but just what the Doctor ordered, sun, sea, sand, drinks and a few laughs. The only thing missing was guys.

We had both gone with the intention of 'pulling' but had chosen the wrong kind of hotel. We were the only single women there everyone else was in couples or worse, couples with c***dren.

The local bars we not much better. Full of younger women who seemed to attract guys like honey attracts bees. None of the guys seemed that interested in two older birds (mid-40s) who were eager to shag.

Anyway this carried on for a few nights and we got to the stage where we even thinking of going down on each other when last-night-but-one we met Miguel in the bar. Now Miguel was a mature good looking guy it's fair to say but he was also the hotel manager and oozed charm.

Hello Ladies he said, may I sit with you? What would you like to drink. Now Tracy and I didn't need asking twice as we hadn't seen him in the bar before tonight and of course we both had the same idea...which of us was going to pull him?

He explained that this was his one night of the week off. Even though he lived in an apartment within the Hotel he never wandered too far away and liked to come in and meet the guests 'socially' so to speak. We both had cocktails while he drank a small whisky. Let us sit out near the pool he said and we can catch some fresh air.

We all wandered to the pool side and Tracy and I glanced at each other and I could tell from her expression that she was thinking the same as me. We could pull here.

Anyway time passed by and eventually nature took its course and Tracy and I wandered off to 'powder our noses'. While doing this we had all returned to the bar where Miguel awaited our return. Bloody hell Tracy I said, what are we going to do? Let's both have him she said. You up for it?

Well, I can't say I'm a prude and to be honest I was gagging for cock so I went along with this madcap idea.

Tracy opened the conversation. Miguel she said would you like to accompany us to our room? He didn't need asking twice. It was obvious that he fancied the idea of having us older birds as much as we fancied the idea of having him.

When we got to the room we faced the little hurdle of out twin beds. Miguel pushed them as close togther as possible and then pulled us togther and kissed us both passionately. It was obvious from the bulge in his trousers that he was REALLY up for this.

We all undressed quickly and Tracy and I lay on the beds looking up at Miguel as he stood there with muscular body and very stiff cock. He climbed on the bed and again kissed us both before caressing Tracy and going down on her pussy...I turned to face them admiring his technique as he worked his magic and made her ready for sex before fucking her hard til I heard her cry out in pleasure before I saw him shudder as he released his load.

I was jealous and couldn't wait for that to happen to me. I didn't have to wait too long as he worked his foreplay on me caressing my breasts and going down on my pussy before he became hard again and entered me...banging me as Tracy kissed me and held my hand. My orgasm was a long time coming but when I got there I felt electric run through me. This spanish bull really knew how to use his tool for pleasure.

When he finished I realised that I had enjoyed Tracy kissing me and I leaned over and kissed her as Miguel lay back and recuperated a little. All soft cock by now but admiring the view as Tracy and I caressed each other's bodies as he rested.

After a while he recovered and we began the process again....

Eventually we all ran out of steam and Miguel washed up, got dressed and left us, but not before saying..'Thank you ladies, that really was enjoyable'.

No...thank you we said...and meant it.

We never did go back but it is one hell of a good memory.