TITLE: A Quiet Night At The Local (Not)
STORY: It was planned to be a quiet Friday in our local but a friend had said he'd join us. Luckily for me I had the camera and, after a few drinks, asked him to take our picture. Lisa was a little nervous as she wasn't wearing a bra or panties but, after a few drinks, had kinda forgotten this fact and, as a plus, she knows the drill and teasingly spread her sexy legs as she draped one leg over my knee. My friend's face was a picture lol. He had to be careful the couple behind us or the bar staff didn't become suspicious but he took several pictures telling her to part her thighs a little further each time. After a few more beers we decided to leave, early start on Saturday for Lisa but not before we took some more daring photos out the front of the pub or before Marc rather forwardly then rested his hands on Lisa's thigh as we were about to leave the bar, but she didn't brush his hand away … hmmmmm lol. When outside a couple of car horns tooted and our friend had a tent pole in his pants lol. He wants to join us for drinks next weekend. Lisa thinks she knows what that means for her too lol
CLUBHOUSE: jason197