Hi Watchersweb. A friend of mine sent me these. They are of this girl he is seeing. Said he didn't care if I posted them on this site so here she is. Good looking girl, he is a lucky guy. What do you think?
 San Francisco, California, USA
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"Kaity's Tits"
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Kaity's Tits #0
Good morning Kaity ... you're right, your friend is one lucky guy, she is a stunner.
Kaity's Tits #1
Kaity's Tits #2
I bet he has had his cock between those girls many times leaving her with a pearl necklace.
Kaity's Tits #3
Kaity's Tits #4
Seeing as though you have lost your top you may as well loose those jeans and show us what other secrets your keeping.
Kaity's Tits #5
Kaity's Tits #6
Wow! Those eyes ... who wouldn't want to look up or down into those beauties?
Kaity's Tits #7
Kaity's Tits #8
The jeans are off now and I'm hoping those knickers come off soon too.
Kaity's Tits #9
Thanks for sharing your friends lady with us, it was a pleasure doing you and I hope there is many more on the way for our viewing pleasure.
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Kaity's Tits