A great summer trip traveling for a 12 days in many places away from the city. Me and my girlfriend like it very much in places that has a lake for fishing and great sex in the wild.
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"Summer Trip"
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Summer Trip #0
Good morning Summer Trip! It's a pleasure to have you with us today, the lake looks deserted so I think It would be safe to strip off completely and enjoy the caress of mother nature.
Summer Trip #1
Summer Trip #2
That-a-girl slip them down all the way so we get a better look at you.
Summer Trip #3
A quick ciggie break before you continue with your teasing strip?
Summer Trip #4
Summer Trip #5
That-a-girl ... let those hands slip those knickers to the side so you can slip your hand in there and enjoy your own caress.
Summer Trip #6
Summer Trip #7
Youu know you would be so much more comfortable if you did slip them off? Ok, enough is enough! Where's my cyber scissors? I just have to get in there hehehe.
Summer Trip #8
Summer Trip #9
Thanks for sharing your fun at the lake with us, I hope there are many more heading our way for our viewing pleasure very soon.
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