Lisa met me at a hotel for a 40th birthday party and I travelled to meet her in the bar. She was already changed for the party and said that, while she was waiting for me, she had been chatted up. She hitched her skirt up and asked if I liked what she was wearing. She opened her legs and said she'd forgotten to put her panties on and had forgotten to pack a bra for the weekend. I finished by drink and took her back to the room and, as we were at the end of the corridor, I left the door open and hitched her skirt up ... she tried to turn around to go and shut the door but I had already entered her as I bent her over the divan. We could hear people walk down the corridor to their room. She was so wet with the excitement she didn't complain but I had to put my hand over her mouth to stifle her noise ... a horny night indeed. The other pics are probably for the Blue section. What would you have done if you'd walked past our hotel room door?
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Hi Lisa!
Hotel Smut #1
Hotel Smut #2
You know we love it when you get your horny on in a public bar ... those nipples and no panties give you away every time ;)
Hotel Smut #3
Love the garter and stockings!
Hotel Smut #4
Hotel Smut #5
Hotel Smut #6
Ooooohhh ... is that an invitation into your room? Line up Watchers, no shoving please. Thanks Jason and Lisa, we love it when you get cheeky :-) xxxx
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