Just sitting around the house watching football on a Saturday evening. I was supposed to be alone for the weekend. He took his girlfriend to the mountains to try out his new camera. Well I guess he pissed her off so she threw him out of the cabin so he was already pissed when he got home and found me naked in his chair.
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"Watching Football"
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Watching Football #0
Hi ya! Footy on a Saturday evening is a great idea ... especially when he's off with his girlfriend.
Watching Football #1
Something tells me you weren't too pleased he came back early LOL
Watching Football #2
Did he interrupt the game? Send him to the kitchen for a beer!!
Watching Football #3
Watching Football #4
Thanks honey, I see you've got some more pics in Blue so I think I might pop over there and see what other kinds of fun you got up to. Enjoy your feedback! :-) xxxx
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Watching Football