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Please remember- many submitters post on other sites and this does not make it a fake. We have many submitters who post on other sites, with the same pictures, or have photos stolen and reposted to many torrents and appear again. Our Job is to confirm that the Submitter is in fact the owner of the pictures and the subject is who they say they are. If they can not establish both those facts after a submission is reported or suspected as a fake, we will remove it within 24 hours.

We will contact the submitter to confirm their ID.

Please also be aware that all prize winners must send our admin office a picture of themselves holding a handwritten sign before we process a prize claim, so there is no chance of fakes receiving prizes.

If you believe a submission is truly a fake please Use the "Open a Ticket " Link above to make the report.

We appreciate your efforts to keep Watchersweb Real !

WW Admin

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