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"Exhibitionist Sister In Law"
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My wife and I have lived and worked in New York for almost 15 years. Eight months ago my wife’s younger sister and her husband moved in with us. He had been laid off of his job and had found work in New York. They were really strapped for cash and we had agreed to let them stay with us until they got back on their feet. My wife and I both work. I work a night shift going in at 11:00pm each night and get off at 7:00am each morning with weekends off. My wife works from 8:00am in the morning until 5:00pm and she too is off weekends. My brother in law works 7:00am until 4:00pm each day and my wife’s younger sister does not work. This arrangement is not the best for my wife and me but it pays the bills, we see each other every evening and on weekends but it also puts me and my sister in law alone in the house every day during the week, all day long, granted much of that time I am asleep.

Just a little about us, I am 41 years old, my wife Amy is 39. My wife’s sister Jennifer is the youngest in their family and is more than 10 years younger than my wife at 28. Both sisters are tall; my wife carries a little more weight than her younger sister but is by no means over weight. Amy and Jennifer both have long blonde hair and while Amy has hazel eyes, Jennifer’s eyes are the brightest baby blue you have ever seen. Amy has nice titties, she is a 36 B, and Jennifer’s breasts appear just a little larger than Amy’s. Amy has a nice butt but little sister Jennifer was blessed with the most amazing ass you have ever seen. She has the perfect tight little bubble butt most men only dream about.

Amy and I met while I attended a local University and as we dated Jennifer was always around us. We even included her on several dates, nothing sexual at all, just an occasional movie or ice-skating. I knew at the time how special it made her feel to go out with her big sister and her boyfriend but truth be told I really enjoyed her company even back then, even though she was only about 13 at the time.

It was a very easy decision the day Jennifer called Amy and explained her husband had been offered a new job in New York and they needed a place to stay for awhile. We had a large condo with two bedrooms and one bath, the bath was a common bath between the bedrooms with a door going into each bedroom. The next weekend Jennifer and her husband moved in. Within a few days of them moving in I knew I was in for a ride I just had no idea how wild the ride would be.

We had just started to settle into a routine, I would come home from work in the morning, my wife and brother in law would have just left from work, I would shower and grab something to eat and crawl in bed. Jennifer was in the house but usually she would just be getting up as I went to bed. I would wake in the evening in time to see everyone, have dinner, and visit a while before going off to work. Amy seemed more sexual and it seemed since her sister had moved in she had become a lust filled woman, I was not complaining.

I came home on a Wednesday morning; I quietly got myself a bowl of cereal and ate then went to shower. I walked into the bathroom noticing that the door to Jennifer’s bedroom was partially open. I innocently glanced inside and saw Jennifer asleep with the covers pulled up to just above her waist, she was nude above the covers. I froze, I had not considered anything like this happening, but I could not take my eyes off of her, she had her back towards me. There was just enough sunlight filtering in to see her very clearly. I could see her shoulders nice and tanned; I could see the hollow of her back just above her butt crack that was barely hidden by the covers. I wanted to see more but was afraid of stepping inside the room. The sight was incredible and I wondered if she was completely nude under the covers, but I soon worried she would wake up and catch me looking so I eased the door closed and took my shower. I slept restlessly that day with visions of Jennifer running through my mind. I was so close and I was kicking myself for not easing inside her bedroom and getting a peek of her breast. I felt I had let a great opportunity slip past me. When I woke up everyone was home from work, Jennifer was wearing an old t shirt and I found myself staring at her breast wondering just what they looked like throughout dinner.

The next morning I came home hoping to find my sister in law still in bed with the door open but instead Jennifer greeted me at the door when I walked in. She was wearing a man’s shirt that was only buttoned by the bottom three buttons and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and asked me if I wanted one too. I normally would have turned it down because I needed to go get some sleep and the coffee would probably keep me awake for awhile, but the sight in front of me made me say, “Yeah, that would be great”. I followed her into the kitchen and watched as she reached up in the cupboard for a cup, the shirt came open for a brief second giving me a quick peek at Jennifer’s nipple I also noticed at the same time her shirt lifted exposing just a hint of the bottom of her pretty ass, it appeared she was nude under the shirt. Jennifer sat across from me and we chatted awhile but I could not see anything more so I told her I had better hit the shower and go to bed, she said she was going to change and just hang out around the house.

The door into her bedroom was cracked when I went into the bathroom and I saw Jennifer going into her closet. I was about to push the door shut when I saw her re-appear and walk to her dresser. She was entirely nude but again had her back to me as she bent to take a pair of panties out of the bottom drawer. Jennifer’s legs were slightly apart. There was a gap between her legs and the lips of her pussy hung down a good inch right in the middle of the gap. As she bent over the lips of her pussy protruded backwards right towards me making a thick ragged slit, her pussy was right in the ray of light coming in from the window. The thick, long, puckered up lips of her pussy were in stark contrast to her sister pussy. Amy’s pussy is basically a tight slit. The sight of her round naked ass was to die for also, this was the perfect sight. I stepped backwards behind the door as she straightened up and turned not wanting her to catch me looking and quickly turned the water on in the shower.

I stepped into the shower with a raging hard cock and turned the water on cold to let me cool down a little. I washed quickly and stepped out but Jennifer was not in her bedroom anymore. I had a hard time getting to sleep but when I finally fell asleep I slept like a rock and my wife woke me and seemed filled with lust, her pussy was dripping wet as she slid down on my growing cock. Amy was never the mild mannered type but she was so aroused when we made love this time I was beginning to wonder what she had been up to. When we finally quit making love it was getting late and I just had time to eat and get out the door for work.

The rest of the week was uneventful but Monday morning I had another surprise waiting for me. The door from the bathroom into my sister in laws bedroom was again open, this time completely open. Jennifer was asleep on her side again but this time facing me. The cover was again around her waist but this time her breasts were exposed to me. I could not help but tell her nipples were very hard and her areolas were pulled in tightly around them. They were still the size of a silver dollar and a dark pink color. He breast were indeed larger than her sisters with a soft fullness that only sagged a little with gravity. I watched standing in the doorway for a good while until I saw her start to stir a little and quickly eased the door partly shut. I was not sure now if she wanted me to see or if this had all been just a coincidence but I decided to push my luck a little.

I left the door partially open, about a 6 inch crack, as I stripped my clothes and stepped into the shower. It’s hard to describe the excitement I was feeling with the thought of seeing her and equally the thought she may be looking at me, right now, as I showered. My cock was hard and I kept my back mostly toward her door as I showered. The glass in the shower was not clear glass it was the opaque kind that sort of distorts the view but I still felt like I was naked on a pedestal before her. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel and immediately saw that the door was almost half way open. My heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest as I dried off, leaving the door just as it was. I buried my face in the towel as I dried my hair and made a point to face directly at her bedroom door. I had no idea if she was even in there but the thought that she might be had my cock almost throbbing it felt so hard. I am no porn star stud but I do have a very thick 6 ½ inch cock. I pulled the towel down from my face and thought I caught the slightest of movement in her bedroom.

I got dressed and went into the kitchen and Jennifer was already in the kitchen making some toast. She was only wearing an old t-shirt it seemed and we just exchanged small talk as we ate breakfast. She acted as if nothing at all had happened and I was beginning to have second thoughts about her maybe exposing herself to me on purpose. I finally said I was going to bed and she told me to sleep well and that she was going to take a shower and go shopping for a while. I put my plate in the dishwasher and was fixing to turn it on when I heard the water in the shower start so I decided I had better not run the dishwasher while she was showering. I walked into my bedroom and saw my door to the bathroom open slightly and at the same time saw movement in the crack. I stayed still waiting until I heard the shower door open and close and crept over to the open door. I could see Jennifer in the shower in a distorted view through the glass but could easily see the contrast of colors of her dark pink areolas and now realized seeing her in the front that she did indeed have a fair amount of pussy hair that looked dark in contrast to her skin.

Jennifer is fairly blonde, but her pubic hair when wet, appeared a darker shade, a nice contrast to her tan skin. I had not seen any hair as she was bent over with her ass towards me looking in her dresser that day, but now it looked like she had trimmed her self around her clit and her pussy lips but left a nice patch above. When she seemed ready to get out of the shower I quickly slid under my covers facing the door and acted asleep. I saw Jennifer peek inside my room and gently open the door a little more. The light was on in the bathroom and the reflection in the full sized mirror over the sink gave me a great view as she brushed out her hair. I saw her again look over in my direction and again she walked to the door and opened it just a little more. I watched as she walked back to the sink and looked into the mirror right at me. I thought I was caught looking at her but then realized it was fairly dark in my bedroom and she probably could not see me that well, I saw her look one more time at me then reach down to turn the hair dryer in her hand on. It all came together in that instance, she had opened the door the second time and went back to look to make sure if I was awake I could see her! The hair dryer was to make sure I would see her in case I was indeed asleep.

The next day was my birthday and we were all going out to go eat when everyone got off work. I was hoping to find Jennifer in some sort of state of undress when I got home but instead she was fully dressed and fixing to leave the house when I got there. She told me she was going shopping, she had a special birthday gift in mind for me and that she would wake me an hour or two before everyone got home so I would have time to shower and get dressed and be ready to go out for dinner when they all got home form work. I told her she didn’t need to get me anything but she just smiled and said, “I have put a lot of thought into this and I think you will like it, so go to bed and get your rest”, with that she was out the door. I went to sleep wondering what she had in mind.

I felt like I was dreaming. I was tired but the erotic dream I was having felt so good. I was in that state between sleep and being awake when everything seems sort of fuzzy but the feeling I had between my legs felt so real. The feeling felt so soft and warm and as my mind began to come to life, I saw movement then realized I was not alone. The bedroom clock said 2:00pm as Jennifer sat up letting my hard cock slide out of her mouth. She whispered, “Happy Birthday” in the deepest and most sensuous voice I had ever heard. My eyes were diverted straight to her breasts which had red satin bows taped to her nipples. She had on a matching G-string that was red satin and she looked the picture of beauty. She crawled up beside my face and asked If I wanted to “unwrap” her present? I reached up to the first bow and watched as I tried to gently pull the bow from her breast. Her nipple seemed to stretch out as I pulled until finally the tape let go, but not before I heard an, “Ouch” from Jennifer. I told her I was sorry and told her she had better take the other one off but she was having none of it and again I reached out and gently tugged the bow. This one was really stuck and her nipple was really stretched out when the tape finally came loose.

Jennifer’s breast were the size of a good sized grapefruit, her areolas were bunched up tight around her nipples and I watched as she stood up on the bed with one foot on either side of my face. I was looking straight up between her legs as she told me to finish unwrapping my present. My eyes were glued to her pussy lips that seemed to have swallowed the bottom portion of her G-string. Her pussy lips were long and pouty and folded themselves around her G-string. She directed me to the tiny bows tied on each side of her G-string. I reached up and undid the bows and watched as the sides of the G-string fell away only to be held by the part stuck inside her pussy lips. I reached up and pulled her G-string downwards and watched as her lips spread to release them. They were soaking wet.

Jennifer stepped down from the bed and reached inside my nightstand and pulled out an envelope. She smiled and handed it to me. I immediately recognized the handwriting when I saw my name scrawled across the card. My heart skipped a beat and my hands got clammy as I slowly opened the card. It read: “I wanted to get you something special for your Birthday and Jennifer agreed to help me out. We both love you. I hope this is a Birthday you will never forget, Love Amy” I looked up to see my wife standing in the door.

Amy was naked as she walked over to the bed and kissed me. She slid the covers completely off of me and slid down to take my cock into her mouth. Jennifer kneeled over my face and I got to taste my wife’s sister for the first time. My tongue slid easily between her thick meaty lips and I felt her hard clit waiting for me. Jennifer was so wet my face seemed to have been creamed in a matter of minutes. I was getting close to Cumming and tried to warn Amy as she continued to take my cock as deep as she could in her mouth. Jennifer was rocking her pubic mound against my face and as I licked her pussy I slid down just a little to let her rub her clit along my nose. I purposely rubbed my nose in circles around her clit as I licked and sucked her pussy. When Jennifer came it surprised me because she suddenly gushed a squirt of clear liquid right onto my face. I did not pull back but instead licked faster and faster as I felt myself begin to empty into my wife’s waiting mouth. Jennifer pushed her hips down hard against my mouth to stop all my movements as the waves of her orgasm swept over her. My mouth was hit two or three more times by small gushes of her juice, finally we all rolled apart.

Amy laid beside me holding me close and kissing me as Jennifer slowly played with my growing cock. I felt Jennifer again take my cock in her mouth as my wife’s tongue slid between my lips and we kissed passionately. I felt Jennifer straddle me and felt her hand as it guided my hard cock into her waiting pussy. Jennifer’s pussy felt like a warm, wet, velvet glove as she slid down taking my cock into her in one motion. Jennifer rode my cock slowly at first and with each downward thrust would let out a little, “Ohh”, before long she was slamming down harder and the Ohhhh’s were getting much louder. So much so that Amy pulled away and just watched as her sister rode me harder and harder. Each time she would go down she would grind her pelvic bone down in a circle before pulling up almost off of my cock then slamming back down. Jennifer let out a loud, “OHHHHHHHH” and I felt a wetness envelope my cock and run down over my balls. It was all I could stand as I began to empty by balls deep inside my sister in laws pussy.

I looked over at my wife and she was smiling at us with love and lust in her eyes. We laid down together to catch our breaths and it was then that Amy and Jennifer confessed to me their plan. At first it was just to tease me. They had been talking about me sexually I guess for most of there lives and finally saw this opportunity when Jennifer and her husband had moved in. They set about teasing me with Jennifer, both girls thought at some point I would make a move and Jennifer and I would make love. Jennifer would tell Amy in great detail just what she had done that day when Amy came home form work, so Amy’s hot, turned on, sexual aggression as of late was beginning to make sense to me now. When I had not done anything more than look, Amy came up with the Birthday plan and Jennifer was all for it, so here we were.

Now there was a new question for me. Jennifer and Amy wanted to do the same thing to Jennifer’s husband, in reverse with Amy doing the teasing and seeing how far it would go. I just smiled and said ok, but you have to tell me in every detail just what you did. Even as I said it I was trying to figure out how I might be able to video all this.

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