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"Sister In Law"
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My name is Michael, I am married to a very nice looking woman named Barbara, but everyone calls her Barb. We are 30 and 29 years old respectively. Barb is a great looking brunette with nice size breast; they are a large B cup or smallish C cup depending on the brand and style of her bra. Barb is wild sexually and is up to try just about anything. Yeah I married a freak and I love every minute of it. She loves making love outdoors where there is a chance of being caught by someone. We have just about worn out every roadside park in our area.

Barb has a younger sister Erin that is 25 years old and married to a guy that is just no good, no one in our family really understood her attraction to him. He is loud and vulgar and is the type that knows it all. He is verbally abusive to Erin at least and we have all wondered if it was more than just verbal abuse. Barb and I have tried to get her to just leave him but so far she has stayed with him. He is a long haul trucker so her only relief is when he is out on a trip. Barb just hates him and would do anything to get her away from him. Many times he is gone for a week at a time. Erin spends quite a bit of time with us when he is gone and many times spends the night at our house which is fine with both Barb and I. Erin is a brunette but has much larger breast than Barb does. She is hot and she wears a little old thin material nightgown with no bra when she stays over. Her nipples are almost but not quite visible through the thin material. I am in a constant state of arousal when she wears that and I know she has noticed on a few occasions.

Erin was staying over one night and we had decided to all go out to a movie. Barb had called me as I drove home from work and said to hurry up they wanted to see an early show and that her and Erin were going to get a shower and change clothes. I was getting close to home and as I walked down the hall I noticed Erin’s bedroom door was open. I could not look directly into the bathroom but there was a large family picture above the headboard of her bed and the reflection on the glass was straight into the changing room and sink area of her bathroom. I stopped and stared as the reflection in the glass of Erin standing in front of the mirror, totally nude, brushing out her hair. She looked beautiful. Her breasts were so big and full. I had a side view of her and was hoping she would turn to give me a better look. When she finally turned to walk into the bedroom to get her clothes it caught me by surprise I saw her in the reflection but almost immediately saw her enter the bedroom too. I started walking on down the hall as if I hadn’t noticed her but I caught a quick glimpse of her jumping back into the changing room as she saw me. I didn’t know if she thought I had seen her naked or not and nothing was ever said.

From that day on I made it a point that when ever Erin stayed and went to take a shower and change I would try to always walk down the hall to see if I could see her in the reflection of the picture. Several times I caught her naked or changing clothes but also several times she had abruptly turned and walked out into the bedroom to find me “walking by” down the hall. Erin and I were always very close and Barb had teased me several times about Erin. Barb had walked up on me once while I was looking into Erin’s bedroom and trying to get a peek and had grabbed me in the ribs laughing saying, “are you trying to get a peek of Erin?” I said, “No ” She kept on walking saying, “yeah I bet you weren’t”

About a month ago Erin called one night and asked if I could help her put together a computer desk. It was the kind that fits in a large almost flat box with lots of pieces and she needed a helping hand. She said her husband had just left on a trip and she wanted to get it put together before he got back. I knew he was very difficult to work with and if things didn’t go easily he would just blow up so I told her sure. I asked Barb to go with me but she leaves for work early so she told me to just go on without her. I got to Erin’s house and she met me at the door with that same old nightgown. She looked great as we went in and started pulling out all the pieces on the floor. We were both sitting on the floor reading the directions and trying to figure out what went where. Erin was sitting with her legs spread out with pieces of the computer table between her legs and I had a clear view of her small white panties. I was wearing loose Dockers shorts and I was having a hard time not getting too excited and getting an erection.

We fumbled around with the pieces of the computer desk awhile and when I looked down between Erin’s legs I noticed a wet spot on her panties, it was about the size of a dime but it was there. I immediately got a hard on and had to shift around so it was not so visible to her. We worked another ten minutes or so and when I had a chance to take another look at Erin’s panties the spot had grown to a long narrow slit right straight down her pussy. My cock was rock hard and I noticed Erin taking several peeks at me. I looked up and her nipples looked like they were trying to poke through the fabric of her nightgown. I finally decided to quit trying to hide my erection and let Erin make the next move. I didn’t want to do anything she didn’t want to do and I didn’t know if she really wanted to do more.

We went through an awkward time with my cock sticking straight out like a tent in my shorts and her with a very visible and growing wet spot on her panties. We were just about to get the computer desk completed when Erin looked at me and asked if I was all right? I said, “Yeah, What do you mean?” She looked down at my shorts and smiled and said “it looks to me like you might need to go home and let Barb take care of that” I smiled back at her and said, “Well it looks to me like you might need to go to your bedroom and take care of that too” as I pointed to her wet pussy. Erin said that’s the only way she had been taking care of it lately, her husband hadn’t done anything to take care of her in months. I told her I was sorry to hear that and she surprised me by telling me that Barb had told her that I was a really good lover and she wished her husband would do to her the things I do to Barb.

I asked her just what her and her sister talked about? She told me “they talked about a lot of things, why did I think I was there with her alone that night?” My mind was spinning as I asked, “So this was a planned thing?” She said her and Barb had talked about it. She went on to explain she had been complaining about her husband and lack of sex and everything else that was wrong with him and Barb had simply said one day well you ought to just try out Michael. I said, “So Barb knows all about this and she is ok with it?” Erin said yes she is, we have been planning this all week. As a matter of fact she is probably driving around outside waiting on me to call her now. Erin picked up her cell phone and called Barb and within five minutes Barb was walking in to Erin’s house. Both girls were smiling as I just looked at them shaking my head.

The girls led me into the bedroom and I could tell that all this had been planned, the bedroom was lit with candles everywhere. They led me in and we all stripped and proceeded to run the large garden tub full of soapy water. Both girls washed every inch of me my cock was so hard it just throbbed. I got out of the tub to dry off and both girls got in the tub and washed each other. I watched in absolute amazement as my beautiful wife and her gorgeous sister washed each other and stood soaking wet in the tub. It was a sight I will never forget. Barb with her toned great looking body and Erin with her very large breast and softer features. We dried off and made our way back to the bedroom. I laid down as Barb took my hard cock into her mouth. I reached for Erin and pulled her to me so I could get a taste of her nice hot pussy.

Erin straddled my head and I licked her delicately at first. Spreading her lips slightly with the tip of my tongue. Up and down her entire slit and could tell she was getting very wet as her pussy was almost flowing slick juices all over my face. Erin’s clit was very large, much larger than Barbs and when I flicked the tip of my tongue over it she pressed her hips down on my face harder and harder. Barb was taking my cock all the way down in a long slow teasing way but I knew I would not be able to hold back to long. Suddenly Erin pushed down hard on my face and I could feel her pussy begin to spasm with out any warning my face was flooded as she squirted time and time again all over me. I was surprised and turned on at the same time. I licked faster and faster and Erin had a second climax and squirted a second time not nearly as much as the first though. I had all the stimulation I could stand and I came hard squirting time after time deep into my wife’s mouth. Barb continues to suck my cock until I was drained completely drained. Erin rolled off of me and I slid between Barbs legs licking her pussy just like I had done her sisters. Barbs pussy was soaking wet and as I licked her pussy she got louder and louder until she let out a scream as she came.

Erin was fondling my cock and it was hard as steel as she pulled me to her. Erin laid on her back and pulled her legs up as I got on top. She reached down and guided my cock into her wet pussy, just feeling the head of my cock slide between her pussy lips was almost more than I could stand. I slid her legs up on my shoulders as I pressed deep inside of her. Erin was moaning and telling me she had never felt anything that far inside of her. Barb was reaching under me and playing with my balls as I held Erin’s ankle high in the air and pumped harder and harder down into her wet pussy. I wanted to get every bit of my cock into her and I pressed down hard on every stroke. We fucked hard and fast and just as I felt I could not hold back any longer Erin came and squirted, I felt the warm wetness all around my cock and all over my balls. I had never felt anything like it and it was all I needed to start my own orgasm. I slammed down deep into Erin and held her tight against me as I emptied my balls deep inside her. I laid there enjoying the moment not wanting it to ever end then finally rolled off of her to catch my breath. We all laid together touching, stroking, feeling each other for another hour.

We have all been together now several times and Barb and I have just about talked Erin into leaving her ass hole husband and moving in with us. It’s been good for all of us and a dream come true for me.

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