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"My Little Cousin ~ Dirty Girl"
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I had a request to tell the story of how my cousin Stephanie and I happened to become sexually involved back in 1991, so here it is…

I was 22 at the time. You could say I was a late bloomer. I had never had a steady girlfriend and had not even become sexually active until I was 19. My first time having sex was on a house call for a furniture company I worked for back in Florida. She was a 36-year-old housewife, and she taught me a lot of things. Being a willing and able learner, it quickly set me on a path toward sexual “deviance,” which is not deviant to me at all – after all, it’s sex, it should be fun, right?

So anyway, having an experienced teacher I quickly learned to perform in the bedroom, and this has always worked to my benefit. And it didn’t hurt that I lacked the pooch belly I’ve developed from a love of beer and middle age. I was young, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall. Women like this, and I like women – so everyone wins.

Growing up I would go over to my cousin’s house and hang out during particular weekends of summer vacation. There were actually three cousins, Mike, Carol, and Stephanie. Mike was the oldest and Carol was only a year younger. Steph was the baby and, at two years younger than me, the closest to my age. They lived with their parent’s right on a lake, and when Mike and I weren’t being total nerd boys we would Jet Ski on the lake or play board games like Monopoly. There was a point growing up I definitely started noticing girls and, because I hung out with my cousins as they were developing into women, they were the first two I really noticed, especially Carol.

Carol was a little 5’2” brunette shaped very much like her sister, but curvier and with slightly larger c-cup breasts. She was three years older than me and always seemed to be walking around the house in a bikini. There was a point that she seemed to lose interest in hanging out with the rest of us. I guess she had developed other interests.

I was 15 years old on one particular bright, sunny afternoon, and Mike and I were out by the lake swimming and playing Frisbee. Carol was sitting out in a reclining lawn chair sunning herself. She was laying face-down with her bikini strap undone and her little bottoms riding up her beautiful, round ass. Carol and Stephanie had what we called, “grapefruit booty,” which I’m pretty sure you can figure out the meaning of, even if you’ve never heard the expression.

I kept glancing over at her hoping for a peek at her breasts, but she eventually tied back up and went in. Mike and I were soon to follow. I stayed in Mike’s room while I was visiting, and Carol’s room was down the hallway past the bathroom. I was going to take a shower and I heard Carol talking on the phone in her room. No one was looking so I went to her doorway, which was slightly ajar. I put my eye right up to the crack and could see partially see her sitting on the edge of her bed. I was shifting and straining to get a better look. She was completely nude. Her brown hair was hanging over her breasts, and it matched the thick patch of hair between her legs. Her areolas were brown on those perky tits, and her nipples looked puffy and huge.

In the shower I masturbated like a possessed madman, all the while thinking of what it would feel like to touch those breasts and run my hands all over that round little body.

When Mike left for college my visits became less frequent. Carol moved out a year later. By the time I was 22 I rarely would visit, but sometimes I would be doing service calls in the area and I would pop in. I had taken note at how much Stephanie had grown. Now 20 years old, what was once a childhood playmate had grown into a very tight little package. Tiny waist and fair, smooth skin. Her legs were perfectly proportioned and her ass was like a product of heaven itself. She was a party girl and had not made it too far in college. She had her own place for a very short time, but had moved back in with her parents.

When I stopped by on that fall afternoon I thought I would be seeing her parents, but it was Stephanie who answered the door. She had long hair at that time, almost down to her ass. It was golden blonde and looked a little damp, like she had taken a shower a little earlier. She was wearing a black tank top with no bra and her nipples were poking out from those perky B-cup breasts. She had on a pair of oversize shorts and was barefoot. Stephanie’s eyes were striking. Big and brown, her pupils always seemed to be dilated. It gave her this perpetual come-hither look – very sexy and innocent.

She invited me in and I sat on the couch in the living room. She sat on the floor against the wall opposite from me and had her legs propped up with her feet flat on the ground. She explained that the parents were out of town and went into a diatribe about her boyfriend who had apparently dumped her just a day before. She said he claimed she was a loser, living with her parents, and this had struck a nerve.

She bitched for some time. She was gesturing a lot and the movement of her legs had created a gap in the leg hole of her shorts. A beam of light from the window perfectly illuminated that little slice of heaven, and for the first time I saw my cousin’s pussy. It was the first shaved pussy I had ever seen. She had a little patch of white-hot blonde hair right above her little slit. Her lips stuck out just slightly and I noticed a piercing on the hood of her clit.

I’ll admit it; I was blatantly staring at my cousin’s pussy. Still, I wasn’t consciously doing it; it was just nature taking over. It was like being hypnotized. Well, Stephanie noticed. “Nick, what are you staring at?” she said. I stammered for an answer and I know my eyes had that look of shock when you get caught doing something naughty and didn’t even realize you were doing it. “Nick, I am your cousin,” she said in a teasing way, “and I don’t think it’s proper for you to be staring at my vagina.”

I apologized and could feel heat in my face and knew I was turning red. I wanted to jump up and leave, but I realized at that time I had developed a rather hearty erection. “If you want to see a pussy that bad maybe you should buy some porno mags or something,” she said, now chuckling a little. She still hadn’t moved her leg. I was flustered and got up to leave, hard-on be damned. Stephanie shot up and blocked my way to the door. “I’m just kidding,” she said.

Her eyes went down to the bulge in my pants and back up, meeting my eyes. She had that look – innocent and devilishly sly at the same time. She took my hand in hers and silently walked down the hallway with me in tow. I followed her into her room and she shut the door behind me. It was a little dark as the curtains were pulled shut. She sat me on the edge of her bed and stood above me. “No one can ever know about this,” she said, “You have to promise.” “I promise,” I said.

She pulled off her tank top and dropped her shorts to the ground. She had beautiful, sensuous curves and her hair was hanging down around her breasts. Her areolas were pink and small. Her nipples were long and pointing out, fully erect. Her stomach was flat and her hips toned. Just below my eye level was her little mound topped by that bright little patch of hair. She stared right into me and said, “Touch me.”

I reached out and ran my fingertips along her flanks from under her arms down to the bottoms of her thighs. Her fair skin felt as smooth as it looked. She closed her eyes and moaned. Thoughts were racing through my mind. I was trying to implant the thought that I would only enjoy the moment, but there was no way I would fuck my cousin. The more I touched her the more the thought slipped away. I ran my hands up the backs of her legs and cupped her perfect little ass. “Like grapefruit,” I thought.

I cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She leaned in, her hair falling around my face, beckoning me to suck on her nipples. I took one in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. My hands were around her back caressing her gently. She leaned down and started to kiss me, softly at first, but soon her tongue was in my mouth and her hands were working their way down to my waist. She pulled off my shirt. As we kissed more passionately she undid my belt, unzipped my jeans, took off my shoes and socks, and pulled my pants and my underwear off in one motion. Stephanie then lay down in the bed next to me. We were both completely naked. My hard cock was rubbing against her thigh.

We made out for while, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. I kissed her neck and she really seemed to enjoy it. She sat up and propped her back on the headboard. I sat up and we stared at each other for a minute. “You know, I used to check you out when you’d come over,” she said. “Do you know what I used to do?”

I asked, “What?” and she spread her legs apart, licked her fingers and started to rub her clit. Every so often she would pull on her piercing. She stared at me as she stuck one finger inside herself, then two. Her pussy was glistening and opening wide. I started to masturbate and we sat there for while staring at each other pleasuring ourselves. A drop of precum oozed out of my cock and Stephanie reached out a finger and rubbed it all over the head of my cock. Then she lay out on her stomach, grabbed the base of my dick and licked the head clean.

Let me just say that Stephanie is a blowjob goddess. She twirled her hair in curls around my cock, tickling the head with the ends like a paintbrush. Then she started to suck on the head and slowly worked her way down the entire shaft. Her hair was spread all over my lap, and I could feel my cock pulsing in her throat. She held it there and moaned. It felt incredible. It wasn’t just the physical feeling that made it so good, but also the wicked realization that my cock was deep in the throat of my cousin. It was all so wrong, but I was quickly losing all apprehension. At that moment, I knew I had reached the point of no return. I was going to fuck my cousin, damn any and all repercussions.

Stephanie was less than 100 pounds and it was easy to swing her around and get her legs on either side of my head. As she swallowed my cock yet again I stared up at that perfect ass and her wet little slit. I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I licked it in long gentle strokes, tapping on her clit with my tongue and pulling her lips into mine. Every so often I tugged on her hood ring with my teeth and Stephanie would let out a moan.

The way she worked my cock was incredible, but I was seriously focused on how sweet my cousin’s pussy was. Her taste was clean. Steph was getting hot and started to rub it down onto my face. I noticed how wet she was getting – her honey now thoroughly covering my cheeks and chin. I spread her ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue up the length of her pussy all the way to her asshole. I tickled it and she started to shudder. I moved my way back to her clit, held it in my teeth and furiously flicked it with my tongue. This did something amazing.

Stephanie’s hips started bucking wildly but I held her in place with my hands, focusing on her button. She let go of my cock and started screaming, “Suck my clit, Nick! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I didn’t. Her fingernails were digging into my thighs as she yelled, “Fuck, Nick! Fuck! Fuck! I’m going to cum! Godamnit, suck my fucking clit, Nick!”

She suddenly went still and silent. Cum started flowing from her pussy and it quickly covered my face and filled my mouth. It was an incredible turn-on I had never experienced. I swallowed and stuck my tongue deep in her cunt. She immediately came again and sat up, forcing her pussy into my face and trying to get my tongue deeper inside. She was sliding her sweet little pussy all over my face, her juice was everywhere.

Stephanie got up off of me, grabbed a towel off the nightstand, and cleaned off my face. “Sorry about that,” she said. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said. Steph smiled, grabbed a hold of my cock and said how nice it was, and that she loved how it curved upwards. “It’s good for hitting the G-spot,” she said. She rubbed it all over her face and breasts, tickling her nipples with the head. “Do you think this is weird?” she asked, “I mean, I’m your cousin, and I just came all over your face.” I said there wasn’t much we could do about it now and she replied, “Oh, there’s a lot we can do.”

She laid back down and spread her legs. Her look said the obvious. My cousin’s pussy was wet and spread out right in front of me. I could feel a rush of pure heat and adrenaline, knowing I was going to be inside of her in mere moments. I kneeled down in between her legs and started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit, covering my cock with her slippery cum. I watched as the head slipped inside, being enveloped by her pussy lips. She was incredibly tight, one of the tightest women I’ve ever felt. I fucked her slowly with the head of my cock, teasing her. She pulled my head down to hers and kissed me while making little whimpering sounds. I propped myself up a little and stared at those big brown eyes while I slowly slid my cock all the way inside my cousin’s tiny pussy.

“Oh god, Nick, you fit me perfect,” she said as I worked my cock almost all the way out, and back in, repeatedly. She was stroking my face with her hands. She wrapped her legs around mine and held me deep inside her. I could feel my cock head rubbing against her cervix.

That 36 year old housewife who had claimed my virginity had taught me a great manoeuvre that, to this day, still brings great joy to women. It will work if a woman has a sensitive pussy, and it’s ridiculously easy. All you do is make your cock twitch by flexing the PC muscle. If you’re hitting the right spot it will almost always make a woman cum, even some who claim they can’t come. I started to flex inside Stephanie’s tightening pussy. “Oh what is that?” she asked with a curious look on her face. “Oh my! Keep doing that,” she said.

It took a little while, but I could sense she was building toward something big. Stephanie matched the twitches of my cock by getting into a rhythm with her hips. Her moans got louder and her eyes got wider. She was grabbing my hair firmly with both hands. “Oh god, I’ve never felt that before,” she said breathing harder. “Oh my god, Nick. Holy shit! What are you doing to me?”

I kept flexing. Her pussy suddenly constricted around me like a vice. Still looking me in the eye, Stephanie let out a wild scream. Her whole body seemed to spastically vibrate. I could feel her cum shooting out around my cock and it made an audible noise. I could feel it running down my balls.

I put one arm beneath her waist, lifted her hips and started fucking her furiously. She came again right away, howling obscenities and begging me not to stop. I lifted my torso up, propped myself on my knees, pushed her legs open, and held them wide by her ankles. I watched my cock going in and out of my cousin’s hot little pussy hole. I licked the soles of her feet and sucked on her toes, which made her cum again. She was pulling on her nipples and twisting them in her fingers. I could feel myself getting close and I was apprehensive about cumming in cousin’s pussy – that would happen sometime later. Stephanie sensed it too, and said, “Nick, I want you to come in my mouth.”

I pulled out and straddled her face. She stared up at me with those beautiful brown eyes while I fucked her mouth. I came harder than I ever had in my life. My cum filled Steph’s mouth and was spilling out around my cock and running down her face. I thought it would never stop. Hell, I didn’t want it to stop. I pulled out and laid down beside her. She licked my cum from around her mouth and swallowed every drop. “Wanna go for a swim?” she asked.

We went down to the lake and skinny dipped while the sun was setting. We were in chest deep water for me, and Stephanie had her arms and legs wrapped around me. We were kissing and laughing. Stephanie said, “Remember how we used to play down here when we were kids? I saw how you stared at Carol. I wanted boys to stare at me like that.” “I doubt you have any trouble now,” I said.

Stephanie then told me a story about boys “staring” at her and it is one of the hottest stories I’ve ever heard. It turned out that Stephanie had few inhibitions, if any. I will have to share that story one day.

Anyway, it made me rock hard and Stephanie reached down and slid my cock inside of her while I held her up in the water. “Do the cock twitching thing again, Nick,” she said. “That made me cum like I’ve never cum before.” I pulled her hips into mine and enjoyed the feeling of the water around us and my cock being massaged by Stephanie’s warm, silky box. Stephanie was whispering nasty things in my ear.

“Do you like your cousin’s little pussy, Nick? I used to think about your hard cock inside of me. I used to watch you from the lake and bury my fingers in my pussy and imagine it was your cock. I would make myself cum right here wishing it was you. Now you’re going to really make me cum. Make me cum, Nick. Make your little cousin cum with your hard cock.”

Cum she did. The tightness of Stephanie’s pussy when she came is impossible to describe. The way she whimpered in my ear and shook made me feel out of control. I waded to shore with her still wrapped around me. I laid down on my back and she started humping me with her wet hair falling all around. She was gyrating her hips in a circular motion, grinding down on my cock, her little tits bouncing. She spun around and fucked me in reverse. I lifted up my head to get a good look at her perky ass bouncing on my dick - my cock being enveloped by my cousin’s pussy, sliding up and down along its length.

She leaned her body forward and sat still as she pulled apart her ass cheeks and told me to stick a finger in her ass. I wet my middle finger in her pussy and slowly pushed it into her ass. “Oh god, that feels good,” she said, and came almost immediately - More wetness running down my already wet legs.

She got up and told me to come on her. She laid back down and I straddled her, stroking my cock as she watched. Right on the shore where we played as kids, I watched her as she bit her lower lip and kept repeating, “Cum all over me. Give it to me.”

I sprayed six or seven shots of cum on my little cousin, half of which squirted directly in her face. She was laughing and trying to lick some off her cheek but it was too far away. The rest landed on her tits and she was rubbing my cum around with her fingertips and tweaking her nipples. We laid there together for a while talking. Then we headed inside.

There was a lot more fucking that night, and things would get a whole lot dirtier in the coming months. I think by breaking down and indulging in that taboo, something was awakened inside of us we never knew existed. It seemed like a whole new world of sexuality had opened up to us. We would talk about that very subject all the time. It gave us some weird power. Seducing others was part of that power, and it wasn’t long before we got into that.

If you like the story, please vote “awesome.” And read the other story about my cousin and my girlfriend Johanna called “Dirty Girls.” If you like, comment on whether you’d like to hear more stories about Steph or Jo, or both. There are a lot of good ones I think you’ll enjoy.

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