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Homemodels - First Submission

Missouri, USA
"First Submission - Hello. First submission so go easy on us. Tell us what you think? "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Need A Fill In

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
"Need A Fill In - We haven't been together all that long but boy she gives me a run for my money. I'm knackered ... anyone want to fill in for me for one day? She keeps hinting at me that she wants to be fucked by 2 cocks at one time so why not surprise her and line someone up to be the other cock? Watch our video too. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - Just Turned 21 Pt 1

"Just Turned 21 Pt 1 - Just turned 21 and is ready fuck shit up ;) Please don't show my email address. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - All Of My Friends Wish To Fuck Her 4

"All Of My Friends Wish To Fuck Her 4 - My crazy wife wanted me to send more pictures. She wanted to mention that she loves taking cock in the ass. Her wish is to have to 2 cocks in her asshole at once. Any takers? "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Jackpot

Florida, USA
"Jackpot - Ex girlfriend's naughty pics. We haven't been together in over 8 months now but I still jerk off to her pictures. Who wouldn't? Pretty hot. But a fucking psycho. Hahaha "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Amateur Indiana Milf Gabby

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
"Amateur Indiana Milf Gabby - Me, Gabby! Follow me and leave me nasty comments. Please repost my pics everywhere and make me famous! I love thought of thousands of guys stroking their cocks to me! Let me know what websites you post me to so I can check it out! I am hotwife who loves to be shared! Please help me out!!! GABBY "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Today's Crew Favorites


12th MARCH 2018 - I would like to see an email newsletter with website updates, just a suggestion - James

Hey James! Yeah, great idea, people generally get sick of recurring emails but perhaps we can organise something with an opt out option. I'l put it to the boss! - Blake

12th MARCH 2018 - Hey Blake, We have been listening to Ravens passionate views on replying to comments made to our submissions . I get it I agree with it and would like to share with you part of a comment/conversation I had with a Watchers fan ... - 2horny

Hey guys! Yeah, it's certainly something we try to push as much as we can. People think uploading photos and waiting for a prize is enough but people who submit, reply to comments, etc have a much higher chance of prize money and support. Not to mention, showing faces ... It's certainly a different internet world these days. Thanks for your note. - Blake

6th MARCH 2018 - I've had to change my email address how do I change it in your records. - Jim

Hey Jim ... in terms of submitting or membership? Can you send a ticket to the support team? - Blake

6th MARCH 2018 - Hi. It seems that most of my posts are commented by Emma. Is there a place where we can see a profile of staff memebers? Since Emma has seen so much of me, I'd like to see what she looks like and what she's into. Thanks guys. - JNaked

Yeah awesome! She's the longest crew member! If you go here: ... OR. Sign up to the clubhouse and you can speak to her one on one. Thanks for the loyalty! - Blake

26th FEB 2018 - You need a section for FAKE TITS so it is easier to ignore (AND there are so many). A second one for FLAB. And most offensive are the ones that can't get by without their cig. - JustMe

You can separate all those out in the archives ... We're not pushing things like that in the free section ... can you imagine the amount of clutter? - Blake

26th FEB 2018 - I follow "Trending Now" religiously every day, except Sunday. I have come to notice that different staff members must be compiling the daily submissions. Some days most items are hilarious. But I don't know who is responsible for days like today. Whoever it is must be coming from a different planet. - Jo Michat

Hahaha sorry Jo, sometimes the internet just goes flat. It can't be a fall off your seat day, everyday. Maybe if you cheeky Americans stop taking public holidays the internet will keep moving along a bit! - Blake

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