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Hardcore Amateur Section

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Homemodels - Sex Kitten 6

North East USA
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Hardcore Amateur Video - Daddy Slams The Petite Babysitter

Home (USA)
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Hardcore Amateur Section - Elise Wet On The Beach

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Hardcore Amateur Section

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16th May 2018 - Have you given any thought to accepting crypto currency for subscription? I would like to buy one but cannot chance anyone in my family figuring out what it is! - Phil

Hey Phil, I'm sorry we don't and to be honest it's probably never going to happen. You can subscribe by cash if that makes things easier? Just go to the sign up page, there is more information there. - Blake

14th May 2018 - There should be a guy or bi section. - Jim

Thanks for the feedback message, Jim. You need to head to the ARCHIVES in WatcherswebBlue. All the sections you could dream of are in there. - Blake

8th May 2018 - We have found watchersweb administration and crew to be great. Most sites dont give a shit about posting issues. This is a pleasant change from the norm. Great job all of you. We are happy to find an amateur site that looks out for the people who post... give yourselves a pat on the back..or bum. Lol. Thanks - sujeco

Ahhhh, its super awesome when we open the site feedback messages and get something like this. Thanks heaps for the kind words and support. If there is anything we can do to help out, please let us know! - Blake

8th May 2018 - How long does it take for our votes to register on a submission and show up on the ratings at the top? - mustanger

Hey mustanger! Basically soon as you refresh the page, votes just need to hit our backend and they update automatically. - Blake

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