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Monthly Section Prizes
Monthly Section Prizes

New Monthly Contest's from January 1st 2019

Amateur Movies - Top 3 leaders at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

Age Group Prizes for Picture Submissions
18-21 Year old. - Top 3 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
22-30 Year old. - Top 3 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
31-40 Year old. - Top 3 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
41-50 Year old.-Top 3 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
51 + Year old. -Top 3 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each

Stories - Top 1 leader at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

21st January 2019
Welcome to 2019 @ Watchersweb.Com.
This is our 20th Year of bringing you daily updates of Real Homemade Amateurs. 2019 will be a Great year of expansion for us. NEW SECTIONS, NEW CONTESTS, INCREASED SUBMISSIONS and More...
Raven will be making her comback in the Clubhouse chat and Submissions. New Staff will be joining us for Commentry and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.
Towards the middle of the year we will be bringing you the First Ever Interactive Homemade Hub for submitters and visitors.
2019 will be our biggest year, and we are off to a fabulous start.
Please make sure you dont miss a day @ Watchersweb.
Raven and the Crew xoxox

About Us – Watchersweb.Com has been doing Daily Updates for just on 20 years. We have the Same Staff, The same Owners and the same Billing Company. More importantly we have the same Visitors still coming after 20 years. That makes us one happy family.
Now 20 years on we have over 8 MILLION Homemade Pictures and Movies. The largest collection of REAL HOMEMADE PORN on the Planet!
We are very proud of the past 20 years and Look forward to the Next 20 Years. - Raven (owner)

- Make sure you bookmark us. We updated Daily. You can also register as a free member and get access to all our submitters - Raven xx
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-Get your New subs in Now. Check contest details to see how you can win by sending your Homemade Movies and Pictures.
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21st Jan 2019 - I want to answer 'bottles12'. No, I don't post. Nobody's gonna want to see my dick. But how can you give someone full points if you don't see their face. Fine, don't show your face, we can appreciate your body. But if you show your beautiful face, AND your beautiful body, then you deserve all the votes. eyesonyou

Well said ... I'll let you kids fight this one out hehe. - Blake

21st Jan 2019 - I don't like new site, sorry. Get an Android phone and try to read a story. Font is terribly too small. I know you can do better. - jd

Hey there JD, we're sorry to hear you're not happy with the new changes, we ask all our viewers to please be patient and give the changes time. As for the story submission on mobile, if you look just above the story there is a button to 'Increase Font Size' ... if you keep clicking that, it just keeps getting bigger. Thanks! - Blake

15th Jan 2019 - Hi Guy's, How about a "Stay logged in" option on the login page. I don't remember having to log in every day on the old layout. I understand some people may not want to be always logged in but the option would allow each member to decide for themselves. - SCB

Hey Britt! Thanks for the feedback message, we will chat to our tech team and see what the options are! - Blake

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