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Hardcore Amateur Section - After Partying

Washington, DC, USA
"After Partying - I was at a party and met two guys from the UK. We hit it off and I told them about my UK vacation and my dogging experiences. I do love the British accent. After a few Martinis, we went back to their place and got better acquainted. They took these photos of the fun time. I had so many wonderful orgasms too. I hope you like and write me. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Who Wants To Fuck My Girl? #1

Minnesota, USA
"Who Wants To Fuck My Girl? #1 - Hey all of you horn bags, This is my blondie. I really want to see her fucked by another man. I want to see her pussy filled with cum. I just want to sit in the room and watch and pull myself while she lets some random slide in and out of her hole. Any takers? "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Monica In Red

"Monica In Red - Monica you must share these... hubbys words lol Do you like my new red dress... if that's what you call it ;p Red is my favorite color and I think it suits the fire inside me well. What do you think? And sorry I've been away for just a bit but more cumming soon... promise ;* Vote like crazy for my Red!! Enjoy, Your Monica ;* "

Homemodels - A Decade Of Sexy Janey Pt 3

Texas & UK
"A Decade Of Sexy Janey Pt 3 - More shots of gorgeous Janey posing in yet more of her horny cock stiffening outfits. No overt flesh on display this time but we hope you agree, equally sexy and teasing! We love your comments and vote too please! "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Rossella Porn Wife & Slut Nurse

"Rossella Porn Wife & Slut Nurse - rossella with the new departmental physician "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Who Wants A Turn? 1

California, USA
"Who Wants A Turn? 1 - This girl is always available for dick. All of my mates have fucked her. Who wants a turn? Hahaha "

Today's Crew Favorites


17th October 2017 - Hey Mr. Blake, Perhaps you ought to have an award for pregnant posters...with a child coming, I'll wager they might appreciate the added fundage. I am not a pregnant fetishist, I just thought maybe. Keep up the good work! - tonythetiger

Hey Tony! Yes, it's certainly a thought but lets be real, the pregnant submissions are rare. If we had a number of them a day it's certainly something we could think about but until that day it seems sort of pointless. Anyway, thanks Tony! - Blake

17th October 2017 - Make it totally free but sell advertisements - Tony

HA! Nooooooo ... We could personally double our income by selling advertising but we pride ourselves on keeping WW shit free ... the easy access and speed that we give people is what's most cherished. We like the idea of that. - Blake

13th October 2017 - Hey Guys, you do know that your top links are not showing, right? - The Gent

Thanks for your message! We have been doing a lot of server transfers at the moment which lead to a few PHP issues (tech stuff) ... Sort of like a car sometimes needing a service. They don't always run perfectly! Haha. Should all be fixed now. - Blake

13th October 2017 - You . . . NEED . . . a separate section for fake tits. Gal, standing straight arms at her sides with one tit pointing up and the other pointing down . . . AND you can see the outline of the insert. Create a FAKE TITS section - Al

Al ... WTFFFFF MAN? If I ever see one tit pointing up and the other pointing down I'd firstly try and work out who their surgeon was make sure he is fired and secondly I'd probably close my screen. - Blake

4th October 2017 - Rather than post 5 stories one day and then the next no having any to post. Spread them out so we can read a story daily. Thank you in advance. - Tom Graf

Orrrrrrrrrrrr ... you could read one a day from the day that had 5? ;) - Blake

4th October 2017 - Lots of beautiful people but less than 5% of the pictures look good to me. How about a section with photography, lighting, and posing tips? I know there is something in the forum but it's extremely basic. A full tutorial section with pictures and videos would be very useful to most people. - Troy

Yeah Troy, we understand image quality isn't always perfect but you should see half the other shit we knock back. It's harder when our audience are more mature ... not everyone knows their way around technology and trying to teach people pro tips might take away from our amateur niche. Were trying to hardest to clean up the quality. Thanks! - Blake

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