TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Hardcore Amateur Section - Old Piccy's

Calgary, Canada
"Old Piccy's - Old piccy's of a woman I used to date in the 90's. Those were the good old days. I put her age at the time but she would be in her 40's now. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Rate My Girlfriend

England, UK
"Rate My Girlfriend - Please rate my girlfriend out of 10. And please vote too "

Homemodels - Just Testing The Water

London, England, UK
"Just Testing The Water - We thought we'd test the water and see what you guys thought of our first attempt at sexy pictures. Let us know, the more feedback the more naughty we'll get. Sexy London couple. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Abandoned House

Arkansas, USA
"Abandoned House - We went to a creepy old abandoned house and this happened. We plan to go at night time next so it's even more creepy. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Elise Wet & Juicy

"Elise Wet & Juicy - I love being a naughty girl in front of the camera. It makes my pussy so wet, juicy and ready. Thank you to all my fans who continue to support my dirty side. Can't wait to read your hot and horny comments! Elise "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Monica Reviving A Classic

"Monica Reviving A Classic - And hopefully revving some engines up. Saw this old beauty abandoned in a field and had to stop to check her out... and hubby had to capture it... and well you know ;p Hope you enjoy -- Your Monica "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Today's Crew Favorites


22nd MARCH 2018 - Would like to see a section that had pictures of the women of Watchersweb. More than the pictures on the meet the staff pages. - David

Ahhh well you might have to jump into the Clubhouse and hola at them ;) - Blake

12th MARCH 2018 - I would like to see an email newsletter with website updates, just a suggestion - James

Hey James! Yeah, great idea, people generally get sick of recurring emails but perhaps we can organise something with an opt out option. I'l put it to the boss! - Blake

12th MARCH 2018 - Hey Blake, We have been listening to Ravens passionate views on replying to comments made to our submissions . I get it I agree with it and would like to share with you part of a comment/conversation I had with a Watchers fan ... - 2horny

Hey guys! Yeah, it's certainly something we try to push as much as we can. People think uploading photos and waiting for a prize is enough but people who submit, reply to comments, etc have a much higher chance of prize money and support. Not to mention, showing faces ... It's certainly a different internet world these days. Thanks for your note. - Blake

6th MARCH 2018 - I've had to change my email address how do I change it in your records. - Jim

Hey Jim ... in terms of submitting or membership? Can you send a ticket to the support team? - Blake

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