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NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBMIT, ALL! It's the quiet time of the month, great chances of winning. Remember, PREMIUM submissions have double prizes, and share your submission LINK to as many places as possible. - WW CREW!

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11th May 2020 - 10 years ago I came to this site and hung around for a good year or two then life got ahead of me. Strange moment last night, I had a dream about this site and an ex and the name Watchersweb kept hitting me in the face. I had a google and WOW. You're still here and it's the same crew. Guess whos signing up today :) Glad to be back. - elementsoflong

Haha well welcome back! 10 years is a long time, actually, now that I think about it, I would have started 10 years ago! We ain't getting any younger! Thanks for the feedback message and we can't wait to welcome you home. - Blake

11th May 2020 - The new support system is fast and simple! Good choice crew! - wingingjack2

Haha a new place for you to cause all your ruckus, the new system is a lot easier! - Blake

20th April 2020 - I love your site and have been a premium member for years. I love all submissions and feel that your older submitters are not getting rewarded as often as your younger ones but are “putting it out there” for us to enjoy. A thought came to me to divide up the different age groups and reward the winners of each age group. I see many submitters that stop posting because the younger submitters are winning the prizes. I often enjoy the mature submitters more and always give a 5. Just a thought to make it fair for all submitters to have a chance and make these older women feel appreciated as they most certainly should be. Thank you for hearing my idea and if it can be done, reward those that are helping make your wonderful site so successful. - Tom

Hey Tom, thanks for contacting us. I think it's important to post this one because we totally agree with you. We use to do prizes for age groups, however, it became a problem because we would only recieve submissions from specific age groups. Eg: Matures only OR 25 - 30 only. But over the last couple of months we have made it clear to submitters that to win a submission you need to be active and reply to messages. We believe it's important in keeping the niche alive and awarding the submitters who are deserving. We want to push our viewers to vote for these deserving amateurs. - Blake

20th April 2020 - Is Benny Blank a real person or do you pick the most fucked up, boring, stupid, unfunny shit you can find, put it on trending now, and put the name benny blank on it? PLEASE tell me that there's really not somebody that fuckin weird out there. - 2shay

Hahaha ... we can promise you that BennyBlank is not us, just a long time viewer. However, we will now not be posting any of his content as the complaints are regular haha. And to be honest, we agree. - Blake