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Hardcore Amateur Section - LOVING IT!

"LOVING IT! - THANKYOU, THANK YOU.. I WON A PRIZE. So I have to repay you with some more photos, gonna get a cam corder and make some real sexy hardcore video with the money so you can enjoy more "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Myra

"Myra - hot wife she like to be neked on internet "

Hardcore Amateur Section - In The Ass

"In The Ass - This girl of mine loves my cock in her ass when she is on her monthly's. Few hardcore, few non hardcore. Vote if you like them. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Cock Jerkers 1st Set

Texas, USA
"Cock Jerkers 1st Set - Pictures taken over the course of a couple of months. As you can see, the belly gets bigger and bigger. Please give thanks to my fiance for these cock jerkers. Save them to your spank bank ;) NOTE - The pics where she is smoking she is NOT PREGGO. I REPEAT - NOT PREGGO. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Pam New York Hotwife 7

New York, USA
"Pam New York Hotwife 7 - Here's me--lol--trying on an outfit for a date this coming weekend. I am seeing a guy that's super hot that has enormous biceps--which I love--and he and I just cant get enough of each other---I fucked him about a month ago at the beach where we met, and our first night we had sex I think 6 times--he'd 38yo--he went crazy on me and I kept him hard most all night---he seemed to enjoy that when he dozed off I would wake him by gently suckling on his cock--soon as it was hard --he was on top of me again pumping for all his life---GOD I LOVE THAT !!!! Men--girls love being pumped and left limp--at least i do.... "

Hardcore Amateur Section - A Few Older Pics

"A Few Older Pics - Since I have had loads of rather rude comments about my new boobs I found some older pics pre boob, so to those moaners her you are, I ill also add some of my new lovely boobs, if you don't like them keep your mouth sut would be good "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


17th August 2018 - Message to Dave: Don't give a 1 vote to postings you don't like, don't vote at all. 0 is less than 1. - justinthyme

0 is less than 1, thank you. - Blake

17th August 2018 - In response to Dave. I am shocked! WW is a PORN site? I have had it wrong for years. I had always understood that WW is an EROTICA site. Oh me, I am so shocked that I have had it so wrong for so long. Ladies, I must apologize to all of you. I had really considered you to be representing erotica, not the in your face garbage that is pornography. Please excuse me. Dave, thank you for opening my eyes! - The Mule

Ooooo I'm feeling a little tension in the camp? - Blake

17th August 2018 - can yall make it a requirement that if you submit a picture please clean the mirror. nobody wants to see spit and tooth paste - Johnny

Hahahahaha that is fucking classic. - Blake

16th August 2018 - Do the ladies understand that this is a porn site? Take off your clothes and show your faces, for god sake's All but one posting today got a 1, the other got a 5. Remember this is a porn site, Show the whole you. - Dave

I have to agree with the faces, Dave. It would be nice to see more on WW. - Blake

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