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Hardcore Amateur Section - Exposed Dutch Milf Porn

The Netherlands
"Exposed Dutch Milf Porn - I hope you really convince me with your votes I did well going over the edge, started with some erotic pictures now already masturbating for you ! 1 million visitors a day a lot of people will see this then. Pfffff vote and write your comments. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Celia Taking A Bath

Wisconsin, USA
"Celia Taking A Bath - My sweet Celia. She is picture perfect. Would you agree? She is very tasteful and would not allow me to take pictures of between her legs. But please watch her take a bath. "

Homemodels - Thoughts On These?

Baltimore, USA
"Thoughts On These? - Shooting pics for my first mix tape. These are just some test shots. What do you think? I like the clown mask ones. "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Carole At Last Double-Teamed

Bluegrass, Kentucky, USA
"Carole At Last Double-Teamed - Well I have been asked when I was going to present Carole, my wife. Angela, George, and Matt asked that I put out one short of their favorites. Showing Carole getting double teamed. One of her first swinging experiences and let's just say she really got into it after a while. Later we will follow up with some detailed pictures and some action between her the other girls. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - 19 Year Old

"19 Year Old - Big titty 19 year old. Am yet to fuck that pussy. "

Homemodels - Tipsy Wife Finds Her Confidence

Virginia, USA
"Tipsy Wife Finds Her Confidence - Happy Christmas month Watchersweb. Who has their tree up? We spent the night putting ours up with a bottle of red and then took pictures of the horny wife. She was a little tipsy, usually she isn't so confident. I think she looks amazing. "

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29th November 2017 - Absolutely love the clubhouse and livecams at the moment guys. Well done! - ticktock

Thanks for the feedback ticktock! We're pretty happy with them at the moment too! - Blake

29th November 2017 - Some stories have a “ view my previous submissions” link and some don’t. It would be great if they all had one. It’s difficult to follow along on a story if the segments aren’t sequentially numbered. - Ouchita

Thanks for the feedback message Ouchita, yeah, its a tough one, submissions are linked by email. So if a submitter is using multiple emails they wont link. Hard one to fix ... - Blake

20th November 2017 - Hello Blake. The site is awesome. Love it. When browsing the archives there a gaps in the dates. The dates show 2017 then move to 2011, nothing in between. Is this going to be corrected? - Charlie

Hey Charlie! Thanks for the message. Yes, the gap is because were currently transferring all the subs from the OLD archive to the NEW one. 7 Million photos & videos takes a hell of a time! Haha. If you want to see them in the mean time, on the left side of the archives page there is a link to them. Cheers Charlie! - Blake

15th November 2017 - Hi everyone! First I wanna say great job. I've been a fan for 17 yrs what might help is to come u with something to give away some blue memberships. Maybe a contest. Like myself I've been laid off and can't join again and would love too. Just a thought lol - Mark

Thanks for the feedback Mark, we're really sorry to hear about your current situation. Yeah, I mean that's something we can certainly look into. Why don't you shoot us an email and we can looking into your membership. - Blake

15th November 2017 - Every time I get on the Clubhouse it is working better and better, thanks for the hard work. If I log into Blue is there a way to also be logged into the Clubhouse. So I don't have to log in twice. Just an idea I know your busy. - 2Horny

Haha! That's the aim!!! It's all go go go here at the moment. There is no way at all, sorry about that haha. They are 2 separate websites with two lots of login systems. Unless the sites are joined it can't happen. Thanks! - Blake

13th November 2017 - Just had an interesting comment from a story submitter... I ask her to submit some pix cuz pix always add to a story... said she didn’t know how... I refered her to ‘submit pictures’ etc...she said she thought there was a way to submit pix along with the story... I think that sounds like an awesome idea... doesn’t sound like she would be willing to submit them separately. - Buckman

Its an awesome idea Buckman and something we can certainly look at doing, first we need to get this clubhouse 100% then we can look into other things but ill put it on the list for review. - Blake

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