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It is with great pleasure to let all our viewers, members and submitters know that all issues are now resolved! As some may know, the last 24 hours lead to a major server crash which disabled the ability for people to either log in or log out. This has now been fixed and everything is running VERY smoothly. A plus to all of this, and all will notice, Watchersweb is now running a hell of a lot quicker! Thank you all for your patience, normal updates will commence as of tomorrow the 1/10/20. Once again, thank you. - WW CREW

This is our 21st year of bringing you daily updates of Homemade Porn . 2020 will be a great year of expansion for us. NEW SECTIONS, NEW CONTESTS, INCREASED SUBMISSIONSand more...
Raven will be making her comeback in the CLUBHOUSE chat and SUBMISSIONS. New staff will be joining us for commentary and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.
Towards the middle of the year we will be bringing you the FIRST EVER interactive homemade hub for submitters & visitors.
2020 will be our biggest year, and we are off to a fabulous start.
Please make sure you don't miss a day at Watchersweb.
Raven & The Crew xoxo


28th September 2020 - Don't bother with the contests. I won and they wouldn't pay me. Requested a completely nude picture of myself. What a scam, total joke. Was once a good site, now garbage. - JJ

Oh JJ! We have been paying prizes for 20 years. Paid out almost 60 thousand different prizes. Now, what I'm interested in, is did you provide identification when asked for? Over the last year we have had an increase in fake submissions. WERE ONTO IT. Once again, been doing it a very long time. Our members pay us to give them 100% real amateurs. All we ask is that you prove the content is yours. If it doesn't happen, you don't get paid. It's that simple. So thank you for your message because this one goes to every sucker trying to rip off. - Blake

28th September 2020 - I really dig the random archive entries you've been putting on the right sidebar. Have had some great wanks down memory lane. I mean, "walks". Whatever. - Groovi74

Hahaha ... it's almost like rekindling an old flame. Glad we can keep you entertained. Thanks for your feedback message - Blake

28th September 2020 - Long time member, this site is just great. Especially when I wake up in the morning with lead in the pencil and no one to write to, there’s always someone on here that catches my attention. Cheers. - Dan

Awesome feedback message Dan, thank you for taking the time to let us know, generally feedback messages are people whingeing so its refreshing on a Monday morning to see this! Thanks! - Blake

28th September 2020 - Why did you stop with the list from the archives down the right side of the page? That really helps get through the days when there's a low submission count. - wanker48

100% they're back now! And we're working on some better ways to bring content from the archives back onto the screens more frequently. - Blake