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Wife Tease Pt 4
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Threesome With...
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As a crew, we cannot stress enough there are DOUBLE prizes for premium submissions (elective to premium or hardcore natured submissions. This includes masturbation, dildos and toys, couples, groups, you name it). We have an overflow of free submissions and we can't help but feel a lot of submitters are missing out on the prize money! *Mention: POST TO PREMIUM* in the notes section of the submission page. - WW CREW

NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBMIT, ALL! It's the quiet time of the month, great chances of winning. Remember, PREMIUM submissions have double prizes, and share your submission LINK to as many places as possible. - WW CREW!

This is our 21st year of bringing you daily updates of REAL HOMEMADE AMATEURS. 2020 will be a great year of expansion for us. NEW SECTIONS, NEW CONTESTS, INCREASED SUBMISSIONSand more...
Raven will be making her comeback in the CLUBHOUSE chat and SUBMISSIONS. New staff will be joining us for commentary and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.
Towards the middle of the year we will be bringing you the FIRST EVER interactive homemade hub for submitters & visitors.
2020 will be our biggest year, and we are off to a fabulous start.
Please make sure you don't miss a day at Watchersweb.
Raven & The Crew xoxo


13th January 2020 - I hate the new trending subs that repeat themselves over and over. I mean I FUCKING HATE them. WTF? Why are you allowing that stupid shit?This is a classy site, I love it. Please don't let these assholes annoy us. - nospleed

Just skip past them? These things happen, we have multiple people working the back end. It's bound to happen once and a while, especially after the seasonal breaks. A funny picture is a funny picture, laugh twice? Hehe. Thanks for your feedback message! - Blake

2nd January 2020 - Welcome back to another year full of wonderful and real amateur porn. I've been a long time lerker on WW ... almost 12 years I think? But I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful 2020 and thank you for the many good times. - rarlsbently

Thanks for the feedback message rarlsbently! We're so happy to hear to you have been with us for so long!!! It's very encouraging. Hopefully you had and have a fantastic New Year to! - WW CREW

16th December 2019 - Hi Watchersweb, just thought you might like some happy information. My wife and I have been together since the beginning of Watchersweb (approximately 20 years). That is significant because we met in the watchers chat room. After talking with each other we decided to meet face to face. I lived in Massachusetts and she lived in Michigan both in the USA. It took a little planning but we made it happen. We hit it off and dated then moved to the same state and moved in together. She has 3 kids from her first marriage and I had none . We became a loving family and eventually married. The kids are now grown and on there own and we moved to Florida. I think it worked for us because we were able to tell each other what we wanted in a relationship. Most couples tend to lose their spark but we met in a sex chat room so we learned to be open and honest and had lots of fun over the years. Her screen name was little miss dangerous and mine was new. If any of your members ever wonder if there are any successful relationships from Watchersweb, you can say yes there is. 20 years and still going. Thank you Raven. - ronhtrucking

This is awesome on so many levels! What a great way for us to start our day, thank you so very much for taking the time to let us know. Between wingers and everything else this is bloody awesome! We hope to give you guys another 20 years of greatness if not more. We will send this onto Raven. - Blake

12th December 2019 - Why don’t you guys promote the new chat room more ? The people who use it seem to really enjoy it when there is traffic in the room. It would be nice to see it promoted some on the main page. Thanks - baseballman104

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback message! You're right, it would be good to see more people in there and we should promote it more, however, we just try to keep ads and what not to as minimal as possible. I'm sure we will put something up again soon. - Blake