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Due to the Easter Weekend, ONLY the archives will be updated on GOOD FRIDAY 10th / 4 / 2020! We hope everyone is staying safe during this quarantine season and wishing all our WATCHERS the happiest of Easters.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBMIT, ALL! It's the quiet time of the month, great chances of winning. Remember, PREMIUM submissions have double prizes, and share your submission LINK to as many places as possible. - WW CREW!

This is our 21st year of bringing you daily updates of REAL HOMEMADE AMATEURS. 2020 will be a great year of expansion for us. NEW SECTIONS, NEW CONTESTS, INCREASED SUBMISSIONSand more...
Raven will be making her comeback in the CLUBHOUSE chat and SUBMISSIONS. New staff will be joining us for commentary and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.
Towards the middle of the year we will be bringing you the FIRST EVER interactive homemade hub for submitters & visitors.
2020 will be our biggest year, and we are off to a fabulous start.
Please make sure you don't miss a day at Watchersweb.
Raven & The Crew xoxo
As a crew, we cannot stress enough there are DOUBLE prizes for premium submissions (elective to premium or hardcore natured submissions. This includes masturbation, dildos and toys, couples, groups, you name it). We have an overflow of free submissions and we can't help but feel a lot of submitters are missing out on the prize money! *Mention: POST TO PREMIUM* in the notes section of the submission page. - WW CREW


2nd April 2020 - I would like to be able to link back from messages I leave to the contribution to which I left the message, then, when the contributor responds I can perv them again while responding even getting a conversation going. - 1drunk

Haha right on! Well, we will push this one to the tech team and see what they can do, better yet, sign up to the clubhouse for instant chat. - Blake

25th March 2020 - To you, your immediate and Watcherweb family as well, being almost sixty and more at risk I have been very careful so far to keep my distance and taking all necessary precautions. Living in a rural area of Bonnechere Valley of the province of Ontario, Canada has also been good due to a smaller population, so far we have no confirmed cases in our entire Renfrew County BUT being just an hour and a half drive from our nation's capital Ottawa with 24 confirmed cases, we're still at risk, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has the most confirmed cases in the province, fortunately they are over five hours drive from us. P.S. I find it very sad that the Australian authority were forced to close one of your popular beach due to the COVIDIOTS not respecting the social distancing being two meters now. We're seeing similar situations here too in Canada especially in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia with the most confirmed cases in our country, but you know mate we will always have renegades among our mist that think they are invincible. Cheers....... be well and be safe!! - Andre

It's all very rough and tough times Andre! All around the world ... but we have to keep moving forwards and keep our bums in seats. Whatever we can do to stop the spread. The WW family is wishing you well along with all our submitters and viewers during these times. - Raven & Crew x

23rd March 2020 - Hi Guys Thanks for a fabulous site and I have been a visitor and voter for many years. I would like to suggest to submitters that their submissions are voted on and commented on upon by the quality of their photography as well as the quality of their subject. I really enjoy visiting the site but how about Raven submits more often,- grateful

Hey there! I'm lost, you mean people should be voting and commenting more if the quality of content is better? If so, I agree. AND FACES! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH! - Blake

16th March 2020 - Hello! I don't read the site feed back much because there are far better things to look at! However, the few times I do check it out, I see people complaining. We are pretty new to Watchers Web and I truly love the variety offered here and I think the "-1" option is a bad idea. Don't like it? Don't look. Don't vote and move on. To me it feels like these folks are missing the point. I feel like WW is a place where everyone (who is into it) can share their deep desires and real sexuality in a open forum. Technically WW is a "porn" site but it isn't a Glam Porn site. It's amateurs! And we come in all shapes, sizes and kinks. To me that is what is so fun about it. Real people expressing their real sex lives and we get to peak in. Giving watchers a "-1" would just create a lot of negativity and in my opinion turn WW toxic. Who wants that? I sure don't. You have a great low key "armature" vibe (and i mean that to be great branding). 21 years right? I think you know what you are doing! To the people that want a "-1" I would say Run Forrest run! WW is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get! - m_fickle

You are more than 100% correct, we thank you so very much for taking the time (out of porn) to write this. If only this made more sense to all our viewers. - Blake