TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Pictures Speak For Themself

Detroit, USA
"Pictures Speak For Themself - I love red heads. Fucked this hottie while my friend waited outside for me for over an hour Haha Was worth it. I owe him one now. "

Homemodels - Alana Assets 1

Texas, USA
"Alana Assets 1 - Dick just loves to take pictures of my booty all the time! Naked, flashing, when we're fooling around. I mean, all the time! He's put together this initial few he thinks are good pics, but OK for Homemodels or Voyeur sections instead of Blue. Hope y'all enjoy! I'll talk at ya in the comments! Let me know which pic you liked the best! "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Sexy Friend

"Sexy Friend - Hi. She really has a high sex drive, super imagination and willing to try anything. Sexy friend, she wants to find a female to play with. Love the comments, will post more pictures and videos. Love making them, hope you enjoy. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels Movie - Bouncing Boobs

"Bouncing Boobs - She thought I was taking pictures to post. When she found out I was videotaping it she couldn't wait to shake them for you. What a sexy girl "
Homemodels Movie

Homemodels - Too Cute For Your Use

"Too Cute For Your Use - Love posing and getting tributes. Tributes will get explicit with face in return. The more ccommenst the more we will post and will try to fulfill any requests "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Average Horny Couple 2

Sacramento, USA
"Average Horny Couple 2 - A few more pictures to go with our first submission. Enjoy "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


20th November 2017 - Hello Blake. The site is awesome. Love it. When browsing the archives there a gaps in the dates. The dates show 2017 then move to 2011, nothing in between. Is this going to be corrected? - Charlie

Hey Charlie! Thanks for the message. Yes, the gap is because were currently transferring all the subs from the OLD archive to the NEW one. 7 Million photos & videos takes a hell of a time! Haha. If you want to see them in the mean time, on the left side of the archives page there is a link to them. Cheers Charlie! - Blake

15th November 2017 - Hi everyone! First I wanna say great job. I've been a fan for 17 yrs what might help is to come u with something to give away some blue memberships. Maybe a contest. Like myself I've been laid off and can't join again and would love too. Just a thought lol - Mark

Thanks for the feedback Mark, we're really sorry to hear about your current situation. Yeah, I mean that's something we can certainly look into. Why don't you shoot us an email and we can looking into your membership. - Blake

15th November 2017 - Every time I get on the Clubhouse it is working better and better, thanks for the hard work. If I log into Blue is there a way to also be logged into the Clubhouse. So I don't have to log in twice. Just an idea I know your busy. - 2Horny

Haha! That's the aim!!! It's all go go go here at the moment. There is no way at all, sorry about that haha. They are 2 separate websites with two lots of login systems. Unless the sites are joined it can't happen. Thanks! - Blake

13th November 2017 - Just had an interesting comment from a story submitter... I ask her to submit some pix cuz pix always add to a story... said she didn’t know how... I refered her to ‘submit pictures’ etc...she said she thought there was a way to submit pix along with the story... I think that sounds like an awesome idea... doesn’t sound like she would be willing to submit them separately. - Buckman

Its an awesome idea Buckman and something we can certainly look at doing, first we need to get this clubhouse 100% then we can look into other things but ill put it on the list for review. - Blake

13th November 2017 - No way!! Another update... Stop making the WW still the better. Thanks to all of you best there is and I love the improvements.. - jr266

Thanks for an awesome feedback message! We do our best and much appreciate your support! - Blake

6th November 2017 - I like the stories so when there are no updates for that day,it is not good. And Other thabn that I like your site. - Geoff

Hey Geoff! Thanks for getting to us. There has been an issue on our end with the stories at the moment. It seems when they are copied from a word document or note pad they aren't coming into the admin correctly. Were currently working on it and shall be all fixed soon! - Blake

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