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Fall Getaway...
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Lynda X Love 3
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Greek Goddess
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Just Me Showing Off
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Swinging Couple...
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Looking For A...
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Monthly Section Prizes
Monthly Section Prizes

New Monthly Contest's from February 1st 2018

Amateur Movies - Top 4 leaders at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

Age Group Prizes for Picture Submissions
18-21 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
22-30 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
31-40 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
41-50 Year old.-Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
51 + Year old. -Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each

Stories - Top 1 leader at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

20th November 2018
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13th November 2018 - Just wanted to thank you guys for the new site, I've been offline for a while due to travels, however before I left I remember reading about the site change. Everything on my end is perfect and I love it. You guys must have felt it in the water. Thanks! - RAMBO

Haha! Rambo ... made me laugh! No probs at all! Thanks for the feedback message, it's been wonders for us and only good things to come. ENJOY! - Blake

13th November 2018 - I love the new layout, being a premium member I like that I can log on and do everything from 1 page, my only complaint is that at the end of the submissions there is a mens submission. I wish these would be on a separate link as I prefer not to view. - biggerjim

Hey there Biggerjim! Thanks for the feedback message, we're glad you're enjoying the new site. We're still working on the male sub thing. Perhaps making them only run in the archives but that's coming in due time. Please be patient, we're getting there! - Blake

13th November 2018 - Hi guys, I love the site and the new layout. I wanted to ask if you could include a box for the models measurements? Also I wondered if we could have a notes box that we can add comments to our favourite submissions? Keep up the good work! - Chris

Well now were getting personal haha. One thing about submissions that we've had in the past is some submitters aren't interested in filling out fields (trust us, we know how much this information keeps things real), however its hard to please all. As for adding comments, you mean for yourself only or the message system? Thank! - Blake

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