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Welcome to 2019 @
This is our 20th year of bringing you daily updates of Real Homemade Amateurs. 2019 will be a great year of expansion for us. NEW SECTIONS, NEW CONTESTS, INCREASED SUBMISSIONS and more...
Raven will be making her comeback in the CLUBHOUSE chat and SUBMISSIONS. New staff will be joining us for commentary and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.
Towards the middle of the year we will be bringing you the FIRST EVER Interactive Homemade Hub for submitters & visitors.
2019 will be our biggest year, and we are off to a fabulous start.
Please make sure you don't miss a day at Watchersweb.
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9th April 2019 - Hi Guys, I have been following WW since 1999 and a memeber on and off. It is honestly THE best amateur porn site on the web - professional sites are not for me/us. So thank you for that. ONE thing I ask you to consider, is on the clubhouse, when you click on the Dashboard, I would like to see more of the news feed before having to "See more" - possibly double to feed per "hit" ? Otherwise I cannot really fault it - I do miss the old categories but I guess we have to move in. Is there still a mens section? I am about to re-subscribe now as well and I am more confident with the new site now. Thanks as always - cheers. (Idleman - AKA Cape Town Cock)

Thanks for your feedback Idleman! A good one at that! We really appreciate it when people can see the difference between crappy pro sites and ours. Like I always say, its hard to please everyone. As for the Clubhouse, I'll make a note of it and bring it up at the next tech meeting, we will have to look into what our software can allow. As for male submissions, we're currently not accepting as we will need to open up a new section for them. However, they are still running in the archives! - Blake

29th March 2019 - Todays updates - DAM! I haven't even opened them yet becasue im at work but SHIT YEAHHHHH! - amlover

Hahaha! That's way, see what's on the plate for homework tonight right? - Blake

29th March 2019 - You asked for more time to iron the kinks out of the new system. Been more than patient but feel the new one still blows. Some continuity would be nice. I would read a story and the old style would let me know at a glance I have read it. New style doesn't do that... Was looking at messages and bam! Off I go to to Favorites...Twice!!! Quick look at pics for the day? Gone...Scroll, scroll, crawl, FUCK!!!!! Go Back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Bluepoint

If you're having a site problem such as your message situation, send a ticket to the support team and we can help you there. CHANGE is a pain in the ass but this change has only benefited in ALL areas, believe it or not. We will not be going back to the old layout. - Blake