TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Monica's Beach

"Monica's Beach - And yes it's mine lol Couldn't wait to feel the water and waves caress my curves. Tell me this... would you caress and cover me like the ocean does? It consumes me... Enjoy! -- Your Monica 😘 "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Casual Night On The Beers

Sacramento, USA
"Casual Night On The Beers - On the beers one night and my chick friend (yes we are just friends) got a little tipsy. She wanted me to take pictures. Was actually a lot of fun but we didn't have sex. Just a fun casual night. Took pictures outside too. Look in both sections "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - German MILF

"German MILF - German MILF flashing in public in a train, at the train station and in an old office. An exciting photo shoot, other people could appear at any time and would have been very surprised to see a naked woman at the train station ;-) "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Video - 19 Year Old Teachers Pet

Alabama, USA
"19 Year Old Teachers Pet - I discovered that My husband had been fucking a petite little 19 year old without consulting me first. Since she is young enough to be our daughter, I have decided to give her some guidance. Girls this age need a good role model. If she behaves we may adopt her as our new toy. What do my real fans think i should with her? Leave me all your thoughts (the dirtier the better) I love answering everyone personally. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Arabian Princess First Submission

"Arabian Princess First Submission - A friend told me about Watchersweb ages ago and I have since been addicted to this site. I haven't actually submitted anything myself though but there is a first time or everything right? So here is my tasty Arabian princess for you to admire. Please leave messages for us. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Elise Boat Day

"Elise Boat Day - We love taking off in our boat and finding hidden beaches. There's nothing more erotic than being nude right out in the open on a pure, gorgeous beach. Hope you enjoy! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


21st FEB 2018 - how to make watchersweb better ? why is there no 1) shemale category ? 2) couple category ? 3) men category ? 4) only movie category ? - Peter

Why are you asking this? What would you possibly like us to do? Delete those categories for YOU? Nah. - Blake

12th FEB 2018 - Hi! I sent a story submission via email a few days ago, but so far nothing. Any suggestions? - Dee

Hey Dee! Thanks for getting to us, yes, your submission has been received and it will be posted with tomorrows updates. Sorry for the delay, things have been flat out our end at the moment. - Blake

12th FEB 2018 - Longtime WW member. Love the site, especially the voting options. But, there needs to be a 100 button for some of the subs. Maybe something that once a week members can hit their 100 button/vote because some of these just deserve more than 5 points...DAMN! - Hooligan38

Hahaha! Hey there ... no a bad idea ... like a super vote or something. I'll make a note, were working on a lot of stuff at the moment so it could be a good addition. - Blake

5th FEB 2018 - The SUPER BOWL isn't far but let me assure you guys that I'm sitting here with my laptop and waiting for the updates. Nothing like a porn bowl combo! Haha. Sending out love from the STATES! - jmictyre

Haha hay, when you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone, why would't you! It's generally always a quite time of year for us but the updates are looking swell ;) Enjoy the game and thanks for the support! - Blake

5th FEB 2018 - cant get into the club house web site just get an internal server error 500 - pastrycutter66

Hmmmm sounds like a connection error your end ... We havent had any reports? Is it still playing up? If so, send a ticket to the support team. They can help fix it. - Blake

30th January 2018 - How about an edit function for comments that only the person who posted can add or undue? - Eye69

And why would one want to edit his comments? We have to moderate comments so it's not very ideal on our end. - Blake

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