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Hardcore Amateur Section - Horny Housewife Mina Pt 2

"Horny Housewife Mina Pt 2 - Can we get some comments and messages for my horny wife? She wants to hear from you and wants to post more and more pictures. Her name is Mina, she is a stay at home mum but loves to get loose on weekends with friends. We are always having parties. Hope to hear from some of you. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Preggo Wife

New York, USA
"Preggo Wife - Hesitant to post these as we haven't done this kind of thing before. A couple of shots in each category to begin with. "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - HAPPY GO LUCKY - Time Flying

Idaho, USA
"HAPPY GO LUCKY - Time Flying - Wow just cant believe that the month of July is almost over. I need to get out and about and take some pictures, time is flying................ Heres a start "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Kristen 20yrs

Chicago, USA
"Kristen 20yrs - No story. Kristen. 20yrs. Chicago, Illinois. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Now She Is A HotWife

"Now She Is A HotWife - When I finally worked up the courage to ask my wife to have sex with other men for our mutual enjoyment she was appalled initially. I continued to encourage her to consider it and eventually dared her to do it once and just try it. The matter was dropped and I never thought she would. One day out of the blue I received this series of photos by text message, one by one until the the last one showed an initial bit of precum on this cock and just a drop of it on her tongue. Later she arrived home peeling her clothes off from the garage through the house until she found me and launched herself at me in sheer lust. "fuck me I'm so fucking horny!" She has been a willing slut for me ever since! I never did ask who he was... "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Olga Takes Some Sexy Selfies!

London, UK
"Olga Takes Some Sexy Selfies! - We saw Olga two weeks ago and it didnt take long before she asked for some nude pictures! She took her phone out and started doing selfies while we continued snapping! Thought we would include her sexy selfies also!! "

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16th August 2018 - Do the ladies understand that this is a porn site? Take off your clothes and show your faces, for god sake's All but one posting today got a 1, the other got a 5. Remember this is a porn site, Show the whole you. - Dave

I have to agree with the faces, Dave. It would be nice to see more on WW. - Blake

10th August 2018 - Hello, I'm really enjoying the experience so far of sharing my pics here at Watchersweb. Just curious why the page does not update daily or in real time. I currently have over 34,000 votes for "Nirvana Mountain Meadow" and yet the "top 9 leaders" shownis not updating to show my 2nd place position (age 50+). My photoset is currently active in the monthly contest. Thanks for letting me know status of how "top 9 leaders" page is updated. All my best, - Nirvana

Hey there! Thanks for contacting us ... what you're looking at is the July leader-board. The new month wont roll over till the 9th so keep your eyes peeled. I'm sure you'll be on there tomorrow! - Blake

2nd August 2018 - I really wish you guys would put some sort of mark or other indicator on stories that are male gay or involve some other aspect of a guy doing a guy! Yuuk! - The Gent

Hahaha yeah sure, we can do that for you. - Blake

30th July 2018 - I know that all you people must be busy but, no feedback since July 16th? I read the stuff. Have a great weekend. - pappalonghaiir

Good point! Our bad, things have been very busy our end with the new WW site rebuild. We will get out asses into gear! Thanks for the feedback. - Blake

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