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Monthly Section Prizes
Monthly Section Prizes

New Monthly Contest's from February 1st 2018

Amateur Movies - Top 4 leaders at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

Age Group Prizes for Picture Submissions
18-21 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
22-30 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
31-40 Year old. - Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
41-50 Year old.-Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each
51 + Year old. -Top 4 leaders will receive $300.00 USD Each

Stories - Top 1 leader at the end of the Voting Period will each win $300.00 USD

19th December 2018
About Us – Watchersweb.Com has been doing Daily Updates for just on 20 years. We have the Same Staff, The same Owners and the same Billing Company. More importantly we have the same Visitors still coming after 20 years. That makes us one happy family.
Now 20 years on we have over 8 MILLION Homemade Pictures and Movies. The largest collection of REAL HOMEMADE PORN on the Planet!
We are very proud of the past 20 years and Look forward to the Next 20 Years. - Raven (owner)

- Make sure you bookmark us. We updated Daily. You can also register as a free member and get access to all our submitters - Raven xx
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-Get your New subs in Now. Check contest details to see how you can win by sending your Homemade Movies and Pictures.
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18th December 2018 - Can I view in a smaller format so I can see a series of boxs.I find now evrything is so big its hard to scroll through and see the stuff that turns me on . Thanks maybe im missing something and there are differnt views available that Im not seeing Thanks - Bob

Hey Bob! Thanks for the message ... we had this issue when we first launched the new site, however after a series of comments about it we reduced image sizing so it mirrors the old site. So, really, there is nothing much bigger. Perhaps try zooming out on your browser? If you need help, send us a support ticket. - Blake

12th December 2018 - G'day Raven and the WW Crew! Wanted to say I love the new layout and site improvements! How about seeing more of the faces of these HOOOOOT women? Seem to be noticing less of those on the daily updates lately. Keep up the fantastic work everyone. Have a good one! - Danny

Hey there Danny! Thanks the feedback message! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying the fresh changes. We strongly agree with your comment, it seems like women are more and more worried about showing their faces. I guess it's a change in the wind, there's only so much we can do to encourage! Thanks again! - Blake

6th December 2018 - love the new layout, would it be possible to put a delete button on the mail from you. Everytime I logon I see I have a message only to open it and see its one I already saw - biggerjim

Hey there! It could be the cache on your PC. Try refreshing your browser. Either way, we will look into it more for you. Thanks! - Blake

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