TITLE: I See You
AGE: 31 - 40
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I saw you today. You looked radiant, you looked the same as you always do but somewhat different. You looked different because I seen you in a different light. The Florescent lighting in the store revealing to me that you are so much more. Your not focused on tasks from your work and your mind is focused on what you need to purchase and leave. Your mind focused on what you need and anything else but me. Except what you want me to think. I can't say I blame you after everything you have heard or still hear and probably seen. It wasn't as easy to read you today as you surprised me. Well, I was surprised to see you! At first when I saw you I felt happy and pleased but more so just really nervous.

I said hi to you and you seemed to say hi just to be polite or just to be kind. I kept on moving continuing on with what it was I needed to finish as you kept on walking looking for what it was that you needed. Trying my luck to see if I in fact could get something from you, something I could read, anything from your behaviour. Your body language your choice of words and if there was eye contact. Who am I kidding! I told myself not to try so hard and that I should just give up! Something I am not programed to do is give up but that is just what I did. Knowing what I do but not much of you. I do just what I have not been able to do, ever! I give up, I gave up. I think your a wonderful person though I don't know much about you. I believe I do like you as I get nervous everytime I'm around you. I gave up, for you not me! I know I am not what you need and that you are way to good for me. My intuition told me that I was going to see very soon. I knew this as I was typing ink from my fingers etched on a screen but not writting about you. I knew I would see you, I seen that I was going to see you and very soon. I just didn't know when or where. I knew it had something to do with what I was writting, I saw you as I was typing. I knew I was going to see you and you would come see me when I sent what I wrote! I understand why it was you looked at me so cold, through me. I get why what you were looking for was something you didn't know. I wished you would have talked to me.

I wished you would just ask me what it is you want to know. It's that simple, really. I have the sense that my answers if not true when told to you, is something you will know! I think this is why I wish you would talk to me and then you would see and know for yourself about what it is you want to know about me! I know what it is and what it is that's been hidden. I know way too much more than I care too know. I believe I know what it is you feel about me, I just hate thinking that I know I am most likely right. It was nice to see you today. It was sad to know why you came. It was nothing to know that when I saw you, I would feel this way as I already knew. I hope you enjoyed your day. I wish and hope you don't actually believe about me what it is you hear them say! I can see and some how know what it is that you do next but it is not because you have read this text. I am not sure anyone is actually listening to me when I write. I'm very pleased that I know what I need to say as I have and will stop what I've seen! You keep coming up in the middle of my thoughts and often times a lot! I seen my guardian angel. Though you were not her! I was still happy to see you, if only for a second until it past.