TITLE: Subway
AGE: 31 - 40
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You see him on the subway train immediately after the doors open.  You walk on and hesitantly stand next to him holding on to the post.  The doors to the subway train shut and the car lurches forward knocking you into his chest slightly.  You embarrassingly look into his dark eyes and apologize.  Even with that small first contact  you can tell he works out.  He has on a dark black pinstripe suit, with a white dresshirt and blue tie.  His large chest fills out his suit jacket nicely and you can tell by big hands and muclsed forearms he could easily pick you up and throw you across the train.

You have a long ride back home from work and you're happy to have a sexy distraction standing next to you.  The long week at the office has been stressful and its been over 2 weeks since you have gotten laid - and he was terrible in bed.  The subway is getting crowded and as the train fills up Mr. Mystery pushes up against behind you.  You can feel the hard muscles of his chest behind you as your legs get weak.  The car jolts to a stop and your legs give out as you fall to the subway floor.  You look up to Mr. Mysterys large hand reaching down to help you up.  You look down at your legs wondering why you could have been so stupid.  You're shocked to see that when you fell down your skirt opened and Mr. Mystery, and everybody else, is now staring at your black lace thong.  Your face turns red as you quickly cover yourself up. 

"Are you ok Miss...?" Mr. Mystery asks

"Laura.  Im fine just a little embarrased, thanks"  you reply. 

You reach out and accept his hand and say "I really appreciate it Mr?"

"Johnson, its nice to meet you Laura"

You stand back up and the crowd from the open doors fills up the car and presses you against Mr. Johnson again.  You felt so stupid about falling down just because you bumped into him.  You look behind you and he smiles back down.  "He is handsome, and he fills out that suit in a sexy way" you think to yourself.  You look down his chest and stomach of his open suit jacket.  You keep going and look at his belt and then your eyes widen as you see the outline of his cock through his pants. 

Even though he has pants on and the subway train is bouncing the fabric of his pants can not hide the size of Mr. Johnson's big cock.  You start to feel your pussy getting wet and your knees rub together.  You look back at his cock and then realize you're starring and he may notice.  You quickly glance up to see if he caught you as he winks at you and smiles.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck" you think to yourself "he caught me staring at his cock!"

"Are you sure you're ok Laura?" Mr. Johnson asks with a chuckle?

"I think so...sorry about that" you reply sheepishly. 

"Its ok, i dont mind.  If you want to see more come to my hotel room in 30min.  Im at the Marriott, room 69" he says. 

Youre so shocked at his boldness you turn around quickly.  "What the fuck is this guy thinking, who does he think he is?" you say to yourself.  "I am not going to a strangers hotel room that i met on a subway train, even if he does have a big cock."  Just then the train comes to another stop and you bump into him.    With your hands at your side you accidentally touch the side of his cock through his pants.  "Holy fucking shit he's got a big cock!!" You whisper out loud. 

Just then he shuffles to get off the train.  Just as he passes you he whispers in your ear: "30min, Marriott, room 69.  I like that sexy thong by the way."  Then he squeezes toward the open subway door gently smaking your ass on his way out.  And with that the subway doors close and the train speeds off.

You can't believe that just happened as you stand dumbfounded.  "What. The. Fuck." You say outloud as the lady next to you turns and frowns.

The car stops again as you find yourself automatically walking off at your stop.  Your mind cannot stop thinking about the feeling of his cock as your hand brushed against it.  Your feet are walking where you assume is your apartment because your mind remains focused on that feeling. 

"He is a jerk" you say, as you try to focus on something else.  "But damn did he have a nice cock."

Your turn the corner of the building and walk up to the door when you realize that instead of walking to your apartment you unconsciously walked straight to the Marriott hotel. 

"What the fuck are you doing Laura?" You say outloud, "turn around, walk away."  Your mouth keeps telling you to turn around but your feet keep walking up the stairs of the hotel and through the front door.  You see the open elevator doors in front of you as you walk in and press the top floor to the penthouse suit.  As the elevator starts to rise up you look yourself in the mirrored walls and say "I will only stay for a min.  I need to thank him for helping me up" you try and justify. 

The doors open and in front of you is a long hallway with a door at the end with the number "69" embossed in Gold.  With every step you take you try and justify why you've come.

"I will just say thank you and leave...if he offers me a drink I may stay for a minute more, but that's it."

You keep walking...

"He did have a nice cock and fuck did it look big"

You are halfway down the hall and you're still focused on the gold "69" on the hotel door.

"What if he kisses me? Of course i will have to kiss him back right? He is sexy and I have never been with a man like this."

You're almost to the door as you justify to yourself each step you take. When you reach the door you finaly admit "Laura, you know exactly why you are here: to get fucked by that massive cock.  Stop justifying and knock on the door already."  You take one last look down at the outfit you've worn: cute white blouse, thigh high blue skirt and a small set of heels.  You're thankful you wore a sexy pair of lace thong and bra on as well. With one last deep breath you hesitantly knock on the door. 

A few seconds later it opens up and Mr. Johnson is standing there in his dress shirt and tie. 

"Welcome Laura, im glad you decided to come by." He says. "I'm sorry to be so bold on our first encounter but I want it to be clear before you enter that once you step into this room you will be fucked and hard.  I have been blessed by having a very large cock and no matter how intimidating it looks later once you enter my room you consent to have me inside you."

You are so flustered you start to second guess why you have come and just when you are about to turn around you hear yourself say to him "That's exactly why i am here Mr. Johnson." Your feet then begin to move forward automatically as you step into the penthouse suit. 

The door closes behind you as you look around the room.  Its a beautiful living room with nice large windows overlooking the city.  You glance around and see the door to the open bed room with a big kind sized bed made with a large soft comforter.  You walk towards the couch in the middle of the room and sit down next to his jacket that he has already taken off. 

"Would you like a drink Laura? I think it would help loosen you up." Mr. Johnson asks

"Yes please, I think tonight I will need all the loosening up and I can get" you quip back with a smile and a wink

Mr. Johnson laughs "well then, in that case ill pour you a little extra."

He walks over to the bar against the wall and brings you back a glass of whiskey with the instruction "this may not be your favorite but trust me, you'll need it."

You take the cold glass in your fingers and take a big gulp.  The alcohol burns against your lips as it drips down your throat.  As soon as it hits your empty stomach you can feel the tingling sensation start to radiate across your body.

When that feeling reaches your legs you instantly start to rub them together and you notice your pussy getting wetter.  You take another gulp of the burning liquid courage and look up at Mr. Johnson biting your lip. 

Mr. Johnson bends down and takes the glass from your hand bringing it to your lips for a third time and tilts it forward forcing you to chug the rest.

"Good girl.  This will help later when you're screaming into the pillow while I fuck you." He says confidently as he sets the glass down on the table. 

He reaches for the whiskey bottle and holding it in his hands take a big gulp.  "This will be fun" he says while looking down at you. 

He bends down and kisses your cheek as he brushes your hair back with his left hand.  You turn towards him and look him in the eyes as your lips part and he kisses them.  The fingers on his hands are slowly running down your neck and shoulder.  You reach forward and start to take his tie off running your hands across his muscled chest.  You feel his chest muscles move as he starts to kiss your neck while his hands unbutton your blouse. 

The alcohol has finaly reached your system and the feeling of Mr. Johnson kissing your neck and running his hands around your stomach makes your head lean back against the couch in bliss. 

Mr. Johnson stands up and unbuttons his dress shirt and you can see how solid and rock hard his chest muscles are.  He looks down at you and demands you to "Strip. Now."

As soon as the words leave his lips your pussy gushes and you can feel your thong getting soaked.

Mr. Johnson notices your delay and booms with a loud voice "Laura, I said STRIP. NOW!!!  Don't make me say it twice.  You can do this the easy way or the hard way.  You came to my door begging to get fucked and I WILL fuck you, even if i have to tear the thong off myself." 

With that last statement his large hands spread your knees apart and he opens your legs wide exposing your soaking thong.  He pulls your hips forward to the edge of the couch and with one quick motion rips your thong off your body tearing the fabric as if it's paper. 

With the cold air exposing your wet pussy you get even more excited and start to quickly remove your other articles of clothing.  You get  the last piece of clothing off while Mr. Johnson removes his pants standing there just in his boxers.  You think yourself "this is by far the sexist man I have ever seen." 

You stand there naked with hard nipples and a soaking wet pussy. Your hand reaches to touch his hard cock that is poking against his boxers.  Even before you see it you can tell this  will be the largest cock you have ever seen.  You reach for the waste band of Mr. Johnsons boxers and slowly pull it towards you to expose his massive cock.  As soon as his cock reaches the open air you gasp and squeeck at his size as the boxers fall to the floor. 

He is almost twice as big as the other guys you have been with and you immediately wrap your fingers around it in shock.  You cannot stop looking at it and determine it must be at least 25 cm long and 16 cm around.

It is so big you cannot even wrap your fingers all the way around it.  You look up at Mr. Johnson scared at what is about to happen to you.  He looks down and with a devilish smile confidently says "Slut, get to work."

You open your mouth wide and try to wrap your lips around the tip of his cock.  You barely get it inside your mouth but only the very tip will fit.  Your jaw starts to hurt so you pull his cock out and stroke it a few times admiring the massive size.  You have a bright idea start to kiss and lick the length of his shaft trying desperately to please the man who is about to impale you with his massive cock.   

You try one last time to take his cock in your mouth and as soon as you get the tip in Mr. Johnson reaches behind your head and pulls you further down on his cock.  Your jaw opens even wider with the massive cock making you gag against the back of your throat.

You look up at him, past the 6-pack on his stomach, past his muscled chest and into his dark devilish eyes. 

He smiles at you and says "You are a good fucktoy. I need to get my cock wet so it will fit in that tight pussy of yours."

The lack of air flow and the gagging on his cock makes your eyes start to water.  He finaly lets go and you gasp for air as your naked body falls back against the couch. 

As you lay back catching your breath, Mr. Johnson runs his hands across your breasts and reaches behind your back under your butt and picks you up like a small doll. He carries you toward the bed room and as he walks you reach your hands behind his head to run your fingers through his hair.  As soon as he reaches the bed he throws you down and you squeal with surprise.  He bends down one more time to pull you closer to the edge of the bed and looks you in the eye. 

"Are you sure you want this Laura? From this moment on my cock will not stop until it has fucked your tiny pussy and filled it up with cum."

Before you can formulate a thought you hear your lips say automatically "My pussy is yours Mr. Johnson."

"Thats a good Cum slut!" He replies

Mr. Johnson bends down and spreads your legs open positioning the tip of his massive cock at the edge of your pussy.  You can tell that the next few moments will be the most painful and most pleasurable of your life.

He kisses you one last time on the lips and says softly "I promise to fuck you all night, and keep fucking you until your tight pussy has drained all the cum out of my massive cock."

With that last word he pushes inside your pussy with a quick but forceful motion splitting your pussy wide open.  Your mouth opens as wide as it can at the initial pain that quickly turns to a wave of pleasure as Mr. Johnsons massive cock slides inside you. 

The feeling of being filled up by this huge cock makes your eyes close and your voice moan.  Mr. Johnson pulls out a little and then reaches behind your back and pulls you deeper onto his cock.  You both moan in pleasure at the same time with Mr. Johnson moaning "Fuck!  You have a tight pussy Laura.  Ive been waiting for a cum slut of a fucktoy like you."

"Please sir, i need more" you hear yourself say without even thinking of the consequences. 

"More?!?" Mr. Johnson growls "My slut wants more? I'll give you more!"

He pushes you back against the bed and climbs on top of you forcing your legs wider apart.  He pulls his cock out an inch to reposition himself and then without warning slams it deep inside you as a wave of pain and pleasure simultaneously overtake your body.  Mr. Johnsons massive cock is splitting you open and stretching your pussy apart.  You moan with pleasure and beg him with your eyes to keep going.  He pushes deeper and then starts to stroke his cock in and out of your pussy going deeper and deeper with each thrust. 

The combination of the pain caused by his massive cock filling up your tight pussy and the pleasure it brings makes you scream with each thrust. He keeps fucking your pussy faster and faster and you cannot do anything except lay back and allow yourself to be fucked. 

"Harder Mr. Johnson, more and harder!" Your voice says with asking your brain permission. 

"Alright slut, ill give it to you!" Mr. Johnson replies.

He grabs your legs and pulls you deeper onto his truly massive cock.  He speeds up and fucks you harder and deeper with no concern for the pain or pleasure it is bringing you.  You hear yourself moan and scream as each thrust of his cock pounds inside you. 

"Good job my fucktoy, you have a great pussy!" he growls

You can do nothing but moan at the sensation of Mr. Johnsons massive cock. There are no thoughts in your mind except the feeling it is bringing you.  No concern for the moans and screams leaving your mouth and no desire except to be the slut Mr. Johnson deserves.

"As much as I enjoy hearing you moan Laura, you are going to get us kicked out of the hotel" he says.  And with one quick motion he pulls his cock out of you, flips you over on your stomach, and shoves your face into a pillow. 

He pulls your ass up so he can slide his cock inside your pussy.  You feel his hands on your hips behind you and then without warning he slams his cock balls deep into your pussy.  You scream into the pillow and bight down on the fabric.  He pushes his cock a little deeper just to show you he is in control and then starts to mercilessly fuck your tight pussy.  You loose control of your body and senses.  All you can do is lay there and allow Mr. Johnson to fuck your pussy from behind.

You can hear him behind you grunting with each powerful thrust "that's right bitch, take my cock, lay down and be the slut you truly are.  You would do anything just to have a massive cock like mine inside you."

You hear the words and can only agree as you would do anything for the pleasure you are experiencing right now to continue.  He continues to fuck you harder and faster while he grabs onto your hips. 

"Laura you are a fantastic slut! Girl you have the TIGHTEST pussy I have ever fucked."

Your response is only to moan with pleasure as you continue to bight down on the pillow.  He fucks you so hard your body starts to shake and you can feel the orgasm building inside you.  Over and over he fucks your pussy using your body as a slave for his pleasure.

Your hand reaches down between your legs to rub your clit as the orgasm builds and Mr. Johnson continues to fuck you with his massive cock.  With each thrust of his powerful body your fingers rub your clit begging for the orgasm to come. 

"Slut I see you rubbing your clit begging to cum.  I will not stop you from orgasming tonight.  But I will not stop fucking you either.  If you cum I will continue to fuck this pussy as long as I wish."  Mr. Johnson says laugh. 

As soon as he finishes talking the orgasm explodes inside you as the waves of pleasure match up to the fucking behind you.  Each thrust builds the pleasure sensations more and more and your only thought is the feeling of that massive cock fucking your pussy. 

Mr. Johnson kept his promise he did not slow down his pounding after your orgasm.  He continued to fuck you after your orgasm died down and that just made your moans louder.  Your body finaly gave out and you have no strength left.  All you can do is lay down and be the fucktoy Mr. Johnson says you are. 

Another orgasm comes over your body and you scream with pleasure but you still cannot move.  Mr. Johnson continues to fuck you from behind.  He stops only momentarily to change positions and flip you on your back again.  He fucks you like this for what could have been 5 min or 5 hours.  Your mind is gone and the waves of pleasure are the only thing that matters.

He continues to fuck you through orgasm after orgasm and you loose count on how many times you have cum on his massive cock.  He will periodically stop, reposition you in a way that pleases him and continue his assault on your slutty pussy. 

"That's right Laura, take my massive cock. Your       wet pussy is the best cunt my big dick has ever had!"

Betweens the sounds of his cock fucking your cunt and the respective moans your mouth is making, you open one eye and look out the window.  You realize its already night but are not sure what time it is. 

"How long have I been here?" You ask yourself "How long have I been allowing this stranger I met on the subway to fuck my tight pussy?"

The thoughts give way to another orgasm and you loose yourself in the waves of pain and pleasure his massive cock is bringing you.

Mr. Johnson has you laying at the edge of the bed with him standing on the floor fucking you senseless.  You can tell he is getting close to finally cumming and you gather all the strength you can to open you eyes. 

You look him straight at him and with your last bit of energy whisper "Please..."

With that Mr. Johnson thrusts his massive cock deep inside you one last time and explodes with a load full of cum.

He pulls out and looks down on your naked body and cum filled pussy.  "Truly one of the best fucks I've had. Laura, you can take a massive cock!"

With that last compliment you curl your legs on the bed, crawl up to the pillow, cover yourself with the comforter and drift off to sleep as the cum from Mr. Johnson drips out of your pussy and down your leg.  The last thought before you drift off to sleep is of the first sight of Mr. Johnsons massive cock.