TITLE: Aunt Becky - A True Story
LOCATION: ddfranklin - USA
AGE: 18 - 21
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Generally speaking, I've led a fairly typical sex life. Nothing too out there but definitely have had my share of hot times, especially with my wife. We've talked about our past experiences which usually turns us on a lot, however, there was one story that I just could never confess. Once you find out about it, I'm sure you'll understand why I can't tell her...

In the spring of 1992, I was 18 years old and my mother's sister, Becky, went through a pretty testy separation and moved in with my parents, me and my younger sister. Apparently, Uncle Jim had been banging his secretary and knocked her up, obviously causing quite the scandal. As you can imagine, most of the family resented him and Aunt Becky's got all the sympathy. I liked Uncle Jim and it was hard to think he was going to be cut off from us but impregnating someone half your age was a definite no-no.

Aunt Becky was as tall as me, about 5'10". She had nice curves to her body, not too skinny and not too chubby. With her long wavy brown hair, she resembled the hot version of Kirstie Alley. Always flashing a smile and a great conversationalist, I couldn't imagine why Uncle Jim would cheat on her.

Being the horny teenager, I won't deny that catching her in sleeping outfits sans a bra was the subject of many masturbation sessions. Her breasts were a bit saggy but, god, her nipples would sometimes get really erect and clearly stand out. I was never able to catch much more except the occasional deep cleavage if she bent over. I'd normally feel guilty afterwards but leading up to that point, my arousal would cloud any restrictions.

As the months rolled out into summer time and school was out, it left the house empty except for me and my sister, Jules. Jules's BFF lived just down the street so she'd often leave and hangout with her friend all day. This was the days before porn permeated the world so if I wanted to jerk off, it was either magazines or just my imagination.

During one of my empty house masturbation sessions, I was lying in my bed, naked and stroking my cock when Aunt Becky's erect nipples came into my fantasy. However, this time, I stopped and sat up. My teenage hormonal brain started to take over and I found myself heading towards her shut bedroom door...still naked with a large hardon.

Instinctively, I went for her top drawer where I was hopeful that I'd find her bra and panties. Sure enough, she had an assortment of conservative and lacy undergarments neatly folded and stacked. I knew it was wrong but I kept searching through them to find a pair to cum to. As I was lifting and moving them about when my hand hit something hard. Reaching underneath, I pulled out a nice sized dildo and my dick practically spewed.

I couldn't believe I was holding a sex toy that was used by my MILF aunt. I held it to my nose to see if her scent was still lingering. Alas, it just smelled a little like plastic. She probably washed it after using it, much to my dismay. I put it back and looked for the sexiest panties that I could find. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of her clothes basket. Putting her panties and bras back in order, I went over to the basket. My cock was dripping pre-cum this whole time.

My hands were shaking as I lifted the top of the basket. Her sleeping clothes were on top and I moved them to the side and found what I was looking for. Aunt Becky's used panties were right below and I swiftly grabbed the yellow flowered bikini briefs. Pressing the gusset to my nose, I inhaled her amazing scent and stroked my dick at the same time.

I laid on her well made bed and slowly stroked my dick until I ejaculated all over my stomach. I was so turned on that I shot a blast that went over my shoulder just to the left of my face. Resting and a bit out of breath, I stayed there for a minute or so and looked around for some tissues. Fortunately, she had some on the nightstand and I wiped myself down.

Placing the panties back in the basket, I took my dirty tissues back to my room and disposed of them in the trash. Finally, free of my clouded horny mind, I went downstairs and watched TV. The whole time, thoughts of Aunt Becky cumming on that silver dildo bounced in my head and my cock was in a constant state of arousal until I heard a car pull into the driveway.

It was Aunt Becky. She normally came home a couple of hours before my parents and today was no exception. I went to the door to greet her. I ping of guilt crossed my body and so did a bit of renewed horniness knowing that I knew about her sex toy and masturbated to her female scent.

We exchanged pleasantries and she went off to use the bathroom and change from work. I went to the kitchen to get a snack.

In a few minutes, she returned with a scowl across her face. "Were you in my room, Michael?" My stomach sank. Fuck!

", Aunt Becky," I stammered out, clearly caught off guard with little doubt that I was guilty of something.

"Was there someone else home today?"

"" I was clearly not getting out of this. I never thought about a cover story so nothing came to mind as I scrambled to try to think up with an excuse.

"Stand up, Michael." My heart was jumping and I did as I was told. "Come with me." I hesitated as she started to move. "Now. Michael." Her normal friendly tone was stern and I followed her.

Of course, as she ascended the stairs, her curvy ass was right in my face and I couldn't help staring at it as it swayed back and forth.

We reached her bedroom and she pointed to the bed. I clearly had fucked up and hadn't fixed the bed. It was very obvious from the disheveled cover that my body had been there. In my stupor, I hadn't fixed the bed. Then, I saw the dried cum stain on her pillow. Fuck, I was so careless.

Aunt Becky turned around and pulled her top dresser drawer open. "And, here." Her finger pointed to her panties and bras. "These are *not* how I left them this morning." I didn't know what to say. I was busted. Was she going to tell my parents? If so, I was in for a world of hurt.

She went towards her pillow. Ugh. She knew.

"And, I'm not stupid, Michael. I know what this is." Her finger pressed into my dried cum that was as clear as day.

"I...I...I'm sss...sorry, Aunt Becky." What else was I going to say. I masturbated in my aunt's bed. At least, she didn't know I found her dildo and used her worn panties to get off.

She sat at the edge of the bed and I stood before her not knowing what to do or say. My mother's sister broke the silence. "I don't know what to do with you, Michael. On one hand, I'm pretty fucking pissed you jerked off in my bed and went through my panty drawer." I never heard her swear before and knew she met it. "On the other hand, I guess it's flattering that I aroused such a young man. After all, I wasn't sure if I still had it since Uncle Jim and I separated."

My cock stirred a bit and in my grey sweatpants, it wasn't something I could hide.

"I don't remember when the last time I turned someone on, let alone someone masturbating over me. Uncle Jim hadn't touched me for a long time." My dick was starting to strain against my tight sweatpants. Her eyes went down to my crotch and back up to my eyes. "When will your sister be home?"

"I...I...I mean, she's sleeping at Susan's tonight."

"Good. I know your parents are going out with friends from work. They'll be out for a bit."

At this point, my cock was almost fully hard a mere foot or two from my aunt's face.

"Let's make a deal, Michael. I'm sure you don't want me to tell your parents that you were masturbating in my bed, right?" I shook my head in the affirmative. "And, for me, I haven't been with anyone in almost two years. Maybe, we can help each other out?" I nodded again.

"I want to watch you." Aunt Becky looked up at me with her dark brown eyes. Lust was evident in her expression.

"What...what do you mean?" I had a vague idea but didn't want to move unless I was sure.

"I want to see what you did earlier in my bed. But this time, do it standing up. I want to watch." My cock was incredibly hard and it twitched knowing what my aunt demanded. "Pull it out." Her command was direct and probably one of the reasons that I still like to be dominated by women during sex.

I looked up and slipped my fingers into the bands of my sweatpants and boxers. I slowly lowered both and my cock finally popped out. My pants and underwear awkwardly at my knees.

"Oh my, Michael. You have quite the member." My dick twitched and I looked down. Aunt Becky was staring right at my penis. "Much bigger than Uncle Jim." She smiled and her mouth opened slightly. "Touch yourself for your auntie."

My hand found my erection and I slowly stroked it for my older relative. Aunt Becky was engrossed as I masturbated close to her face. She watched me pleasure myself for a minute or so. My pace was deliberately slow in order not to cum.

Aunt Becky's thighs rubbed together. "Step closer, Michael." Her hands went to the outside of my legs when I stepped nearer. She softly went up and down on my thighs and I moaned softly. When her hands reached my hips, they started to come across my body and finally towards my cock.

I shuttered as my mother's sister touched my dick for the first time. "Let me take over, Michael." The more she used my name, the more that I got turned on. She knew what she was doing. Her soft, petite hands gripped my erection. This time I moaned loudly. She smiled up at me and we stared at each other as she methodically stroked my cock. "I can't remember ever touching a dick this big," she said seductively. "I can easily hold onto you with two hands." To make her point, she lined up her hands on my shaft. Only just a tiny bit of the head of my 8" dick stuck out.

She continued pumping my dick as my pre-cum lubbed up her hands and added to my pleasure. Aunt Becky leaned closer and opened her mouth. Her tongue came out and she expertly engulfed my young cock with her mature mouth. Once again, I moaned loudly and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I had gotten blowjobs from a couple of girlfriends before but nothing like my aunt. She was amazing!

Aunt Becky cupped my balls and pistoned her head in and out. We both moaned this time. She kept me on the edge, never allowing me to cum with a constant suction, stroking and swirling tongue. Even my wife today doesn't have her technique.

After 5 minutes or so, she pulled back and looked up at me while still holding onto my dick. "Tell me, Michael, have you been with a woman before?" I nodded yes. "Good. I wouldn't want to be your first." My cock jumped with the possibility of fucking my hot aunt. "Remember what I said. Nobody finds out about this or else." She squeezed hard on my dick. I nodded again.

My mature relative stood up and I took a half step back. "Take off the rest of your clothes, Michael." Again, her using my full name was exceptionally erotic and I wasted no time in stripping completely. Naked and with the hardest erection of my life, Aunt Becky smiled at me and began to undress herself.

First, she removed her shirt leaving just a black lacy bra on. I could see her dark, erect nipples under the sheer garment. Then, she lowered her shorts down exposing her matching black bikini panties. Her tummy showed the tell tale signs of her pregnancies but that only added to her sensuality in my opinion. Aunt Becky reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Smiling, she left it fall to the floor and I got my first full view of her breasts.

Finally, using her thumbs to catch her panties, she lowered her underwear to the ground. Her large, brown bush was inviting and I couldn't stop staring. My cock was leaking more pre-cum.

She laid back on the bed and wantonly spread her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet and I didn't need an invitation to dive face first into her sex. Just like with her panties, I inhaled deeply to spur on my senses. She smelled divine and I quickly started to lap at her folds. Her pussy tasted wonderful and better than the two girls I had eaten out before.

Being inexperienced, I fumbled a bit unto she directed me, "Right there, Michael. Suck on my clit and make your auntie cum." I did as I was told and soon Aunt Becky was grinding hard against my face and soaking me with her juices as she climaxed hard.

As she wound down, Aunt Becky pulled me up and along the way I stopped to suck on her tits. She moaned as I played with each and teased her rock hard nipples with my tongue and teeth. My cock was pressing into her leg and I could feel her start to position her pussy so I could penetrate her.

I slid up a little bit further and my dick reached its destination.

Slowly, I penetrated my mother's sister inch by inch. "Oh god, Michael. That feels sooooo good," she whispered in my ear. "You're so big. Ohhhhh..." I pushed further into her sex until I bottomed out at her cervix. "Sooooo deep, baby. Now fuck your aunt."

My hips started to open and close as my cock exited and entered her wet, tight pussy. I buried my head in her neck and she continued to whisper dirty words to me. "You like your aunt's pussy, sweetie. You like fucking me?"

"Oh god, yes, Aunt feel so good, too," I replied softly in her ear. My pace was picking up and I could feel her building up to another orgasm. Surprisingly, she came quickly and almost out of the blue, probably from not fucking in a long time. I had just cum earlier in the day so it was easier for me to hold off. Aunt Becky's fingernails found my ass and she pulled me deep into her womb.

"Fuck, you're so deep!!" This time she was screaming loudly. Her hips bucked and ground into mine and I could feel her pussy contracted which pushed me over the edge. My cock got even thicker as I erupted inside my mature relative. We both grunted and moaned as we orgasmed together in our hedonistic copulation.

As my cock deflated, I sat up to watch my dick slide out of her. Immediately, a large glob of sperm oozed out of her vagina down her ass and onto the bed. She didn't bother to close her legs and let me have another wonderful view. My aunt sat up as well and look me in the eyes, "Michael..." she was a bit out of breath. "Remember this was just a one time thing, sweetie." I nodded with a dirty smirk on my face. "But, that was incredible." She shot me back a knowing smile.

I stood up and she was back to the original position from the blowjob. Aunt Becky reached out and pulled on my cock so I was forced to take a step forward. She cleaned my dick off and then patted it while looking up. "There, all clean. Now, let me freshen up before your parents come home."

With that, I grabbed my clothes and headed back to my room. She went to the bathroom to do her thing.

So, this was my dirty story that I can never tell my wife. She knows my aunt and would probably be weirded out knowing what I had done with my relative.

I hope you enjoyed it...if you did please upvote :)

Truth be told, there was one more incident with Aunt Becky before she moved out a few months later. Hoping to be able to tell you about it soon.