TITLE: Outdoor Adventure
LOCATION: japandabear2733 - Japan
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The temperature has finally dropped. It's a nice fall day, perfect for getting cozy in a sweater and going for a beautiful hike amongst the trees. Nearby is an excellent spot, lots of different trails, lots secluded spots, and absolutely gorgeous serenity all round. Our walk starts out casual, discussing the usual nerd stuff, recent spiderman game, upcoming D&D sessions, idiots at work, etc. Along the way we come across quite a few people also put enjoying the forest and fresh air. But it's still relatively quiet, with long moments between passersby. As we get further in, I wait until a couple out walking their dog passes us then give your ass a quick sharp pinch. You squeal in surprise, catching yourself too late and turning the heads of the couple we just passed. Their dog barks. I stifle a laugh as we continue on our way. You hit my arm for embarrassing you and I flash a coy grin. Of course this means war.

Without warning, your hand lurches forward and pinches me right back. I jump from the pain and it's your turn to laugh. Quickly recovering, I take it a step further and shoot my hand out to cup your ass and give it a playful squeeze. You squeal once again but this time, there's a hint of pleasure in your voice. You're about to retaliate when a lone hiker comes over the hill we're walking up. We pass him with a nod and as soon as he's behind us, you reach over and give my crotch a squeeze.

I raise my eyebrows, meeting the sly smile across your lips. My hand moves to reach behind you, only this time, instead of cupping your ass, it slips between your legs. You feel my fingers apply a firm pressure against your pussy, rubbing gently but enough to ignite that familiar tingling sensation you enjoy so much. In an instant, my hand is gone and I continue my pace as though nothing happened.

We walk a bit further, a silence filled with growing sexual tension between us. You take your turn, this time casually slipping your hand down my pants and giving my semi-hard cock a few gentle strokes. You feel me grow harder in your grip. I turn to you but before I can react, you slip your hand out like nothing happened. I can't allow you to get away with such teasing.

Almost immediately my hands reach for your breasts, masterfully slipping past your low cut collar and bra. My fingers dance across your nipples before quickly gripping with a quick twist to send a delightful mix of pain and pleasure coursing through you. You can't help but gasp. Suddenly there's another couple walking around a corner towards us. My hands disappear from your shirt. Your open mouthed gasp is replaced by you biting your lip. Being out here, exposed, in this incredible weather, it's calling for you to give in to your primal side. Now, with your nipples tingling from my touch, your body is craving more.

The hikers pass us and, as we turn the corner they just came from, you suddenly press me up against a tree, shoving your tongue down my throat and your hands down my pants. I immediately reciprocate, treasuring the taste of you inside my mouth and letting out a soft moan from your gentle strokes. I slip one hand down your pants, my fingers gliding through your wet lips, past your clit, and into your waiting hole. You share a moan between us. My other hand slides under your shirt and begins to play with your nipples.

We begin to lose ourselves to each other, letting loose louder moans and gasps. Our moment is shattered by the sound of a stick snapping nearby. We break free from each and smile at the lone dog walker smirking as she walks past. She had more than a glimpse of us in action. We resume our hike.

Knowing these trails fairly well, I have an idea. As we come up to the next bend, I grab your hand and pull you over the fallen logs marking the edge of the trail. No one is around to see us as we slip away into the dense forest brush. Trees and thick bushes are already more than enough to hide us from the trail but I continue to pull you along. Just as you turn to me to ask where we're going, we break free from the treeline and are suddenly in an open patch of wilderness.

Free from trees and filled with tall grass and wildflowers, it's a hidden gem you had no idea existed. The bright sun overhead beams down on us, warming our skin as we leave the shadow of the trees. As come to the centre of the clearing, I swing you around to face me, pulling you back into a passionate kiss.

My hands don't waste any time. They immediately rush under your shirt, deftly unclasp your bra, and pull it above your head. The cool breeze across your exposed chest sends a shiver through your body, the only warmth now coming from my embrace. Your hands quickly undo my belt and before I know it, my pants have dropped to the ground. You pull away from me with a devilish grin and slide your way down my body, pressing your breasts against me the entire way. Your hands slip into my boxers and pull them down in the same motion, letting my hard cock stand free.

As you lower yourself to your knees, you guide my cock between your tits, squeezing them together with your arms to make sure I feel them. I moan as you pass me, getting louder as your tits are soon replaced by the warm wetness of your mouth. I can't help but firmly grasp onto you, one hand on your bare shoulder, the other behind your head. You begin at your own pace, slowly taking me all the way into your mouth, slowly back out again. Your tongue trails along my shaft, sending shivers of pleasure shooting through me. I apply some wanting pressure to the back of your head, signalling you to move faster. You refuse, enjoying teasing me and driving me wild. You keep sucking me off slowly, resisting my urges and pulls to quicken your pace. I can't handle it any more.

I quickly reach down and twist both your nipples, causing you to let out a sharp gasp around my cock. I take advantage of your brief release and clasp both my hands behind your head. Holding you in place, I begin to vigorously fuck your mouth, my cock moving in and out with a determined speed. Every few thrusts I stop and force you all the way down, making sure you gag on my length before I resume fucking your throat. You look up at me and see the fire burning in my eyes. You smile around my cock. This was what you wanted all along. I see your lips stretch and realise I'm just giving you what you want.

That's enough to release me from my trance and I pull you up to your feet, roughly. As soon as your standing, I'm the one on my knees now, taking your pants right along with me. You're not wearing any panties, leaving your glistening pussy exposed to the cool breeze. That breeze is replaced by the hot moisture from my mouth as I begin to devour your pussy. I lap you up with the same passion and ferocity I was fucking your mouth with.

You can't help but moan and scream from the incredible pleasure threatening to overwhelm you. The way my tongue moves inside your slit, the tip passing the edge of your hole right up to your clit, is driving you wild. You clutch onto my head, driving your nails through my hair as you feel an orgasm building quickly. I feel your muscles begin to tense. I know you're about to cum. I debate on letting you.

I quickly put together a plan in my head and decide to let you explode. With a quick squeeze and a finger grazing your asshole, I trigger your orgasm, causing you to shake and squirm as you cum all over my face. I greedily lick up your juices. Before you can finish riding it out, I pull you to the ground. Within moments I have your arms pinned, your legs spread, and my cock deep inside your still pulsing pussy. You cum once again. It happens so quickly it blends right in with the first one.

As you shudder and squirm from the orgasm roiling through you, I begin to thrust. You feel my cock deep inside you, my girth filling you so perfectly. I start slowly, letting you finish cumming as I begin to fuck you. As your body slowly releases its tension and your muscles begin to relax, I pick up the pace. i cross your arms above your head, pinning your wrists with one hand. The other begins to squeeze and pinch your nipple. On your free breast, I dive in with my mouth, still slick with your juices. As my fingers play with your left nipple, my tongue and teeth play with your right, all while I continue to build up my pace.

Faster and faster. Harder and harder.

I'm forced to pull away so I can catch my breath and move my hand to your throat. In this new position, I'm able to better angle myself, the tip of my cock now hitting the edge of your cervix. You scream in pleasure. You feel another orgasm threatening to burst. I feel it too.

My hands move to your bare shoulders, pressing you against my hips so my cock get slam into you right to the hilt. You take my full length with each thrust, feeling my veins pulsing against the tight walls of your pussy. Each thrust pushing you closer and closer... Until finally, I slam into you harder and deeper than before.

You arch your back and scream my name, loud enough for the entire forest to hear. I hold myself there, letting you squirm and moan as the orgasm washes over you. You collapse back to the ground, barely able to feel your legs and struggling to hear. Everything has gone fuzzy and dull as the blood rushes from your head. The only thing you do feel is my girth filling your sopping wet hole. I peel away your pants, leaving you completely naked now, and put your legs over my shoulders. I lean down to whisper into your ear, "My turn".

I leave you with a playful bite on your lobe before I begin pounding you roughly against the matted grass floor. With your legs up, your hips are tilted and I'm able to get in sharp, deep thrusts faster than ever before. I'm unrelenting, fucking you like you were made to be used by my cock. It's rough. It's slightly painful. But it feels absolutely amazing. You can't even think straight. Your mind has simply given in to your carnal passion. This is how you are meant to be fucked.

My fingers suddenly begin rubbing your already sensitive clit. They match the speed of my thrusts and you lose yourself to indescribable sensation erupting through your body. You hear me grunt and moan as I fuck you with a determination like you've never seen before. You know I'm going to cum soon and that only gets you closer.

In my primal state, I ravage your body even more, using my other hand to roughly squeeze your tits. I pull on your nipples, making you squeal as you can no longer hold it in. You release everything that's built up inside you and squirt cum all over the both of us. That's too much for me.

Your explosion of cum forces me out of your pussy and into an explosion of my own. I shoot rope after rope of thick white cum all over your naked body, painting you from stomach to tits to face. You open your mouth, eager to catch some of my delicious cum as I shoot a seemingly endless load onto you. I pump out my last shot, landing just about your pussy, and collapse back onto my knees.

You immediately get up and greedily clean off my cock, sucking both of our juices into your mouth. Exhausted, we both lay back in the grass, basking in our post orgasm bliss and catching our breath. After awhile we are ready to get back to our hike.

As you start gathering up your clothes then pause and turn to me "how am I going to clean up this cum?" You ask. "You aren't. You're going to wear it out." I tell you with a grin. You smile and pull on your clothes, letting the cum soak through them as you proudly wear it out while we finish our hike.