TITLE: Student Doctor
AGE: 51+
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This just happened a week before Christmas this past year 2018. I go to the doctor for a checkup every 6 months. I have been seeing my doctor for over 10 years and have gotten very comfortable with him. The hospital/clinic that I go to is a teaching hospital here in the Chicago area, I will not say the name but you may figure it out. Most of the time the visits are very short he takes the vitals listens to the heart asks a few questions pokes my stomach a bit and I am done for 6 months. Every now and then he has a student doctor with him. They always ask if its ok for them to sit in and observe as well as do some of the exam. It does not bother me, how else are they going to learn? Perhaps its matters how far along they are in the program, some times they do the exam while he watches and other times he says right away he is stepping out and will come back when the student is done. There have been both male and female students never had a problem with any of them. They seem to follow the same pattern for the exam as my doctor does.

On this visit, my doctor come into the exam room with a female student and introduces her to me. He explains that she is a student doctor and would it be ok if she could do the exam today. "Sure" I say At a quick glance she is very plain looking, not ugly or anything but just very average. The white smocks they wear hides everything well so really I can not tell how her body looks like but that's ok that's not what I am here for! My doctor checks my chart on the computer and says that its been a while since I had a good physical and that I should have one today. Of course this is after I tell him it was ok for the student to do the exam. This is much more involved than just a little prodding of my stomach, but I say ok. He tells me he is leaving and will return after the exam to see if I have any questions. He leaves and she instructs me that she will step out for a few and I should strip down leaving nothing on and put on a hospital gown laying there. She leaves and I do as instructed and sit on the exam table.

She returns puts on her latex gloves and starts the exam. She is very professional and explains everything she is going to do before she does it, so no surprises. I have been "covered" the entire time dropping the gown to my lap from time to time so she could exam my chest and what not. I am thinking this is almost done and it is not so bad. Just as that thought left my head she tells me the next part. She needs to check for a hernia. So I am instructed to stand and she reaches under the gown and fondles my balls and does what ever a doctor does down there. I cough a couple of times and she takes her hand out from under the gown. I am thinking cool we are done but she says there is one more part of the exam. I say ok whats that? She tells me its very important for a person of my age to be checked for testicular cancer. I say "Is that like a blood test or something?" and she smiles and says no Its a close visual inspection of your testicles and penis. Of course doctors say that you and I would say dick and balls but I get it. Ok i guess so I am told to lay down and get comfortable. She explains what she will do and that there is no pain but that she needs to check for any abnormalities. As she lifts the gown and begins to examine the family jewels I start thinking this would be embarrassing if I got an erection. I did it to myself by thinking that and sure as shit I got an erection. I looked down and she did not seem to be bothered at all by that. Again she was very professional and just continued with the exam. After she was done with the balls she said she would examine the penis and then exam would be over. This has never happened to me but with absolutely no stimulation and by that I mean no stroking or rubbing, or touching other than her just her merely picking up my dick to do the exam I started to cum. It was very embarrassing. I am looking down and her face is expressionless. She just holds it and watches and I think its just natural but she actually jacked me a couple times prolonging the orgasm and giving two extra shots of cum. She continues stroking till I am done shooting and goes limp. She then finishes the exam and then cleans me up. As she is wiping up the mess she makes a comment well that's all working. Of course I am apologizing like crazy. She says that she had been told that this can happen. She did say it was the first time it happened to her though. She takes off the gloves and washes her hands then sits at the desk and starts to punch in the exam results in the computer while I get dressed. She tells me she will get my doctor and returns quickly with him. He asks if I there were any problems or if I had any questions and I shake my head no and look at her. She looked relieved. My doctor is like great I will get your paperwork and you are all done. So he leaves to get my paperwork. She asks if I have any questions for her and I said I do. Did she tell my doctor what had happened? She laughed and said no there is a doctor patient confidentiality rule. Smiles and thanked me for allowing her to do the exam and walked out. I have not seen her there again. I guess she is in other parts of the hospital doing her rotation.