TITLE: Business Trip, Wine & A Stranger
LOCATION: Peacebomb54 - USA
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Business travels sucks! At least it did. Part of my job requirement is that I travel to see clients 4 to 5 times a year. It could be for 4 days. It could be for 10 days. Whatever. I hated it! The second I'm boarding the plane, I'm praying to get home as soon as possible. Not so much anymore.

On a trip a while ago, I was having drinks with colleagues and clients. I was in a very good mood. I went to the bar to order a round of drinks. I squeezed into a space to get to the bar and in my haste, I hit the arm of a man sitting there and bumped him. His drink spilled all over his shirt.

I apologized profusely and offered to buy him a drink and pay for the dry cleaning of his shirt, but he was having none of that. He was a really cool guy and said my restitution would me having a drink with him.

I smiled. What else could I do. I paid for the drinks for my group and had them brought to the table. I then ordered another glass of wine for myself and a chilled double-vodka for him-he, being Glenn.

We really hit it off. I guessed Glenn to be 35 or 40. At the time I was 55. Glenn let me have his chair. Another glass of wine, and I wasn't protesting when Glenn ran his hand up and down my thighs.

I didn't realize how much time had passed or how much wine I had drank, but eventually, one of my coworkers said they were all heading back to the hotel. By now, I was horny as hell. I knew masturbating was not the answer. When Glenn suggested we go to his place to continue partying, I was in total agreement.

He asked what hotel I was staying at. I told him. He said I should go with my friends. He said I should wait a few minutes after saying good night to everyone and once I was sure no one would miss me, I should leave my room, come back out. He said he would be waiting outside to drive me to his house for more libations, 'and, whatever."

In the car heading back to the hotel, all I could think about was what I was about to do. I was married for more than 30 years and had never cheated although I had my chances. But now, that was exactly what I wanted to do. My closest friend leaned over and whispered, "I think that guy wanted to fuck you." I just laughed and told her she was dreaming. Then she said, "Don't pass on travel-sex. It's so much fun. Take advantage of fucking someone new. I do."

I turned, surprised, to look at her. She said, "I get laid whenever I can when the company sends me away on "business". When she said business, she made "air-quotes" with her fingers.

She continued, "I know what you're thinking, 'what a slut', and I guess I am, but I love having sex with strange men, and never having to worry about cooking them fucking dinner, or picking up their fucking dry cleaning!" "You should have let him fuck you", she said as she sat back and smiled.

At the hotel, we all said good night and went to our rooms. I waited 10 minutes and went downstairs and outside. Sure enough Glenn was waiting. I jumped in and we drove off. Now he went for it. He placed his hand on my thighs and he pushed his hands between my thighs.

I grabbed the hem of my tight skirt and pulled it up over my hips. Then I spread my legs wide, giving Glenn easy access to my married pussy. As he groped and massaged my pussy I pushed his hand down hard on my cunt.

Then I slipped off my panties. He began fingering my sopping pussy. I reached between his legs to find a hard cock bursting at the zipper. Stopped at a light, I said, 'Take your dick out. I want to suck it right now!"

I bent down and took his cock into my mouth. I was giving a blow job to a stranger! At 55, I was sure I'd never suck or fuck an different cock again, ever! And here I was with a stranger cock in my mouth!

In his house, we wasted no time getting naked. I sank to my knees to suck his cock some more. When he asked If I would mind if he took some pictures, I told him to do whatever he liked. This picture, plus others and a video showed up on my phone a few days after I got home. Alas, this is the only one I have left. Couldn't have my husband finding out what a whore his wife was!

In short, I gave up everything to Glenn that night! I even let him fuck my ass. In the morning, he drove me back to my hotel with his cum leaking out of my ass and pussy and the strong scent of dick on my breath!

After that night I volunteered to travel! I hooked up with men every time I traveled after that. I learned new ways to satisfy men. I became quite the skilled married whore.

My sexual needs intensified. In between trips, I took matters into my own hands and began having sex with men that I would meet in bars, bookstores, supermarkets. I found myself branching out to much younger guys and eventually, black men, who I absolutely adore! I've fucked a lot of guys!