TITLE: In Front Of The Window
LOCATION: sadistic_love - USA
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Claudia thought about David and his amazing cock all day, and had worked herself into full frenzy, so the fact that the curtains of the bow window in their living room were wide open did not phase her one bit when he commanded,

"Here, now!"

David's commanding voice made his intensions quite clear.

Claudia reached for his pants, she know not to argue. The pants and underpants fell to the ground as he stared at her pussy. She knew she was already wet, even before she removed her thong from under her skirt. She was eager for him to noticed.

Claudia grabbed his cock and pulled David closer to her. She kissed him deeply, tonguing him and swirling it through his mouth trying to taste him. She pulled on his cock, and teased his length before teasing her pussy with the tip of his cock, rubbing it against her clit, feeling her pressure starting. Needing more he broke off their embrace, bending her over until her hands reached for the window sill bracing herself.

Knowing Claudia's body so well David slid a finger inside her, feeling how much her pussy needed his cock buried deep, how it would clench against his finger, pretending it is his cock and attempting to milk it dry with her tightness. David ordered Claudia to hold her pussy lips open so he could watch her hard little clit dance while he tried to add another finger into her tight sensitive pussy.

David growled, "Claudia you are all mine here. Here in front of this open window."

Claudia moaned and squirmed around David's long fingers begging for more, but he tortured her be remaining perfectly still, except for the scissoring motion as his two fingers make room for one more. David's fingers were burning hot inside Claudia. As she dripped wet, he to slowly withdrew all three fingers and then with a corkscrew motion quickly shoved them deep inside. When they are buried as far as they can go he wiggled his middle finger against her G-spot for a count of three and then they slowly slid them out.

Claudia was loosing her mind, David was keeping her on the cusp of a huge orgasm and it was fucking torture.

“You’re not allowed to cum yet, Claudia," David told her. “I won’t let you cum until it’s my dick buried even further inside of you. I want to feel you cum all over my big cock,” all the while pushing her closer by slapping her poor sensitive clit with his cock.

Claudia begged so pretty, "please…please let me cum on your cock." "Please shove it deep inside me so I can cum all over you,” Claudia begs. She needed him so badly tears were streaming down her face from trying so hard to hold back.

David loved watching Claudia suffer in pleasure, begging for release. He wished he could have kept it up, but he could no longer wait to bury himself inside her. Suddenly, he slid his fingers out and slid his cock in as fast and hard as he could, pushing as deep as he could go, making her scream.

David could not believe how fucking tight and hot Claudia's pussy felt. His toes curled as it took everything inside him to glide his big fat cock out of her slowly, until just the head is nuzzled inside. He felt her pussy gripping his knob trying desperately not to let it leave.

“That’s right baby, you wanna cum all over the tip of this big cock?” David asked Claudia. “You going to thank me for this cock with your cum?” He continued his taunt.

When David reached up, exposing her breast to any one who passed by, before he pulled and pinched Claudia's hard nipples, her hand automatically went to her clit and rubbing it so hard. When he felt the beginning signs of her orgasm he rammed in his cock and fucked her hard and fast against the convulsions of her orgasm and her pussy squirted all over, wetting even the wall under the window. Her cheeks burnt with heady addictive release and borderline shame, that only came from letting him own her pleasure so completely.

David was not though with Claudia yet, he repeated this three more times,  loving how she could not stop cumming, instead each orgasm built, ebbed, broke and built again, but he demand even more as he pulled out suddenly until it was just the tip again.

“You want more of this dick baby,” David groaned, “then you know what I need from you. Tell me what I want to hear.” He demanded.

Claudia did not miss a beat because she needed him so badly.

“Fuck my ass," she whimpered, "please fuck my ass hard”.

Without hesitation Claudia felt a dripping cock slid right into her ass. She would let anything happen to her body in this state, she overwhelmed by how dirty, hot and sexy you he always made her feel.

Claudia was so tight it only took four more strokes until she felt her ass fill with hot cum. It felt amazing, like a soothing balm that pushed her over then instantly calmed her as she gently floated back down to earth.

Claudia felt David's body collapsing on top of her, still buried deep enjoying the aftershocks of her weak, limp body.