TITLE: XXX Bookstore Manager
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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At 55 years old I retired from the corporate world. I was tired of the rat race and wanted to have some fun. I traveled, played golf and spent time outdoors. The first few years were fun, but I was soon looking for something to do part time. I saw and ad one day online for a manager of an XXX erotic bookstore. I had managed stores for years and decided to call the number. I met with the owner and was hired on the spot.

Fantasy XXX was located in a seedy part of town. Surrounded by some abandoned warehouses and some late-night dives, made it the perfect place for raucous characters. In addition to the usual XXX inventory of toys, books, movies and outfits was a mini movie theatre. Guys paid $5 to see a thirty-minute porn flick. Also hidden from view was several glory holes. Unknown to customers was a series of hidden cameras. I could see everywhere including the theatre and the glory holes.

My shift was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 pm to 7 am. I trained the first week then was on my own. Thursday night was uneventful as guys came in late at night to watch porn or couples shopped for the right toys. Many were people you wouldn’t expect to see in such a sordid place.

Friday night was filled with all sorts of people. Toys and movies were the biggest sellers. The theatre was packed. Through the cameras couples fucked and guys got their dick sucked as porn played on the screen. One woman was being gang banged by four guys. This was a regular Friday night for Fantasy XXX.

On Saturday night just before midnight a stunning woman walks in and goes to the glory holes. She is about 30 with long straight blonde hair reaching to her ass. She is wearing a red one-piece fishnet body suit and black stiletto boots. Large fake tits, a plump tight ass and gorgeous full lips completes this goddess.

I look to the gloryhole camera as she starts sucking cocks one by one. Guys are lined up as she twists their balls and works the shafts to spurting loads of cum. One guy is finished as the next one takes his place. She swallows what she can while the rests run down her tits. After about twelve guys are finished, she strips naked and puts her ass to the hole. Guys began fucking her cunt as she balances with a chair. Load after load is pumped in as cum runs out her pussy and down her ass.

At some point she takes a break and returns to sucking cocks. As the guys are finished off, I leave the front and take my turn. She begins to work my cock and massage my balls and I soon erupt with waves of hot cum. I can’t believe what I’ve witnessed or experienced, but I was loving this new job.

Every week was the same flow each night. Most were regulars. Guys from all walks of life found this place. The following Saturday the blonde chick arrives around 11:30 pm with some older man. She begins sucking cocks as guys line up for the action. After about ten guys, the man with her walks with her into the theatre. She strips naked except for her heels. The man brings out a table as guys line up to pump her pussy. Her head is hanging over the back as guys line up for a blowjob. Cum runs down her pussy and down her face as load after load is expelled from hard cocks. Several guys jack-off on her tits. I’m astounded at the sluttiness that this woman displayed. As she is leaving, I smile and say you forgot me. She tells me to drop my pants and finishes me off then walks out the door.

I’m intrigued and plan to find out more about this woman. The following Saturday I take off and wait in the parking lot until she leaves. I follow her to an upscale gated community. Slipping through the gate before it closes, I pass by as she pulls into the drive. I research the address and find it belongs to a well-known community leader. With further research I find a facebook page with her a husband and two young children. What was the perfect woman with the perfect life up to…?