TITLE: Natasha's Journey Pt 5
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Natasha was a new woman. In the last several months she had completely reversed course in life. Gone were the tired, boring clothes. More shorts appeared, low cut shirts were the norm. That one-piece bathing suit was traded for a string bikini. Sandals were daily wear. Her pedicured toes were on display for all to see. She was the center of attention for men and she new it. She was looking for an opportunity to display her fishnet body suit. So many ideas.

The weekend had finally arrived. She and Mike were off. Mike liked to fish and they took the boat out any chance they got. Mike had a buddy that would come often. Mike and Richard would fish. Natasha would drive the boat. Richard brought the beer and snacks and a goodtime was had by all. This trip would be different. The boat was packed and ready to go. Natasha had a cover over her new string bikini. Mike parked the truck and got on as they worked their way to the fishing spot. The beer began to flow as the fish were reeled in. Natasha had long lost the cover and her top was now off. Richard didn’t know what to say but has wasn’t going to complain. The bottom disappeared as she sunned. Several boats blew their horn as Natasha stood and waved. She stayed naked as they returned at the end of day. Mike backed the trailer while Natasha and Richard packed up supplies. Richard asked Mike to take a picture of him and Natasha with his large catch. Mike was happy to oblige. As they drove home, only the cover from her bikini was on. “Great day honey”? Mike said. “You bet” said Natasha.

On a whim Mike and Natasha stopped an adult bookstore. They had heard about them but had never been. Upon entering, a whole new world appeared. Aisles of movies, games, clothing and toys. There was even a small movie theater in the back. What they thought would be a quick trip turned into hours. The glass dido she had used in our fling was given as a gag gift. Many types of people where there. Young to old, everyone has those kinky desires. Natasha picked out several outfits and a variety of toys. A huge 12- inch purple dildo and a pink one with ears. A vibrator was always good in a pinch and some gels for enhanced stimulation. Mike was in the movie section exploring his voyeur desires. Before they left, they peeked into the theater and got a surprise. Some woman was being fucked by two guys, another was sucking some guys dick. Porn played on the screen, but no one was watching.

Natasha managed to expose herself to several men that day. Passing by a river some guy was fishing off the bank. Mike got his camera and they headed for some tables nearby. Natasha posed in various stages of undress. The guy had quit fishing and was observing this scene from a short distance. She took off her last piece of clothing and posed spread eagle on a picnic table. As they were leaving, she blew the guy a kiss. Wanting to raise the bar, Natasha had to use her vivid imagination. Where could she expose herself with a greater risk of being caught. The feeling gave her a high like no drug could ever achieve. That feeling alone made her horny as hell.

Natasha finished her last client late Monday evening. She stopped by the gym for her workout. Kristen could not come today so she went alone. Several men and women worked out. Natasha was familiar with most of them, she just didn’t know their names. Monday evening was usually a slow day for the gym and most equipment was available. People slowly finished and left. Two guys were still working out as Natasha finished and headed for a quick shower. A sign was posted that the women’s shower was out of order. Not wanting to get in the car all sweaty she decided to use the men’s shower. No one was left so she felt okay about taking a quick shower. She stripped and was enjoying the hot shower when one of the men came out of the bathroom stall. He too was naked and was startled to see Natasha taking a shower. They had chatted a few times. His name was David. Natasha acted normal but David was apologetic. She said the women’s shower was broken and she wanted a bath. Natasha hadn’t planned this, but she enjoyed the scene. She made sure to face David so here could see her from the front. She raised a leg and washed her pussy as David started his shower. He was naked and couldn’t hide his fully erect penis. Natasha asked if he would wash her back. He took her cloth as his rock hard cock accidentally brush her ass. She giggled as he continued. She turned around and ask if he could do her chest as her arms were sore from the workout. She was in full tease mode. David wasn’t sure how to take this, but he didn’t want it to end. As they finished and were drying off, Natasha told David how these workouts changed her sex like. Her husband liked how her pussy stayed tight and she was able to ride him longer. David’s cock was at full attention. Natasha asked him several more questions to prolong his agony and her joy. She asked about the lady that came with him. They were dating but not married. When they finished talking, Natasha put on a loose oversized t-shirt with no bra or panties. She slipped on her sandals and walked out the door. She was so horny from this experience, she fucked Mike for an hour then had him take some pictures.
To be continued...