TITLE: Naughty Girl
AGE: 31 - 40
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Back when we were ‘courting’, I knew early on that my man had an exhibition streak. He liked us having sex outside, risky places where we ran the risk of getting caught, that kind of thing. And his love of stockings and suspenders goes without saying. So when he requested my arrival at his one night to be in said stockings and suspenders, I wasn’t surprised. The request to be without panties did.
I’d never done that before, and had it been anyone else, I would’ve refused. But for him, I’d do almost anything. So I did.

Walking in the door, he greeted me with a kiss. Allowing me the time to take my coat off, and stash my bag, he pulled me to him. Kissing me deeply, his hand immediately went under my skirt and up to my crotch. Finding my bare, smooth pussy lips, he growled his appreciation, his kiss getting more urgent as his finger entered me.

“What do we have here? No knickers, naughty girl,” he growled.
“As requested. Was quite exciting driving over here like this. Imagine if I’d been pulled over! Getting out of the car without flashing isn’t easy,” I softly replied between his oral attentions.

His fingering got deeper, faster and harder, as his kisses did the same.
Just as he worked me up into a frenzy, he withdrew his fingers and removed his lips from mine. Wobbling on my heels, I stared at him open-mouthed. “What? Why did you stop?” I demanded.
“Get your coat, we’re going out. And stay like that,” he instructed.

I was so surprised, I did what he said. My brain couldn’t come up with a suitable argument quickly enough so before I knew it, we were out the door.
Heading into town, he kept his hands to himself. I was feeling frustrated and dumbfounded. My acquiesce to this escapade was totally out of character. But I was excited by it, and nervous about what would happen.

We stopped in his local pub, but he left me be. Having a drink, I started to relax a little. Meeting and chatting with some people he knew, the knowledge that I was commando was being nudged from the forefront on my mind. Until he said it was time to move on.

Going outside, the cool air caressed my bare lips and suddenly that knowledge was the only thing I could think of once more. Excitement building, my juices cooling as they hit the outer edge of my lips, sending a shiver through me. A puzzled look from my man as he led me towards the bar he’d chosen almost had me convinced he’d forgotten my bare state. But his hand sneaking up to cup my bare bum cheek as we went through the front door proved that wasn’t the case.

We got a drink, scanned the clientele then settled at a high table in the corner, satisfied he didn’t need to share pleasantries with anyone he knew. Helping me up onto the stool, he nudged my knees apart. Standing so no-one could see what he was up to, his fingers returned to my pussy.

“You are so wet. Is my naughty girl turned on by being bare in public?” he murmured to me.
“Kinda, yeah. But what you’re doing now does even more,” I replied.
“What if I move slightly, so you can see the people around us?”
“If you keep fucking my pussy like that, I’m not sure I’d mind,” I groaned as his fingertips rubbed my g-spot.

As he moved slightly, the room appeared before me. Browsing the crowd, no-one seemed to be paying us any attention. Feeling brazen, I opened my legs a little further giving my man better access.
“Ohh that feels good. My pussy has missed you,” I whispered.

Then I saw him.

A thirty-something man sat against the windows with a group of people and was looking in our direction. I was sure he was watching us. Watching me get fingered.
“We’ve been spotted,” I almost shrieked in my man's ear. “There’s a fair-haired guy near the window starring in this direction! He must be watching us. Watching me get, well, this!”
“Shh, you might be wrong, just relax and see what he does. If it helps, look at me,” he suggested as his fingers rhythm increased. He already knew my body well enough to know when my orgasm was close, and with this new intensity, he’d be pulling me off soon. And in public.
“I don’t have a choice, with you doing that. It feels so good.”

My man moved slightly so he could see the man I saw, and, I hoped unintentionally, allowed the stranger a better view up my skirt where his fingers were rocking in and out of my cunt.

The stranger shifted in his seat, as my man nodded slightly then turned back to me, kissing my neck as he whispered to me “He is watching you get your cunt finger fucked in public. He can see your smooth lips and my fingers going in and out of your soaking wet pussy. Cum for us both, you naughty girl.”
With no choice, as my orgasm was already within reach, I locked eyes with the stranger across the room. The knowledge that he could see adding a certain frisson to my orgasm as my pussy contracted around my man's hand, and I came hard with as little a groan as I could manage.

As my convulsions ceased my man retrieved his hand from my crotch. Sucking his fingers to clean them of my juices, he said “Drink up. I’m taking you home to ride my cock.”

As we left the bar, the stranger raised his head to me in a silent farewell. Nodding in return, I flushed in embarrassment and departed.

Back at my man's place, he closed and locked the door, then showed me just how much that little dance in the pub had affected him. His cock was rock hard. Stripping my coat from me, he shoved my skirt up, and his jeans down. Turning me towards the wall, he pushed straight into me, making me squeal in shock.

“Naughty girl. You got fingered in public. You not only let a stranger see your pussy but let him watch you get finger fucked!” he growled at me, thrusting hard and deep into my depths.
“You were the one who had his hand buried between some panty-less girls legs in a pub. Dirty boy,” I growled into the wall, unashamedly loving the fucking I was receiving.
“Did he see you cum on my hand? I bet he wanted to feel your silky cunt walls on his fingers. On his cock, like I am now too.”

Each exclamation was made with a hard, deep thrust into my pussy. His hard member rubbing my g-spot once more, filling my pussy, stretching out my inner walls.

Amazing myself, I felt another orgasm building. Putting a finger to my clit, I rubbed in time with his thrusts, speeding up the second cuming. Just in time. As my orgasm started to flow through me, my man gave a cry and emptied his balls into me, thick spurt after thick spurt.

Kissing my neck, just behind my ear, he pulled his cock from my battered pussy and smoothed my skirt back down. Patting my behind, he climbed the stairs to bed.