TITLE: Long Time No See!
LOCATION: Sexysara1976 - UK
CLUBHOUSE: Sexysara1976
AGE: 41 - 50
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One day last week, I was minding my own business walking around town doing some shopping and was just going up the escalator when I could feel someone getting up close behind me, I turned and saw it was Ryan (my former boyfriend before I met my husband), he pressed himself up close to me and said “Fancy meeting you here after all these years, what are you up too” as he ran his hand across my ass.
We got to the top of the escalator and I explained I was just out and about doing some shopping, he asked if I fancied going for a coffee to catch up, so I said yes I’ve got plenty of time.

We went for a coffee and he sat down next to me and starting running his hand up and down my thigh under the table as we chatted, just him doing that started to make my nipples go hard.
I tried hard to keep a straight face and carry on the conversation but I could feel his hand lifting up the edge of my denim skirt and going further and further up my inner thigh.

He was looking at me intently to see my reaction and I said “Don’t you think you are being a bit risky and naughty?’ He laughed and said if I was worried and had the time we could take it elsewhere.
I asked what he had in mind and he said we could go back to his, my pussy started to get wet at the thought of an unexpected hot sex session with Ryan so I agreed and we headed back to his car...

We were walking back to the car when Ryan grabbed my wrist and pulled me into an alley where no one could see us, he grabbed one of my tits under my top and squeezed my nipple whilst kissing me really hard, I felt my legs go weak as my clit started to ache wondering where this was gonna lead, “come on” he said “let’s get back to my car”
We hurried back to his car and drove back to Ryan’s house.

When we got back I noticed that his driveway was set back from the road and quite secluded so as he turned the engine off I leant over and started to undo his trousers, he guessed immediately what I was about to do and his cock got hard straight away, bulging out of his trousers. He moved his seat back and I started to give him a blow job slowly licking his very long thick shaft up and down and flicking the end with my tongue.
I teased his cock just putting my lips over the end and pulling away and the going back and taking all of him in my mouth as his cock got even harder and Ryan was moaning at the feel of my tongue all over it!!

I sucked and licked it until it was throbbing, I then climbed on top of his lap, pushing my black lacy thong to one side and also let my tits loose by undoing the buttons on my top as I wasn’t wearing a bra!!
Ryan started to finger my pussy and groaned at how soaking wet it already was.
He then started to gently bite and suck on my rock hard nipples as he pushed 2 fingers inside me and rubbed my clit with his thumb.

He said “come on Sara let’s go inside where there’s more room to continue this”
I couldn’t argue and followed him indoors.
Once we were inside and the front door shut, Ryan pushed my back straight up against the wall and lifted both my legs up by grabbing hold of of me from behind my knees and then pushed his huge hard cock into my married wet pussy with ease and started thrusting into me while I was against the wall, taking my breath away.

He said “come on let’s fuck in as many places as we can”
Ryan then let go of my legs and I led him into the kitchen where I took off my skirt and top and bent over the table so he could see my ass, Ryan came up behind me and caressed my ass cheeks before he started to fuck me again while I bent over the table, he played with me by thrusting deep and hard one minute and then slow almost withdrawing his huge cock from my pussy then slamming it back in balls deep so I was gasping with how great it felt!!

A few minutes later Ryan turned me around kissed me and sucked on my huge erect nipples again and then led me to the lounge and he sat down on the sofa and told me to straddle his cock!!
I stood up on the sofa so I was above his head and told him to lick my swollen clit and pussy which he did instantly by flicking it with the tip of his tongue and fucked me with his tongue as well.
I felt like I was going to cum because it what he was doing felt awesome, so I lowered my wet pussy slowly onto his massive throbbing cock and started to move up and down feeding all of my wet pussy juices over his cock!!

He carried on sucking on my hard nipples as I rode him faster and faster, Ryan then said he was going to cum, so I clenched my married pussy around his big fat cock as I felt his hot cum start to fill me up just as I started to cum as well.

When we both finished cumming we collapsed on the sofa in a quivering wreck and laid there both getting our breath back.
A few minutes later, I asked Ryan if I could quickly take a shower as I didn’t want to go home with his cum oozing out of my pussy all day, so he showed me the way to his bathroom and I got into his shower and began to wash myself.
Ryan stood in the doorway watching me soap up my body and I noticed his big cock was getting hard again, so I invited him into the shower by saying to him, “Let’s not waste that hard cock you have there, come and join me in the shower”

Ryan happily got into the shower with me and we started to passionately kiss as our hands explored every inch of our bodies again.
I got down on my knees and gave Ryan another blow job as the water spray of the shower covered my face and body!!
A few minutes later I stood up and then turned around to face the wall in the shower and then looked over my shoulder at Ryan and said to him “I now want you to fuck my ass with your massive cock”
His face was a picture like a child in a candy shop!!!
“You never did anal when we used to go out with each other” he replied
“I know” I said “But I love all my holes fucked now, so get on with it”
He didn’t need telling twice, without hesitation Ryan guided his huge throbbing cock slowly into my ass and every inch as it entered me felt amazing!!
Eventually he was balls deep inside me and very slowly started to thrust his cock.
I was in heaven and told him to fuck me faster, and Ryan kindly obliged.
He then said “I’ve never fucked anyone in the ass before”
I laughed and said “you’re welcome”
He then replied “Oh fuck, your ass feels so fucking tight, I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuumm!!!!
Without warning I felt his huge cock go rigid and start to pulsate inside my ass and dump shot after shot of hot cum deep inside me.
I was rubbing my clit at the time and just the feeling of his cock pulsating inside my ass made me cum too and I squirted all over the shower floor!!!

After we gathered ourselves together and got dressed, we agreed that it had been a nice surprise bumping into each other after all these years and then he drove me back to town so I could finish my shopping.
We swapped phone numbers, so you never know I might decide to meet up with Ryan again!!