TITLE: F/T Masturbating In Public
LOCATION: jadegoddess - USA
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I’m not even really sure if it counts as masturbation because I didn’t use my hands but I couldn’t think of what else to call it.

So I was sitting at college yesterday waiting for my class to start. My long distance boyfriend had a day off so we were texting each other. I’m on my period this week and so I’m in a super horny mood because my period does that to me. I guess my hormones go crazy during this time. I quickly start saying some dirty things like “I want you to fuck my brains out” and other things like that. I’m not gonna lie, I read erotica and stuff on Reddit. In fact, that was the purpose of me making this account. So I’ve picked up some dirty things I didn’t even know people did through reading the stories. I’m a virgin and had never thought about porn until recently, btw. So I tell him I’m gonna do some of the things I read to him. Like I remember saying something like “I’m gonna lick around your tip and then suck all the cum from your dick and swallow it all in one gulp” and he got super turned on. We sexted throughout the entire day and I made him cum four times. I have no idea what his past girlfriends had said to him in their sexts because he told me none of them made him cum without touching him. He also said I was getting better at dirty talk and that he had one really intense orgasm that he couldn’t do anything but sit there for a while. But I was out all day cuz I had class and had to go to the library. During one of our sexting sections that happened before class I just started moving back and forth on the bench I was sitting on while texting him. There were people around me but they were on their phones so I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice what I was going. But I went really slow so I could easily stop and make sure no one saw what I was doing. I never took my hands off my phone the whole time. I just kept moving back and forth, rubbing my clit. I widened my legs and leaned over the near by table to get a better angle. It felt so good. I told my boyfriend that I was imagining riding his dick and he really got a kick out of that. My legs actually started shaking at one point. I really wanted to finger myself but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna masturbate in the bathroom lol. I’m getting turned on again just remembering but I have class so I can’t touch myself unfortunately.