TITLE: My Wife's Divorced Friend
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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It was 1995 and my wife Carol and I had been married for 15 years. Our relationship was great. We both worked and the weekends were ours. No children in the home meant we could fuck without interruption or be naked anytime we desired. Like every man, I looked at other women and wanted to fuck them but never strayed. My wife kept me happy with a blowjob every morning and a good fuck every night. The weekends were even better.

Carol had a good friend named Rhonda. I knew from Carol that Rhonda was going through a divorce but since I didn’t know her husband, I paid little attention. Rhonda was a beautiful woman. She was an 8 out of 10 for her looks and personality. She was 5’ 10”, 140 lbs with long black hair. Her high cheek bones and blue eyes made her a head turner.

Rhonda had stayed away from the dating scene fearful of meeting a bad man and finally having her freedom. I would chat with Rhonda when she was at our home. We had a good relationship. I secretly lusted after her body but thought that was as far as it would go.

Carol and Rhonda knew each other’s secrets as female friends commonly do. Rhonda had confessed to Carol that she didn’t want a relationship but missed the sex. There were too many diseases to take the risk. Some good safe sex was what she needed.

One night while lying in bed Carol asked me what I thought of Rhonda. I said she is beautiful, and she would have no problem finding a man. Carol told me Rhonda’s dilemma about sex and left it at that.

Carol doesn’t have a jealous nature. She knew I looked at other women and would tease me about it. She even bought me some girlie magazine sometimes.

I later discovered that my wife had suggested that Rhonda have sex with me. I was safe and had no diseases to be transmitted. Rhonda was reluctant at first, but Carol encouraged it and she was ready to be fucked.

Imagine my shock when Carol told me their conversation. I thought it was a trap, but she soon convinced me she was sincere.

Our first meeting was at our house while Carol went shopping. Rhonda and I drank some wine to settle our nerves. We were soon kissing as we undressed. As I fucked her missionary she came to life. Rhonda had been deprived and was ready to release some pent-up stress. I thrusted rapidly as the first orgasm in over a year swept over her naked body. She trembled as the pleasure was vocalized in her sighs. “Yes, yes, yes” was all she could say. As she turned around, I continued to pound as her tits swayed to my motions. When I could no longer restrain. I unloaded into her tight, wanting pussy. I moved faster as I shot my warm juices. We were exhausted as our energy had been consumed by our erotic adventure.

We continued to fuck several times a week with each meeting bringing more pleasure than the last. Rhonda and Carol would talk, no doubt discussing the encounters. Carol never displayed any jealousy but rather encouraged it. Carol had told me she was being fucked better because of my sessions with Rhonda. The free sex did excite me more and Carol was the fortunate recipient.

Carol started staying home as Rhonda and I would fuck. One evening I started licking Rhonda’s inner thighs while working my way to her clit. I teased her labia as I swirled my tongue back and forth until her clit was swollen. I feasted as she spread her legs wide. Moans were deep as orgasms rippled through her being. She showed no signs of slowing down as her juiced trickled down her ass. My erect cock was dripping with precum as I speared her wet tunnel. I hammered like a madman as my carnal lust was unshackled. As I prepared to discharge the contents of my balls, she told me to put it in her mouth. As I hovered over her waiting lips, she squeezed my scrotum, delaying for a few more seconds my colossal storage. I gave a euphoric heave as her orifice swallowed every drop. I glanced in the mirror to see that Carol had watched the entire show.

One evening while fucking Carol she told me to pretend she was Rhonda. I started to fantasize and fucked Carol with an intensity never displayed before. Sounds came from her that I had never heard. I was lost in my imagination as Carol roared with jubilation. After we were both consumed, she collapsed and quivered for the next hour.