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Moving to a white neighbor was kind of odd for me. Being a 22-year-old black man and all. My mom wanted to get away from the ghetto life we once lived. She divorced my dad after a 7 year affair he recently told her. She needed a new life and so a girlfriend of hers who happens to be white, invited us to move in with her until my mom got back on her feet.

My mom was a strong woman. She has been very proud of all my achievements, especially when I was in school. She was a nice looking lady at that. Thought I never really looked at my mother that why. I guess it took some time and for me to become a full-grown man to release that my mom is actually kind of hot.

She reminded everyone of a dark skinned Vanessa Williams. She actress is smoking herself. But the difference between my mom and her was not only the rich and famous and the skin color. But my mom was enormous up top if you know what I mean. As a guy, I too would often glace at my mother’s chest and watch them rise and fall, as she was breathing or bounce and jiggle when she walks. For a 39-year-old lady, my mother tits were still sitting high on her chest and from the looks of it, she didn’t have a hint of sag. I knew she couldn’t have gotten implants because we were never that rich.

When we moved into her white friend’s house. I have never seen her white friend before. She would never come around to our house. I mom told me that she met her friend Beth while at work. My mom is an assistant teacher and Beth is the teacher she helps usually.

Beth wasn’t that bad looking either for a 35-year old school teacher. With her long blond hair stretching clear down her back, she too was pretty top heavy on the chest. She wasn’t as enormous as my mother was but she was still huge. Plus she had a small frame. My mother isn’t tiny or fat. She was above average with most of her thickness on her chest, thighs, and ass. I guess you could say thickness runs in the family and you’ll soon know why.

I’m going to tell you the story of how my mom became a member of a rich and wealthy country club her friend Beth recommended and remember, my mom is not rich or wealthy but she did strike gold in the form of her own son being me.

One Saturday afternoon, Beth and my mother were cleaning up a bit for an exclusive meeting with all-female board members of a rich and wealthy country club. Beth told my mother, Theresa, to join her country club because she would be wonderful as a member. She’s so high spirited and easy to get along with. I pretty much didn’t care about the whole thing but wish my mother luck though.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for my mom to convince the board to let her join seeing how they were all white females, rich and powerful and perhaps stuck up and spoiled. I don’t see why my mom would ever want to join a group like that.

Soon the four ladies arrive at the house with their briefcases in task. I just sat on the stairs just curious to see what these white ladies look like.

Beth opens the door for them and just like I had imagined. Three of them were blonds while the other was a brunette. She looked pretty decent and not as serious looking as her board members. She was the only one smiling when she greeted Beth and my mother.

They introduced themselves. The head blond was named Cathy. She was the official Head Chairlady of the board. Her husband and her took it from her father who died a few years ago as she explained her story. She had a mean mug on her face and a plastic smile everything she opens her mouth, like she just got done having surgery or something.

Next was the Vice Chairlady Cynthia. Out of all the girls, she looked to be the smartass of the bunch and probably hated everyone who has tried to become a country club member. Her blond hair stops at her shoulders and she had a devilish grin when she puckers her big juicy red lips.

Cindy was the third blond and secretary of the club. She seemed very perky and full of giggles. The only reason she is part of the club is because her husband is a billionaire and they need his money to fund their club. It was obviously that her husband liked the perky, stupid, cheerleader type girls.

And last was Cassie. She was the gorgeous brunette. I was never really interested in white girls but after seeing her, I had a whole newfound love for them. She was the nicest member and perhaps the smartest. I could tell she would welcome any good-hearted female into the club but the other two would probably outvote her. Cindy wouldn’t be much help to Cassie seeing how they always keep her in the dark about getting new members.

The members were asking my mom all types of questions about her personal life, love life, and just life in general. She tried to play it calm with the ladies but Cynthia would always make some kind of smartass remarks towards my mom. Cathy would just laugh and back it up. Cassie would try and make peace with everything. Cindy pretty much laugh at everything. She reminds me of Susanna Summer's character off “Three’s Company”. You know the airhead Christy.

The girls got to talk about their husbands and of course Cynthia and my mom clash heads when Cynthia called my dad a deadbeat nobody. He really didn’t care much anyways but my mom was still hurt about the affair and cursed up a storm. Cassie helps defend my mother by saying their guys have always come up short in everything.

My mom, Beth, Cindy, and I were laughing at that point. After that good laugh, the meeting got more boring and so I headed to my room. Before entering, I made a detour towards the bathroom. I didn’t bother to close the door as I was taking a piss. Suddenly, Mrs. Cathy comes walking in. She pauses for a moment and I pause as well, holding my horse hung cock.

Her eyes were bulging out of their sockets. Her mouth was wide open like she was trying to say something. I just look at her and finish up my piss. Before I could get my dick back in my pants, Mrs. Cathy walks up to me and grabs hold of it.

“In all my years of being sexual active. I have never seen such an enormous piece of meat in my life. To bad my husband tiny dick couldn’t have been so beautiful like yours,” she says with lust in her voice.

I didn’t know what to think or do. She had my huge dick in her hands and was now stroking it. I gave off little moans and tried not to look into her eyes but when I when to look, she was gone or rather on her knees, stuffing her mouth with my big dick. I had no idea Mrs. Cathy would never be this sluttish.

“Oh my god. This must be about 12, 13 inches,” she says in between sucking. Her hands were fondling my apple size balls while she was greedily sucking my massive cock deep into her mouth. She only got a good 7 inches in her mouth. The rest of my cock was just dry.

She took my cock out of her after five minutes and starts to lick my thick shaft up and down like a lollypop. Wetting the parts that she didn’t get to suck. She traced her mouth on the sides of my cock, sucking from piece to piece of every inch.

“Oooooh Mrs. Cathy. Your mouth is incredible,” I moan as my fingers run through her golden blond hair.

“Call me Cathy my dear,” she tells me while stroking my cock in her face. She takes the massive mushroom size cockhead into her mouth and nibbles on the edges. Her tongue lashes over the head furiously and then she begins to suck on the huge swollen cockhead without using her teeth. Slithering her tongue up and down my pee hole. I didn’t know how much of this I could take. She knew how to give an excellent blowjob. She isn’t all that bad as I thought.

“Lets continue in my room,” I told her releasing my cock from her greedy mouth.

I stuff my cock back into my boxers and lead her into my kind of messy room. Boxers were all over the floor and posters of my favorite rappers were hanging all over the walls.

“Oh my god. I bet all these black rappers have huge beautiful cocks like you,” Cathy said with lust in her voice again.

She pushes me onto my bed and starts to unbutton her pink business suit top. As the top drop to the floor, she was standing in her white blouse that was stretching out incredibly far from her body.

“You’ll never guess what I’m packing under this blouse,” she says to me teasing.

I couldn’t wait to find out. She quickly undoes the buttons to her blouse and tosses it on my head. I quickly scramble to remove the blouse off my head and the next thing I know, a large bra cup is hanging off the top of my head. My eyes widen inside her blouse because I knew she must have been fucking huge.

I lift the blouse off my head slowly and behold. Mrs. Cathy or just Cathy had huge titties hanging off her chest like teardrops. From what I could see, they were all natural.

“Well. You like?” She asks me shaking her shoulders causing her huge tits to wobble and jiggle at me. “You’re not the only one packing something-huge boy. I have two large weapons and I’m not afraid to use them,” she teases.

I quickly grab her bra and was amaze at how large the cups were. They practically could fit over my entire head. I was curious about the size so I read the tag.

“40 EEE!!!!” I said out loud in shock.

“That’s right. And there all yours if you give my that enormous juicy cock of yours again,” she said walking over to me and bending between my legs.

My all ready unzip jeans provided her with easy access to my dick. She pulls my jeans all the way off my feet and then my boxers came off next. My enormous cock slaps her in the face playfully as it was sprung free.

“Oh god. So huge and delicious,” she moans.

I rested my body on the bed as Cathy inserted my huge thick cock into her mouth. She knew how to work my dick. Bobbing her head up and down what she could. She even tried to get the whole 13 inches down her throat but she started to gag and choke. She came up for air a few times before resuming sucking and slurping my dick.

My cock started to pre-cum indicating that my giant cock was being please with her warm mouth and slippery tongue. She took some time outs on my cock and focus on my giant balls. She suckles them one at a time. Tracing her tongue over each testes before returning them into her mouth. Her cheeks were puff out with my two big balls on each side of her mouth. She sucks and chews on them like a pro.

She soon releases my now saliva cover balls and resumes licking and sucking on my shaft.

“Mmmmm such big balls. So tasty,” she says while stroking my cock in both her hands. I started breathing heavy and moaning as she starts to stroke furiously and beat my massive cockhead against her tongue. She knew I was ready to cum and I knew it too.

She gave my dick a few more sucks and jerks and before I knew it, I let out a powerful moan and orgasm which was followed by a huge blast of cum hitting her face with five separate enormous loads. Her face was practically drowning in cum, just dripping off her cheeks, nose, eyelashes, forehead, and lips.

I was amaze at my work I did on her face but my huge cock was still hard if not harder then ever.

“Oooooh baby. Your still throbbing hard isn’t you,” she says speaking to my huge dick. She uses her blouse to wipe the cum off her face and stands up to remove her panties from within side her pink skirt. “This is going to hurt me more then it might hurt you,” Cathy says as she straddles over my enormous cum-cover cock and hikes her skirt up to her waist, showing off her bald and wet pussy. She gives her fingers a few licks and rubs the outside of her pussy with them. Opening her cunt entrance and showing me her pinkish insides. Her clitoris was large and hanging down, ready for my massive cockhead to drill at it.

She slowly eases her way onto my cock, just barely fitting the head inside.

“Uuuuuggghhhh OOWWWW!” She screams.

“What was that?” Asks Cynthia to my mom.

“Like I would know,” Theresa replies.

“Where is Cathy? What’s taking her so long?” Cynthia says with a worried look on her face.

Cathy pushes herself on 6 inches of my huge dick and slowly easing her way down on more. My thick shaft was spreading her pussy lips wider and wider. It looked like her pussy was about to just rip open. She was amazingly tight for a woman her age. I could tell that her husband being small dicked and all never truly pleased his wife or else she would never have been this tight.

I could see the pain and agony in Cathy’s face as she pushes her wet pussy further down my black anaconda. By now she had 8 inches stuff inside her pussy. I knew she couldn’t go any further so we when from there.

I took hold of her nice firm ass and started to bounce her on my dick. Cathy started sweating and pushing her pussy down my cock and in one swallow, her pussy devours my entire dick. That really got Cathy screaming and crying in pain. My giant balls rested against her pussy and she started to ride my dick now.

I reach up to cup her bouncing 44EEE titties. I still couldn’t believe the size of them and so well hidden inside her suit. My hands travel on every square inch of her delicious pillows. They were so soft and firm for her age and their size. They hung beautifully off her body with little hint of sag and they were all natural. Her areolas were massively large. The size of music CD and her nipples were tiny but suckable.

Cathy dug her nails into my chest to relief some of the pain she was in. My huge dick continued to pound inside this rich white lady’s cunt. I felt the walls of her pussy close tight around my cock, trying to adjust to the size of it. Her juices were leaking all ready, flowing down to my balls and on my sheets.

My hands continued to maul her enormous breasts. Pulling and pinches at her nipples. I raise my head up and took a harden bud between my lips. Her arms wrap around my head, pressing my face hard into her tit meat. I was stuffing my mouth with as much of her tit flesh as possible.

Both our bodies began to sweat as we grinded our pelvises harder and faster together. Her firm ass was bouncing high off my thighs. My huge dick was making her thighs quiver with each thrust. My face was still buried in her tits. Kissing and sucking every inch of her breasts. Tasting her salty sweat and smelling her rosy fragrance.

I felt Cathy cumming as she let out a loud moan and long orgasm. Her cum flow down my cock and to my balls. My balls were squash between us against her pussy as my big dick was buried deep inside it.

We reposition ourselves so that she was lying down on my bed and I was between her legs. My cock never left her stretch-out-wet pussy. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and resume my thrusting. Her big tits wobble up and down her chest. Cathy was tearing and ripping at my bed sheets trying to withhold my impact.

She bit down on a pillow as my thrusting became faster and faster. Every few seconds I would slow down and rest my cock deep within her pussy. Resuming pounding her pussy I would give it slow and powerful thrusts. Seconds later I would be fucking her like a jackrabbit.

I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to my door. I continued to pound Cathy’s creamy cunt, feeling my throbbing giant ready to cum.

“HERE I COME!!!” I moaned and pulled my cock out and start to spray her juicy huge tits with giant loads of cum spurting everywhere on her chest. Her tits were nearly soaked in cum.

“Oh my god!” I heard a voice shout. Cathy looks up, breathing heavily and blows her mess up blond hair out of her red and sweaty face and says “Hi Cynthia. Some join us.”