TITLE: Holiday With Zoe
AGE: 51+
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My name is Susan I am married to David, we where into swinging before we married.
My best friend is Marion we have been friends since we were 5 years old and meet at school.
We have two sons now grown up and have their own families. Marion has one daughter Zoe she has been part of our lives since she was born growing up with our sons. When Zoe was 18 we told her it was okay just to call us David and Susan, she said thanks if you do not mind I would like to call you my aunty and uncle you are very special in my life you know I want people to know that.

On this occasions our boys could not get the time off work to join us at our villa in Rhodes, Zoe was away from university, I said do you fancy joining us for the holiday, yes that would be fantastic at the same time we asked Marion telling her not to worry about the cost as we would fund the holiday, thank you but no it is impossible to get the time off work.

The day came Zoe had stayed over at our home, she has her own room and bathroom. The taxi picked us up at 5am, we arrive mid afternoon, Marion asked Uncle David could we go into Rhodes I love the fish restaurant. Yes of course we had a great first night David and Marion had too much to drink, I arranged the taxi back, got David to bed then helped Zoe. In her state she said mum says you and Uncle David go naked when you are on your own, can I go naked, and you can do whatever you like.

It was a hot morning and they feel down the stair one after the other Zoe was naked David was sat at the table with a coffee and almost chocked, Susan what the hell is she doing well she asked if it was okay Marion told her we are naturist and are naked on holiday when alone or with Marion.
Zoe is 5foot 4inche tall, size 10 dress 34C boobs and copper red hair.
After we had cleared up from breakfast, I said well, well what he replied are we going naked also, if that is what she wants?
Over the next few days we had enjoyed ourselves taken Zoe to the naturist beach in Faliraki.

This morning we were just chilling out after a good night out, David had nodded off snoring a little which amused Zoe. David was laid on his back, Zoe said Aunty look at uncle, as I looked over he had a full erection, oh I am sorry dear I will wake him up and cover him, no he is fine leave him be.
Okay if you are okay with it so am I, I could not help but see Zoe always looking over to look at David erection. Lunch time came I had made a light salad, David said I am going upstairs to do some work on my PC, he has a desk top in his office upstairs. He always keeps in contact with the businesses at least twice a week.

Zoe, said I am sorry if I upset you when I commented about Uncle, no dear I was only concerned about you. You should not be I am a grown woman, I also enjoyed it, I would have loved to have felt his cock, ‘what’, she thought she was in bother, it is okay I am shocked to hear you say that, why?
You are more like a daughter, thank you I know but I could not help how I felt, if he gets hard again could I go and feel it. Zoe, I do not have an issue with that but remember he is male and may take it as an invite to go further, what with you there, come on girl I know you know we are into swinging even our own boys know it, I am sure they have told you or you have all talked about it you are all so close.

That afternoon David had another nap and sure enough he got hard, Zoe looked at me I mouthed it is your choice. She quietly tip toed over to David and started to feel his erect cock, looking at me she smiled mouthing it is great, David moaned a little as she felt him, she then leant over and sucked him, he woke up saying what the fuck, it is fine for goodness sake chill.
She bent over and kissed David whilst he was feeling her tits, I went over to join in I was now sucking him as they kissed, she stopped looked at him. then me can I fuck him aunty, I see no point in stopping now, She straddled David and lowered herself onto his cock slowly fucking him until it was clear he was going to com, Zoe increased her speed David said OMG here I come and shot his load in her.
Zoe, drained him of every drop of his com, it was fantastic watching her, whilst she was doing this I was kissing her, feeling one of her nipples with the other hand rubbing her pussy she cam just before David. As she got of him I took his cock and sucked it clean and dry of them.
Zoe, turned said it is your turn she lead me to my lounger and started to make love to me, he finger probing deep into my wet pussy within minutes I was having an orgasm.
As we all laid back we spoke of how it had gone often with a nervous laugh.

This was only the start of a long and happy relationship, now we are in our 60s and Zoe late 30s, and we still play with the addition of her husband.