TITLE: Step Daughter Moved Back In
AGE: 41 - 50
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After an ongoing argument with my 18 y/o step daughter about moving out with her boyfriend she moved out. 4 months later she wanted to move back in. She ended up getting pregnant and the piece of crappie he is forced her to leave. So not having any place to go she ended up at my door step. Well I couldn't leave her alone and in her condition but didn't want her to think it was OK either. When I sat down with her and had a talk about moving back in she said she would abide by the rules and do everything in her power to help me out. She loved my house and always kept it clean for me. One night I was in my bed watching a movie and she knocked at the door. I told her she could enter. She come in and sat on the bed beside me. I asked what was up and she answered nothing just didn't want to sit alone. So I told her she could stay and watch movies with me. As the movie went on she said she was cold and wanted to snuggle up to get warm. That's where I saw a problem since I was naked under the blankets. Before I could stop her she pulled the blankets down and climbed in. She had on her night gown so I could feel her cold skin on her legs against mine. I was starting to fall asleep and figured she would leave when I did nod off. Wrong a fell asleep and was woken up a short time later to her sucking my cocktail hard. I felt amazing. I didn't let her know I was awake just to see what would happen next. Glad I didn't for sure. Now that my dick was fully hard she stopped. Kinda angry I didn't cum I almost lost my shot at what followed. She shook me a little to see if u responded. I didn't so she moved on to stage 2. I felt her moving around on the bed a bit then she straddled over me. She pushed my hard cock inside her sloppy, soaked, dripping hot puss all the way to my balls. She let out moans of pleasure as she went up and down my shaft. I opened my eyes to see her big swollen pregnant tits in my face, her head back as far as she could get it. Not but 3 minutes later I felt her cum all over me. She went to get off me and I said to her you used me now finish me. She had a surprised look on her face but rode on. I came deep inside her pregnant pussy with a load of my lifetime. She got up off of me and laid on her back. I rolled over and went back inside her spasmodic pussy fucking her mercilessly til I blew my load deep inside her once again. She lay there convulsive not knowing what had just happened but knew she liked it. She slept beside me that night. We talked about what happened the next morning but she said it couldn't happen again. If I have my way there will be at least one more time and I'll post it as well