TITLE: Natasha's Journey Part 3: Heating Up!
AGE: 51+
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Our late-night snack had worn off, so we decided to stay in and order room service. Natasha had slipped the white negligee back on as I went to the bathroom. I mentioned that she might want to put on a robe as our breakfast would soon arrive. Natasha answered the knock on our door. I heard her chatting with the room service guy. She told him to set the breakfast on the table. She asked his name and how long had he worked at the hotel? Dillon was his name. He seemed to have a stutter as he spoke with her and I soon found out why. Natasha did not put on a robe.

She answered the door wearing the white negligee. She said he arrived just as she was getting in the shower and thought her sister was at the door. I loved how she could improvise a story on the spot. The guy appeared somewhat nerdy and very nervous. He was in shock. Natasha said didn’t have any cash for a tip. She then let the thin garment fall to the floor. She told him to place his hands on her breasts and suck her nipples as his reward for great room service. The guy was stunned as was I. He said he had to go and almost ran from the room. I was astounded at this exchange and was at a loss for words. As I came out of the bathroom Natasha laughed and said she liked teasing the guys.

After breakfast we decided to rent a porn movie and relax for a bit. The movie energized us to get back to business. Natasha asked that I fuck her with my tongue like I did yesterday. I gladly complied. After more orgasms that she could count I had my own bag of surprises for her. I ask her to slip to the end of the bed. I open her legs and began to rim her anus with my tongue. Her reply was OOOOOOOOHHHH! I rubbed her pussy with my finger and which brought and orgasm so intense that water sprayed from her clit. I was once again in awe. Not many women expel water like this during sex. I had truly found a gem in Natasha. After several minutes the sheets were drenched. Mike had never done this to her anus. He had wanted to experiment in the past, but she always turned him down. This, to her, only took place in the movies or a book.

Natasha wanted to get a bath and I called for new sheets. While waiting to get in the shower a knock at the door came and I said come in. I’ve long had exhibitionist tendencies and now was my chance. I walked out the bedroom totally naked. As the maid turned around, I apologized. I borrowed Natasha’s line and said “I thought your were my wife”. The middle-aged Spanish lady stared for moment, smiled then finished the bed. On the way out she smiled at me and said “I get off at 7”.

Natasha and I were both physically and emotionally spent. We decided to relax and learn more about each other. Mike had checked on her via text several times. She was doing great. They had thoroughly vetted me before agreeing for Natasha to come for a visit. I had told my wife I was on an overnight business trip. I would not be denied this time with Natasha. She had felt guilty leaving Mike for this trip so she planned a surprise for him. Her longtime workout friend Kristen had been twice divorced and was through with men. Though she never said it to Natasha, she was jealous of her marriage with Mike. She did drop some comments about his chiseled face and dark tan. He was muscular with charm as well. She would fuck him any time. Mike only new Kristen socially. A few parties, holiday gatherings and sports events at school. Last year Natasha had asked Mike to drop Kristen at home because her car was being repaired. She invited Mike in making up a story about a broken faucet. Kristen had changed into some short shorts and a lowcut t-shirt in hopes of seducing Mike. He left quickly fearing Natasha would find out if they fucked.

Natasha had recently confided to Kristen about her newfound freedom. Kristen was shocked but excited at the same time. Natasha had concocted a story so that Kristen could seduce her man. Kristen was to call Mike and tell him her lights were out. Could he come over and take a look? She lived three miles away and was there in five minutes. It was 9 pm and she has waited till dark to make the call. She met him at the door wearing a bathrobe and slippers. She said during her shower the power went out. She new they lived nearby so she called them for help. “Where is Natasha”? Mike said she went to visit a friend. “Thanks for coming”. Natasha had told Mike he could have fun if the situation presented itself. With the lights back on Kristen ask if he wanted some pizza and a beer. She had picked it up on the way home and would not eat it all. Mike agreed as he had not had dinner.

After several slices and few beers Kristen asked if he wanted to relax for a few minutes in the hot tub. Mike paused for a moment and said yes. He knew what his wife was doing and now was his chance. “I don’t have any shorts with me”. Kristen got her exes old shorts and Mike put them on. Kristen put on a string bikini and met Mike at the tub. Kristen had already poured the wine and they chatted for 10 minutes. Mike fought to hide his boner and was trying to keep his eyes on Kristen’s face. She went to get another bottle of wine. She loosened her top while in the kitchen so it would fall off by accident. When she returned with the second bottle, she dropped the corkscrew and bent to pic it up. Her top came off. Mike stared as if in a trance. Kristen looked at Mike and said “Fuck Me”. Natasha and I had all this planned. The next hour was a blur. Mike fucked Kristen on the hot tub, on the outdoor furniture and even the kitchen bar. Kristen had not been fucked in almost two years. She was out of control. Mike had always wanted to try something and got the chance with Kristen. She wanted to be fucked anally and Mike was quick to comply. They took a bath at 1 am to clean off the juices of passion. Mike fucked Kristen in the mouth and painted her tonsils with hot cum. He ate her pussy like a starving dog. He rode her missionary style and then they switched to the 69 position. They were both exhausted and fell asleep. Mike woke up a 7 Saturday morning with Kristen still asleep. Natasha texted and asked how his night went. “Thanks” he said. Natasha smiled.

Natasha and I spent the rest of the day relaxing. We had massages at 1 pm. She told the male masseur to leave off her draping. He reluctantly complied trying hard to hide his pole. I was in the next room wondering what naughtiness Natasha had planned. On the flip her perfect tits were exposed as was the landing strip on her pussy. She asked her masseur to lift her purse on the counter. Underneath were two $100 bills. Natasha said she wanted his best work. He worked her scalp, shoulders and belly. He used two fingers on each hand to bring her nipples to full erection. One hand slipped down to her clit where she soaked his arm with a massive orgasm. Fluid shot everywhere as he kept his hand in place. She arched her back and tried to contain the sound. When he finally let off, she was totally spent. We took showers and met in the lobby. When I asked Natasha how it went, she said it was “ok” then smiled.

It would soon be time to say our goodbyes. We went for a nice dinner and talked about life. Life has passed quickly. She wondered what she had missed. Her son’s t-ball coach twenty years ago had flirted at every game. Her daughter’s soccer coach wanted her to be the team mom. Many men had wanted her, but Mike was the lucky man.

Natasha’s flight left on time. I kissed her at the gate and hoped I could see her again. Without a doubt she said. As she walked away, I wanted to run and get her.

As I went back to the room to get my bag, the Spanish lady from earlier was starting to clean the room. As I left, she gave me her card. “I do house cleaning on the side”. She was widowed in her 40’s and had to make ends meet. Her two children lived in other places. I called her the following week. I stopped by her home. She told me she missed the touch of a man and I could stop by anytime. We started fucking five times a week for the next 3 years. On my way to work she would be waiting as I knocked the door.

Natasha’s flight landed at midnight. Mike and Natasha greeted each other with a newfound passion. The last 24 hours has been a roller coaster. Natasha told Mike every detail about our fling. He could not wait to get her home and fuck her silly. Mike gave very few details about Kristen and him. He downplayed their encounter. Kristen and Mike had future plans. She was done with marriage and relationships with men. In Mike she found a steady source of sex. She wanted to be fucked and he wanted to fuck her. Natasha was unaware. They compared schedules and managed to escape several times a week.

Sunday morning came and Mike had to go to the office for a bit. Natasha when to get the paper and said hi to Ed as he read the morning paper on the porch. Ed was their neighbor for the last several years. His wife Ethyl has passed recently leaving Ed behind. They had no children. Ed had met Ethyl years ago in Alaska. He was a lumberjack and she was a stripper. He eventually convinced her to marry him and leave that life behind. Ethyl waited tables while Ed worked the woods. After decades in Alaska they moved to the Midwest and purchased a small home several years back. This is where they met Natasha and Mike. Years of hard living caught up with Ethyl and she died not long after the move.

A few years before Natasha’s awakening, she and Mike made a sex tape for their viewing only. It was Mike’s idea and the early beginnings of his plan. He took the tape to have a copy made one day while Natasha was out. He went to a store a few towns over and had a copy made. Little did Mike know but the owner Larry made a copy for himself. Guys came to him all the time with their homemade videos. He could read them like a book. Natasha had been posted on the internet long before she or Mike were aware.

Ed and Mike talked from time to time. Ed expressed his loneliness since Ethyl’s passing. They had him over for dinner several times. Ed secretly lusted after Natasha. He always told Mike what a lucky man he was to have such a gorgeous woman. One weekend Natasha was out of town visiting her parents. Ed asked Mike if he missed her when she was out. He said yes but had ways of passing the time. “What is that” ask Ed. Mike told Ed to come in the house as he had something to show him. Mike put the cassette in the VCR and watched as Ed’s mouth hung open. There was Natasha and Mike fucking like rabbits. They did every position. Natasha’s moans excited Ed and he still could not believe his eyes. Mike told Ed to never speak of this video and he could see it again. Ed gladly complied.

Several week later Natasha was looking for something in her underwear drawer and noticed the tape missing. She asked Mike if he knew where the tape was. Mike was forced to confess that he had loaned the tape to Ed to help him combat the loneliness. She was pissed at first but eventually calmed down. Ed was an old guy with few friends. No one would ever know. Mike went and got the tape, telling him about the discovery. Secretly Ed was thrilled. He had masturbated multiple times while watching the tape.

Several weeks after returning home from our meeting, Natasha told Mike she wanted a privacy fence. She was tired of tan lines and wanted to sunbath nude. They had recently joined the nudist resort and she wanted an even tan. They kids had moved away and she was enjoying her newfound freedom. Ed asked about the fence and Mike told him the reason. Ed was thrilled at the possibility of seeing Natasha naked.

Natasha got to thinking about the tape Ed had seen of her fucking Mike. She wanted to cheer him up and went to see him one day while Mike was working. She knocked on the door and Ed said to come in. He was watching TV. He had on a pair of shorts and no shirt. His body was lean and muscular from years of hard work. She wore her jean shorts and a tight-fitting tank top. “What brings you here this time of day”. Mike said you had missed Ethyl and I wanted to lift your spirits. She planned a little peep show for Ed. He was sixty-five, what else could he do but watch. “How do you lift an old guys spirts” he asked? Natasha called Ed to the bar. She pulled off her top to reveal a beautiful set of porn star tits. “I thought this would cheer you up”. Ed could not believe his eyes. This could not be happening. “Touch them” she said. Ed’s hands trembled as he took those massive mounds in his hands. To continue the tease Natasha dropped her shorts to the floor. Ed dropped his shorts revealing 9 inches of throbbing manhood. Natasha was at a loss for words. Ed reached around and picked her up by the ass cheeks and sat her on the counter. He guided himself in as she gasped at the feeling of this 9-inch shaft. Ed picked Natasha up from the counter and fucked her with only his hands as support. Those massive lumberjack arms held her tight. Several times he called her Ethyl. She didn’t care. If Ethyl got fucked like this then she was Ethyl. After several minutes Ed carried her down the hall and laid back on the bed. She rode him like a wild stallion. She and Ed came together several times. She switched to reverse cowgirl and fucked him some more. But the time they were done she could hardly walk. Natasha got dressed and left. She met Mike in the driveway. “Is Ed OK”? “Yes” he just needed some lifting help.

Natasha had more encounters with Ed at different times. Ed, like most men, loved to have his dick sucked. Ethyl had serviced Ed on a daily basis. She had taken care of her man. Ed was glad to be back in action. In one meeting Natasha had tried something on Ed that was a game changer. As she took that massive cock down her throat, she began to circle Ed’s anus with her finger. He thought this odd but immediately enjoyed it. He felt sensations that were new to him. She used her other hand to squeeze his huge balls. He told Natasha not to stop. As the intensity built Ed came so hard that she could not swallow fast enough. Cum ran down the side of her mouth and on to her chest. After his erection subsided Ed now understood the male G-spot. Ed conversations about being lonely had subsided. Mike thought that the passage of time had cured his loneliness.