TITLE: Tried To Trick Wife
LOCATION: Roadster - South Carolina, USA
AGE: 51+
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I was bored one day and as I bought a newspaper,I also picked up a swingers magazine.

This was years ago when you only had access to things as such through magazines.Thumbing through it I saw this guys ad of himself and he looked like he was a decent person,read the same way and was located at a beach we go to. Plus he had a rather healthy looking cock on him.

Deb and I had done some couples fucking before,but she sort of drew the line at a lot of people around when she was getting some cock. We went to one once and due to her looks and figure(big tits nice ass) about got fucked to death by all the guys there,trying to be polite and not saying no .

It had been sometime since we had any extra activity and I was beginning to believe that was what was bring on my boredom and general malaise . Totally out of the blue I dialed up the number he had in his picture/article and he answered. I stumbled and stammered at first trying to make small talk and he finally said well,is there anything I can help you with as I understand you must have seen my ad.

Glad he broke the ice first, I told him by situation. He understood and agreed that if all parties are on the same page it can be a lot of fun as well as sexually exciting to all concerned. How about your wife ? Is she ok with things as this and agreeable?

I told him well, maybe,maybe not. I haven't exactly told her about it yet . We have in the past but we both knew the other couple pretty well.

Ha,ha, he said clandestine huh? You want me to have sex with her and her not know anything about it beforehand? I said uh ,something like that.
He replied it sounds like a sure fire method to fail to be honest. I have been there a couple times before and they both went up in flames.

I said well, give me sometime to mull it over and once I explained to him her looks,figure,and how damn good she was in bed ,he said well,come up with something and I'll at least listen to you..actually I love a challenge myself. Oh by the way will you be needing a partner as well? I have a few in mind that no one in his right mind would kick out of the bed. We ended it with that and my evil,manipulative mind went to work.

Two weeks later we were on our way to the beach ,with Deb thinking I was going there to look at some plans and a development package was one the line( I'm a site contractor by trade) and she was coming along as eye candy and a short vacation too.

Mark,the guy in cahoots with me and I had derived this plan where she was going to be in our hotel room alone and he was going to show up unannounced with a needed change of plans for me and then he was going to take it from there and see what he could develop with Deb from there.

Now Deb is no dummy,in fact far,far from it and she had been married to me long enough to where she knew me back and forth...she thought.... so this whole scenario had to be airtight and totally believable or she would smell a rat and our gig would fall through probably. Honestly , I didn't know if she would fall for the bait and allow him some of her pussy or not...I kinda believed not but it was worth a shot.

I buttered her up big time ,while driving down there saying wow,we really need to make an extremely good impression on this guy and a job like this could fund our company for a year or need to be your sweetest, sexiest ,flirting self to grab his attention and I'll do my best salesmanship I can..we don't want this fish to get away.

We got there on a Friday night and met up with Mark and his date for drinks after we unloaded in the hotel room. Deb did her part she looked like a million bucks and the words and sweet southern mannerisms she portrayed could have melted steel.

After too many drinks we went back to our room. On the way out Mark patted my shoulder and bit his fist saying this is going to be a pleasure no matter how it shakes out, damn that woman has a set of tits that makes my eyes water. You sure you want to be sharing her with another guy? I'd keep her locked up in my bedroom naked if she was mine....

Back at the room she wanted to fuck as soon as we hit the bed....saying It must be that ocean air,because everytime I come down here I get horny as an old goat....that was music to my ears....

The next morning I smelled coffee as soon as my eyes opened and she was sitting in a chair in front of the bed with a cup. As soon as she saw me awake she put her coffee down and yanked the covers back and said your coffee can wait buster.....

I need some lovin and you'll do just I want to send you out with a good luck blowjob so you can bring us some bacon home....
In a sixty nine position her pussy was flowing juices off the start and she bumped out two O'S before I could get mine once.... I think she had in mind a full blown out knock em dead fuck session but I didn't want to use her pussy up before our plan got into effect.... So,after her protesting I stopped to soon, I garbbed a shower and told her I had better leave early as I had to find the location of the project...she believed my excuse and said well, I guess I can wait a little while longer then....

Mark was outside in his car with bells on as I walked from the hotel. All smiles and eager for our plan to be put in gear. I asked him just what was going to be his spiel and how did he think it would work on her. He laughed and said well, I have on these pants and the damn zipper is as cantankerous as hell. Been meaning to throw them out but now I'm glad I didn't. He reached into his car and pulled out a roll of gauze and some tape and went about wrapping up his right hand.

Puzzled, I asked ok what's that for ? Well,see I'm righthanded and last night after we split and went home I cut my hand and cant really use it good.....reckon I'll be able to persuade her to help me fix my zipper ? I grinned and said I'm liking this already.

When I rented our hotel room I actually rented two,side by side rooms with this door inbetween them. Be fore I left our room I made sure the door was barely open between the rooms so I could see inside from the other room without her knowledge of course.

Mark and I went up to the extra room and waited until she went into the bathroom. We could hear the shower running and took the time to get those doors just right,in hopes she wouldn't notice it wasn't totally closed. I could see almost the entire two beds from my advantage point,all but the very end of the bed closest to the sliding doors to the outside. I told him if this works try your best to make it happen on the inside bed ok? I don't want to miss a thing. I also couldn't see the bathroom door to my dismay later on.

The shower stopped and low and behold she came out naked as a jaybird with only a towel wrapped around her hair on top of her head. She walked right past us get another cup of coffee and a cigarette and cracked open the sliding doors a bit.

If I hadn't had my foot where I did the suction would have pulled the room doors totally shut but thanks to be it didn't. I quickly found a book to replace my foot,turned to Mark and said break a leg fellow.....

He picked up a set of plans I had brought along of another site and went out . I heard him knocking on the door and Deb saying shit,who could that be...wait just a minute and I'll be there. All the next was outta my site but I heard her go to the door after putting on this bathrobe that really covered up not much and was practically transparent and asking who it was ..Mark replied it was him and he needed to give me a new set of plans..He explained he was suppose to meet me but the architect had redrawn somethings and he had to go pick up the plans from him that morning or wait til next week.He was stopping by to leave those plans and hurrying to get the new ones for me too.

I heard Deb stutter a bit then said well,Mark I'm just out of the shower can you wait until I can dress first..I only have on my bathrobe now.

Mark sad well it wont bother me for you to be in your robe,but I understand your position.. However the two cups of coffee I had earlier is really talking to me right now and I have to pee something furious. I was going to ask you to allow me to use your restroom if you didn't mind.

Deb said Oh alright then come on in. I saw her retreat to the furthest bed and sit down as Mark came in. If she was trying to shield herself in any way she picked the wrong place to sit, The sun was coming in through the doorway and it was almost as if she didn't have anything on that robe allowed the sun to light up all she possessed. I know she didn't realize that fact but I could clearly could see her boobs areolas,nipples and all right through it. Mark paused as he came in looking at her the caught himself and said thanks and please excuse me for a moment,going in our bathroom.

As he was in there Deb furiously looked through her luggage then said to herself damn.I left both bra and panties in the bathroom,shit... I heard a flush,then a minute later no Mark. A few minutes later still no Mark and Deb said to him you ok in there honey?

Then Mark said the coup de grace. It's this damn zipper I cant get it to budge. I heard Deb giggle and ask him if he needed some help ?
Mark said it wont budge for me you can see what you can do if you don't mind...I don't have time to go home and change pants. Deb said well,take them off and hand the out to me and I'll see what I can do,snickering the whole time.
Again,outta my line of sight damn it but I heard the door open and Deb exclaim
whoa, I thought you'd just pass them through the door,not open it all the way....

Mark said oh sorry,I'm just getting frustrated that's all . I heard Deb sorta under her breath say as she walked by with his pants and sat on the bed with a set of big eyes and a funny expression on her face, looks to me you are more than just frustrated there big boy. She worked on the zipped and finally got it freed up and handed them back to Mark saying there maybe that will work now.She returned to the bed a little and nervously sat down and waited. Finally Mark said nope it wont go up again dammit. I watched Deb roll her eyes and said did it come up even a little? Mark said well,maybe but not enough to do it job.

Deb giggled again and said why don't I try to get it up while you have them on and if it does then you'll be ready to go. Mark said well,uh that would be fine with me but you see there is sort of something else now making it even harder to pull up.
That time Deb laughed out loud,saying so you have a hardon in the way huh?
She laughed. profusely that time and told him well its your call but I have seen a hardon or two in my time and if you want that zipper fixed it may be the best shot.

The bathroom door opened and out came Mark with a huge mushroom head and plenty of shaft behind it sticking out of his zipper as he waddled over to Deb and stood a foot in front of her flushed face.
Deb took a moment or two looking at him and his predicament then said you certainly do have a problem or two going on there don't you? I'm not positive even if I get that zipper to work it is going to come up over THAT...... You need to get rid of these pants....
Mark: just as soon as I get back home believe me.
Deb looked up at Marks eyes and said well,I know what will fix one of your problems but as far as that damn zipper ,maybe I have some safety pins in my luggage we can use on the other problem,ok?

Mark had his back partially to me but I could see the grin on his face through his head as Deb took his engorged cock in her hand gripping it behind his huge cockhead and tonguing the tip of it. Then she said but wait,dont you have somewhere you have to be soon?

Mark eeked out ah it can wait if it has too.... Then Deb opened her mouth as wide as it could get and inserted Mark's cock or at least at first as much as she could get in. She paused and said to Mark,you have an unusually large cockhead ,I'm not sure I have ever seen a cock shaped like this before. He laughed and said it'll do in a hurry and she went back to sucking. And sucking she did..she kept on maneuvering his cock head until she had it all inside her mouth,but that was about it..just too big too go much further.......

He had pulled off her robe to the extent her tits were reachable and was giving her nips a workout as well as the heft of her tits as well . I new from experience the more you played with her tits the better fucking you were gonna get....and it turned out that way here too. After a bit of howdy doody stiring up the pot Deb quit sucking him and said if you promise not to tell anone I'll lay back and we can get even more done,if you like ?