TITLE: Pussy Petting
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Mostly I fuck middle-aged to older guys. My Daddy BF is about 25 yrs old than me. I am in my early 20s. I'm not exactly a pro whore, although I might as well be. Daddy and I are into group sex. You might say that sex with men is my hobby. We don't much do the commercial swinger parties, because I like being the only female in a gangbang. My Daddy is well-off and has his own business, but is mostly retired. So we have plenty of time to pursue our hobby.

I met Daddy at a swing party, and we have been together ever since. He takes care of me in every possible way. I am a nympho, who thinks about nothing but sex. I love to cock tease men. My Daddy likes to watch me get fucked, and he sets up private parties, where I do just that. And I am happy to oblige. Daddy and I dated for about 6 months, and then I moved in with him. It amuses him to know that I am a shameless slut. He likes to "discover" me with some guy and then shame me. Usually that ends with me getting spanked and my pussy sucked and fucked. Which is the whole point. So I enjoy sneaking around and letting him catch me.

Every since college, I have liked letting men pet my pussy in the back seat of cars. Only now, it has to be a nice big car. Daddy took me to a swim party. I made a point of swimming with a guy, who had a big bulge in his swimsuit. I let him squeeze my tits. Didn't say a word. Then I felt his finger reach in my bikini and finger my pussy. I didn't resist. He asked if I was alone, and I said no. Then this guy, Jeff said I should dump my date, and go with him. I said no that I couldn't do that, but we could sneak away for awhile for a little fun. I said, let's drive somewhere. We drove to a nearby park. Jeff unzipped and said for me to suck his cock. I said oh no, I had other ideas. We should get in the back seat, where there's more room, and he can pet my pussy. I didn't have to ask twice. Once in the back seat, he pulled down my bikini and started petting my pussy. He asked what I liked. I said that depends. Why don't you improvise and find out for yourself what gives me the most pleasure. He knew what he was doing. He fingered little circles around my clit and pinched it. He stuck 2 fingers in my cunt for a nice finger fuck. He squeezed and stroked my pussy lips. Then I lay back, and begged him to suck my pussy. But instead he shoved his dick in my pussy and started fucking me hard. I called him a fucker. You fucker. Fuck my pussy. Shove it in, you fucker. I'm going to tell my Daddy that you petted my pussy. Do you like fucking my pussy, you fucker? He just kept fucking my pussy. Didn't say a word. Then he pulled out, still hard. Repositioned my butt and put my legs up and wide for some more pussy fucking. Shut up you little slut. I know you like it. Beg me to go deep. No, I'll never beg you. I can make you beg me he said. He pulled out again and started sucking my pussy. Oh god, he sucked so good. He sucked hard on my clit and pussy lits til they got swollen and fat. I orgasmed. Now beg me to fuck you, he said and say Sir. Oh please Sir, fuck my pussy, you fucker Sir. No he said. You haven't begged me nicely enough. And he went back to sucking my pussy.

Now this is my kind of guy. A guy who gets into a little domination sex play. A guy who appreciates and likes slutty girls. A guy, who is amused being cock teased. So I came again. Beg for it, you little bitch. Oh please Sir, fuck my pussy. He shoved his dick in my cunt and fucked me for a while. My pussy was so wet. We sat up, and I begged him to pet my pussy again. Oh please sir, pet my pussy. I love petting in the back seat of a car. So we mutually masterbated each other. It was so sexy. Then I said, you have such a nice hard dick. I love playing with your dick. I'll suck your dick if you promise not to come in my mouth. I kneeled down and sucked the head of his dick. Gradually took it deeper and deeper. And of course, he came in my mouth. I knew that he would. So we could play more sex games. You dirty fucker. Swallow it girl. Lick your lips. Get back up here and let me pet your pussy. He stroked and pinched my pussy hard. Then he fucked me again. He asked. Do you know what I want to do? I want to fuck you in the ass. No, my Daddy doesn't like it when men fuck me in the ass. So you have let other men fuck you in the ass? You're just a little nasty slut aren't you? I couldn't help smiling. I told him that my Daddy just says that, but he really likes to watch me fucking other guys. And I like to let him watch. I asked would you to come home with us and fuck me with Daddy?

Well I didn't need to convince him. I told him that if my Daddy caught us fooling around, Daddy would most likely give him an invite. So we fucked some more, and he finally came again. I put a clip on my clit. It really hurt. I told him that it was how I signaled Daddy that I had fucked a guy that I wanted to bring home. Now the clit clip, although it hurts, feels so good when it comes off that I orgasm right away. And it makes my clit so sensitive that I can orgasm many times while getting fucked. I told him to ask my Daddy, where he found such a sweet little cunt like me. When we got back to the house, I took Daddy into a room and showed him my clit clip was on. The other guy came in the room. Daddy called me a cheating whore and said that I was only good for butt fucking. So he learned me over the bed and told the other guy to fuck me in the ass with the clit clip still on. They both took turns butt fucking me. Daddy said, you little slut fuck. Do you like it with Daddy shares you? Are you going to come for us all night? Yes Daddy, I'd do anything for you.

So the three of us went home. We all stripped naked. Daddy tied me with my legs spread high and wide. He took off the clit clip, and I came right away. Then the guy fucked my pussy, while daddy pulled on my raw sore clit. I came and came. They both took turns fucking my pussy. It was wonderful. They made me kneel and suck cock, while I had a cock shoved in my pussy. It was all cock sucking and pussy fucking til morning.

I saw that guy a few more times. He would come over, and we would sit on the sofa and he would pet my pussy. And suck my pussy. I sucked his dick and let him fuck my ass. Once he took me to the park and walked me into the bushes, where I sucked his cock. Several other guys heard us and came over, and I sucked their dicks too. Then we went back to his car, and he petted and sucked my pussy. He was really into getting girls to come for him. I would come and beg him to shove his hard dick in my pussy. I had a lot of fun with him.