TITLE: Visiting My Friends House
LOCATION: adrianc1960 - USA
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Reading some of the stories here has reminded me of something that happened when I was younger.
I used to ride quite regularly, riding to my friend Pater’s where would swim and hang out before riding back home.
The day in question I hopped off my bike and raced around to the pool expecting to see Peter there. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found. His mother Susan came out of the house and as she always did, gave me a hug. She was still wearing her bathers and promptly told me that Peter’s dad had picked him up earlier and he wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours.
She invited me to use the pool as I did every weekend while I waited for him to come home. Now I must be honest, Susan was an average 45 year old, but I had peeked at her and had many fantasies about her.
I jumped in the pool and Susan laid on a sun lounge that was in the shade and was engrossed in a book. I took the opportunity to peek as much as possible while Peter was away. Susan’s bathers were the same as she always wore, tight and low cut, showing enough cleavage to excite me.
I jumped out of the pool and started to walk over to get a towel when Susan started chatting to me. From my vantage point I had a great view but unfortunately it did have quiet an effect on me. My bathers were typical swimmers and I was very concerned that she would notice what was happening. Susan had her above her eyes and I could have sworn that she was staring at my crotch as we chatted. That just embarrassed me and made more conscious about my hardening cock.
We wandered inside and Susan threw on a summer dress and then did something I will always remember. Susan slipped her bathers off from under her dress. I didn’t see anything but it gave me an immediate bone.
Susan was starting to make dinner when the phone rang. It was her ex-husband, Trevor, letting her know that he wouldn’t be back with Peter for a couple of hours.
I had been in the pool longer than I realised and had a bit of sunburn, enough for Susan to notice. She bought out some lotion and rubbed it on my back, then she had me lay back on the couch and she started to rub lotion on my chest. Susan was kneeling next to me as she rubbed my chest and every so often I got a glimpse down her dress. Her breasts were soft and sagging and such a turn on. I just got harder as I looked and I am sure that she saw me looking.
As Susan mover lower, my cock just got harder and I got more embarressed. I even tried to move my hand over myself but Susan just pushed it away. Now that I look back, it was very obvious how horny I was and Susan was enjoying the effect that she was having on me.
As Susan got to the top of my bathers, she seemed to rub for ages, bumping against my knob once or twice. She suddenly lifted the sides of my bathers, my cock sprang straight out and before I knew what was happening Susan’s hand was wrapped around my cock squeezing and holding it tightly. I was so excited as she did this and what seemed like an eternity was probably only a few seconds. I spurted all over my chest as Susan gently stroked my cock, milking my cum.
Susan leant forward and kissed me passionately as she held my hard cock.
That day changed my relationship with Susan. Whenever I came over I would get a passionate kiss hello and an occasional squeeze of my cock if Peter wasn’t around. She would often talk to me about sex and it was obvious that she enjoyed making me horny.
She would tell me whenever someone fucked her which of course made me even more horny for her. I could never understand why Trevor left her, but he left a very sexy woman!