TITLE: The Untamed Wife
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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My wife Tiffany and I had been married 25 years. Our sex life was great as we kept each other satisfied. My wife never looked at another man though I sure many men lusted after her toned body. She worked out everyday and never weighed more than 130 pounds.

In 1999 I noticed changes in her mood and general behavior. We would argue and our sex life became less and less. She realized that she was going through the change and it was dragging her down. Hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain were making her depressed. Being tired and fatigued kept her from workouts and she morphed into a different woman.

About a year later all symptoms stopped. Tiffany was disgusted at herself. She slowly returned to her workouts and disciplined eating habits. The weight dropped off and her confidence increased. She was no longer depressed and her outlook on life was better than ever.

We began to fuck more as her appetite for sex surged. We were soon fucking several times a day. I had a hard time keeping up with her demands. My doctor prescribed Viagra to help me in the bedroom. I purchased Tiffany several vibrators to compensate for my inability to keep up with her hunger for sex.

I was told this was common after menopause and caused many divorces. I outright asked my wife what to do. She said her desire to be fucked consumed her thoughts. She couldn’t get enough cock to keep her happy. Her libido had spiraled out of control.

I came home early one day to find the mailman parked in the driveway. Thinking he was delivering a package, I walked in only to hear sounds from the bedroom. I peeked in only to find Tiffany being fucked by our mailman Greg. I snuck out not making a sound and left. I realized her need for cock and tried to be understanding.
I asked her to tell me her fantasies when we fucked. At first, she was reserved but was soon divulging them. She wanted a young guy that could fuck her for hours. Her pussy needed to be fucked and she couldn’t get enough dick. I knew she had to get this out of her system, so I yielded to her desires. My only request would to be there when she brought a guy home.

Tiffany does bar tending on the weekends for extra money. Late one Saturday she texted to say she was bringing someone home. I was hiding in the back when she came in. They went straight to the bedroom and he began to pound her pussy. I watched from another room as he fucked her missionary for half and hour. Tiffany yelled for him to fuck her wet pussy. As she began to climax. she begged him not to stop. Her pussy dripped with cum as he turned around and continued to hammer away. I couldn’t believe the endurance of this guy and Tiffany’s thirst to be fucked. She soon was riding him and could see me watching though the opening in the door. She gave me a wicked smile as another climax rippled through her body. They wound down with her taking his cum down her throat. When he finally left, I went in and fucked her again.

Tiffany became a total slut. Her carnal desire would not be tamed as she stalked her prey. She called one weekend and said a group of guys had invited her to their Frat house. She wanted to be gangbanged.

She later related this story: Eight frat guys were there as they stripped her naked. She was on her hands and knees as they took turns fucking her pussy. Others got their cocks sucked as they waited to spear her dripping pussy lips. No condoms were used as cum flowed from her body. Her face was covered in their juices. She rode and was hammered as she lost count of the multitude of orgasms. As the guys were spent, she took a shower and came home at 5 am.

She would flirt with any man at any time. Young guys were her favorites, but any man would do. Several men jogged through our neighborhood and this was not lost on Tiffany. She decided to take up jogging to see where this would lead. Several days later she hooked up with a guy named Jason. He was 35 and had lived here for five years. Although he was married, Tiffany seduced him into action. They met at his house after his wife left for work. Although I couldn’t be there, I reveled in her stories. Jason and she would take a shower then hit the bed. He fucked her from multiple positions as his cock stayed rigid. This man unlocked the secrets to guiding her beyond any pleasure she had conceived.

Over the next several weeks, he introduced her to anal sex and some bondage. He drove her wild by tying her hands and feet to the bed and teasing her clit with his tongue. She begged to climax as he brought her to the brink of insanity. The timing precipitated orgasms so potent that she quivered for an hour after he was finished.

After a year of this tempestuous journey, Tiffany’s libido subsided, and we return to a normal sex life.